Chapter five hundred I am the future

The wind is sad and chaotic, and the clouds in ancient and modern times gather together and flourish.
Don’t stay yesterday, today is more worrying.
The origin of the market wind roared a treasure pestle, and a golden car shook the past and present, as if endless sorrow and sorrow would be cut, and the existing delusions and vain worries would be shattered like a daydream.
"You may not all pay the price if Yu Huang walks away!"
The golden mother, Mugong, looked cold and drove the golden car to knock the ghost Lord flying up. The patched coffin was blown up and twelve incense sticks were scattered.
As soon as the master coughed up blood, he was stared at by the Antarctic immortal emperor, and the thunder handle was so powerful that it became a terrible degree. On the spot, she was smashed into two pieces of blood.
These tissues, which dominate the essence and blood, are drawn by two instruments and merged into the indefinite future. It is much faster for nutrients to continue to weave a new future.
Seeing this scene, the three gods’ eyes became colder and colder, and they made up their minds to suppress a master again to weave the future and teach all ethnic groups a lesson.
"Join hands or you will really suffer here."
The demon world masters and the main light masters are trying to break the shackles and jump out to face such opponents. They are too disadvantaged to have more powerful instruments to help them.
Yu Huang, the main force, abandoned their cruel reality first.
"Who the hell is the symbol of chaos? This guy."
Even the evil inferno master has said something. I never thought there would be more chaos in the master of all races than her.
Having fun all day long has become a disaster today.
Several masters joined forces to fight against the three gods who held the multiplier, but they were still at a disadvantage. As soon as they met, lotus flower constantly burst into a tragic ratio.
Their hearts have already changed the name of Yu Huang into a pattern of "piety" and "reciting" several times, but they have not received a response.
Li Yu, who closed the meditation platform, leisurely folded the grass and waved the grass to catch up with the sun and the moon, quietly enjoying this dominant battle.
As a result, the future has become messy and there has been a more intense tributary fission. Every weight has been extended and the trend has been dispersed again. There have been more turning points, distortions and sometimes lines of masters have been born.
She observed and linked the catalogues of various ethnic groups from afar, which accelerated the release of materials and made the day more colorful, the sun, the moon and the stars more brilliant.
It’s really kind and helpful for her to help with a clean-up infrastructure and adjust her people after hard work outside the master.
"After this war, I am afraid that several masters will have to cultivate for some time, and they can take the opportunity to develop."
The planning of the forbidden ethnic groups of the Suiren family was broken, which slowed down the alien domination war and injured them, and the Terran became the only beneficiary.
When several masters return, where is there any idea to argue for truth and seriously hurt their bodies to find and fight? It is possible that the three gods of the taboo ethnic group will be angry and don’t have to come forward.
However, the two ancestors may not be able to do so.
"You can take a trip to other places."
Looking at the ups and downs in the future, Li Yu suddenly raised his mind and suddenly thought of one thing and got up and appeared in the world.
The ancient faults are piled up in disorder, and the ruins of the heavens are everywhere in the historical community.
"The actions of God today remind me of more origins. The only process is uncertain in the future. Maybe we can refine a treasure by this."
Li Yu’s mind fluctuates, which is a good time to dominate the chaotic node.
Although the object does not fall in series, it may not be worth a sacrifice if it falls into its own hands.
Hey! As soon as she thought about the historical process, she set off waves. In the past, there were scenes of twenty-four days, but in the end, she lost in the war, except for the part that was blown up, all the rest fell into the world.
There are many reasons why it has not been found for so many years. First, it is broken and no longer prosperous; Second, if trouble does not fall to the throne, it is necessary to dominate the origin of the world, and it is not necessary to protect this.
"Are there sixteen days left?"
For a moment, Li Yu took out the wreckage of the twenty-four heavens from the outside world, and now there are sixteen heavy ones, which were blown up in the Great War of the Past.
These sixteen heavens are like the glittering and translucent pearls of the gods, and they are born in the original future tributaries, but the sea of time is full of silence at this moment.
"Some accessories are still needed"
She looked at the chaotic battlefield, and when she moved her mind, there was a burning fire. Sixteen heavens would reshape the brand and dominate the runic powers.
The origin of the war has become more and more fierce, and the lotus flower shines through the ages. The dominant body is broken and both sides are fighting to madness.
Li Yu’s breath appeared and raised my hand to pick off a piece of residual limb and broken arm that dominated JingXie and melted into the sixteen heavens. Suddenly, Qi Qi became mysterious again, and many derivative origins were assimilated and flowed in red substances.
"This exercise may not be impossible. It is said that the 36-year-old high school has become a new heaven, and it is really a combination of spiritual status and career plans."
In the roar, the sixteen heavens sublimated to the twenty, which gave her a greater prospect, and she wanted to shape the thirty-six heavens to replace the present heaven.
That is, 32 Heavenly Heavens plus Sanqing Heavens and Great Luo Tian are complete, and 36 Heavenly Heavens and Sanqing Sacred Land is a big goal.
In the thirty-third heaven, the Buddhism was widely spread, and the gates also evolved to some extent.
"You really want to live and die today!"
Several masters glared at the three gods with their hair hanging freely and blood stained.
They were really dead, and nearly three people joined forces to be suppressed by two great instruments.
"If you mess with my family’s plans, you will pay your debts yourself!"
The immortal emperor of antarctica coldly rebuked and waved the treasure pestle, and it was heavier than heavy, as if he had accepted that everything was dark everywhere and everything was gloomy.
The golden mother, Mu Gong, is riding a golden cart on the rampage, and their respective manifestation masters are smashed, and the terrible powers are gathered together to smash the main body of the main light, and the vortex is blown to pieces on the spot when it is twisted.
"Good baby"
Abrupt half-way to vacate a big hand to directly grasp the mirror of yang and gas condensation, pull it out from the origin and cut off all the links.
The bronze-cast ancient mirror, while the silk thread of Jinhua is being rapidly swallowed up and eroded by the red fog, erasing the brand and occupying its origin.
"Return my Dongyang mirror!"
Mu Gong Zheng felt that Zhonglian was cut off and couldn’t help crying. He couldn’t wait to drive the golden car and hit the ancestral world on the spot.
Without saying anything, the golden mother directly called her multiplier to recover the golden cart, forming a layer of light curtain, and her eyes were very alert.
Several masters have to take a breather to retreat, and their mood has stabilized a lot. Emperor Yu still has a conscience to make less moves.
"What you into the hand that is decree by destiny.
Throughout ancient and modern history, it is the main object, and it is also independent to vote.