Here we go again. The scourge is here again.

"What are you worried about, the green robe bodhi old zu, a child?" A back winged demon curious way
Worried about what? Can you not worry? His hand has fallen twice, and every time he is asked to design something, there is no good thing. Cai Guo preached at the venue, bitter county and county battlefield.
That scourge is a thousand miles away from the ruins of stepping.
People are unlucky, demons touch demons, and they don’t have any precautions.
This time, the chrysanthemum table was designed with hatred. Will his evil design something for you?
"I’m afraid there is something wrong with this chrysanthemum table!" Green robe bodhi old zu worry way
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, green robe bodhi old zu, your bravery is getting smaller and smaller. Is there any machine in Juhuatai? I’ve seen everything. There’s nothing unusual about it! Very common construction! " Back wing demon class. "
"Yes, although the green robe bodhi old zu was designed by Jiang Tai, there is absolutely no chance for Lord Qu Wu to personally supervise it. Don’t worry!" The man said
The green robe bodhi old zu rolled his eyes at him. What do you know?
Machine? Why do you design such a low-level product as a machine when it is harmful to people?
Cai Guo preached that there was no chance in the bitter county town, but in the end you almost died. How can you mediocre people know that the disaster is terrible?
Oh, by the way, not long ago, the evil king Geng Chu destroyed the Chu station.
Even the king of Chu can’t stop him. What do you know?
Regardless of the demon’s surprise, the green robe bodhi old zu is extremely careful.
I’ve heard that the bodhi old zu who designed the green robe of chrysanthemum terrace by Jiang Tai has some flinches-
Chrysanthemum Stage
"What are you laughing at?" Song Xianggong eyes cold way
Song Xianggong’s life of benevolence and righteousness is smooth, and the country of Song is even more honest for Gome celebrities. In the past, the ambassadors of Qi and the governors of many countries in the field expressed their gratitude for their benevolence and righteousness. The king of Chu said it himself.
But now the king of Chu has gone back on his word?
The king of Chu smiled slightly. "I think the king of Song prefers his own name. If not, let’s listen to the governors. If most of them are willing to choose you, I will respect your leader."
"Oh?" Song Xianggong’s face relaxed a lot.
After all, most of the governors here have promised themselves, but almost all have promised that Xu Wang has never seen it.
"In this way, you and I are qualified to be the leader here. We raise our hands to show that the left-handed generation will hold you as the leader, and the right-handed generation will hold me as the leader. You and I don’t take part in choosing who will be the leader in the end. You and I can’t disagree." King Chu laughed
Song Xianggong stared at the king of Chu and finally nodded to reveal a sneer.
Song Xianggong is both benevolent and virtuous, and all these countries have more or less benefited from Song Xianggong’s kindness. Song Xianggong is sure that he can get more people to recommend him.
"Well, now!" King Chu said coldly
Sure enough, after Chu Wang Gang finished, several raised his left hand.
The monarchs of Cao Guo, Teng Guo, Chen Guo, Cai Guo, Wei Guo and Tang Guo all supported the leader of Song Xianggong.
Song Xianggong’s benevolent countries all believe that Song Xianggong will lead their country to be at least stable, while Chen, Cai and Tang, although formerly an alliance of Chu, now all support Song Xianggong’s Cai Wang, and Chu has enemies and does not hesitate to support Song Xianggong.
Chu Zhaohou and others behind the King of Chu sneered at these countries that raised their left hands.
On the other hand, Xu Si was the first to raise his right hand to support Chu.
Subject to the gratitude of Chu State, Huesgen did not hesitate.
Xu Si raised his right hand, and six other countries immediately raised their right hands.
"What?" Song Xianggong eyes a stare.
Except Xu Guo, these kings promised themselves at the beginning. Why did they go back on their word today?
"Have you all gone back on your word?" Song Xianggong cold road
The king of Chu laughed coldly. "Do you want to influence the voting for the sake of fairness?"
Now 6VS7 Song Xianggong lost by one vote.
"The King of Song and the King of Zheng have not voted yet. You still have a chance. If you and I vote evenly, then we can take a long-term view!" Chu king sneer at a way
"Hum!" Song Xianggong a cold hum.
But Song Xianggong still looked at the king of Zheng.
"Zheng Wang, you promised me at the beginning!" Song Xianggong sink a way
I still have great confidence in Song Xianggong, the king of Zheng. In the past, when Zheng was in trouble, I didn’t help them less. At least Jin sent troops to Zheng and Song Xianggong helped resist.
Song is kind to Zheng, who should help him become an ally.
Zheng Wang looked at Song Xianggong and then at Chu Wang, and finally raised his right hand with a slight wry smile.
"What? Do you support Chu? " Song Xianggong suddenly cried out in anger.
"King Song is very sorry that Chu gave me what Zheng wanted!" Zheng Wang wry smile way
6VS Song Guo was completely defeated.