With the development of Ling Soul, the official God enterprise has put some real things into it and wants you to rent a shop in the imperial city, then you can run shops such as bars, restaurants, cake shops and toy shops, but the first condition is that you can rent a shop in the game.

Five small town shops will cost tens of thousands of dollars a year, while the imperial city shops will cost at least 100,000 yuan each. Like this bar located in the prosperous area of the imperial city, it is estimated that it will cost 30,000 rmb a year without bar facilities, so the price is simply to send money to the game.
However, the business of this bar is good, and if it is run well, it will definitely make a lot of money. Thinking that Mu Feng also has an idea of doing business in the game, Mu Feng will take a shop in the imperial city and run it with two beautiful women, Su Xinxin and Ji Yue. How beautiful it will be.
"Sir, please excuse me." Mu Feng fantasized that he was interrupted by a waiter who was a np. Mu Feng just stood in front of him and told him to go left and not right.
Mu Feng coughed awkwardly and then bypassed the second floor. The second floor is a place for players to pack. It is also very profitable to charge 2 gold coins an hour for this package.
In the past, I saw the low-key god, the autumn sky, the mad cow and an arrow through the heart.
"Autumn waters have something?" Mu Feng and Su Xinxin made a reason for Mu Fengkou to say.
"Well, it’s about waiting for five female players in a war. Do you have a chance to win?" Colchicine sky seriously ask
Mu Feng corners of the mouth gently moved a but didn’t speak five female players is a little pressure.
Chapter 133 There is no requirement for a plan to shoot an arrow.
"Five female players?" I didn’t know the situation before, and the low-key god’s eyes widened when I heard this. A low-key god who didn’t even have contact with his sister paper didn’t make him fight five female players at once. Isn’t that worse than suicide?
Although the low-key god has not touched many sister papers, he is not as shy as a mad cow. If the enemy female player does not deliberately seduce the low-key god, he will still take out the magic shadow to fight.
However, the mad cow blushed and said nothing. It seems that she also has no resistance to the five female players. The mad cow also has the courage to speak in the face of an arrow piercing the heart. In the face of a strange sister, the mad cow does not dare to act, and even has the courage to look up.
Mu Feng also coughed up one or five female players, which had a great influence on them. Among these five female players, there were Ji Yin and Han Yue, two beautiful and delicious women. When I thought of waiting for the war, Mu Feng took the second magic source staff and bombarded them with all kinds of magic and skills. When they blew bombs, they could break their skin and flesh, and listened to those beautiful women sing songs because of pain. Mu Feng thought that it was just a heartbeat. I couldn’t stand it.
"Autumn water today and after the battle for heaven, it seems that the system will select more than a dozen teams to participate in the regional war, right?" Didn’t wait to fight out the plan and low-key god sat in the position and said
"It’s the first battle of heaven and four days have started today. It’s the first link of heaven. In two days, we may take part in the second link of heaven and one hundred districts contend." That is to say, if you want to take part in this regional war, you must make good achievements in today’s battle with heaven and lose one game, and you may be eliminated. "Qiu Shuichang said seriously.
Mu Feng is also familiar with the second link of "the first day", that is, there are 100 community players fighting in South China. Each game community has 15 teams to participate, and each team is also limited to five people to participate. Whether it is a battle or a hundred-district contention from the first day makes many players crazy.
However, there are also many players who didn’t participate in this event. Because this activity has a great disadvantage, that is, they are inexperienced and can get good equipment. However, it is just like garbage. If you don’t excel, then the first day can not only make you famous, but also hinder your growth.
There are many players in this Ling Soul, all kinds of players have Mu Feng, and now he is not in a hurry to upgrade. Otherwise, his upgrade speed seems that he will never stay at level 19 now. What Mu Feng needs to do now is to become famous in the first place in the world and make a game master famous.
Mu Feng looked at everyone and smiled. "What about the plan? We don’t want to talk about it when the time comes. Even if we can’t do it, isn’t there still an arrow and a heart?"
"Hey, you mean it’s up to us to wait for the battle?" An arrow through the heart smell speech pretty uncomfortable call way
"Ha ha, maybe. You and Xinxin are not weak now, but they can be a strong output of the team." Mu Feng ha ha laughs. An arrow goes through the heart. There is a silver feather front. Su Xinxin has a destructive arrow. It is a professional weapon for shooters to kill the enemy.
After listening to Mu Feng’s statement, he snorted. Well, I suddenly burst out laughing when I remembered the scene of abusing female players in battle.
An arrow through the heart, although her personality is flamboyant and her girl is not arrogant, but an arrow through the heart still looks cute. The most important thing is that she is the only person who can communicate with Ji Yue in the real world. When Mu Feng looked at it, she called an arrow through the heart for ten minutes and called it out to the balcony of this bar.
"Mu Feng what can I do for you? Can’t say it inside? " An arrow pierced the heart and followed Mu Feng out, curious like a kitten
Mu Feng looked at an arrow through the heart. She was wearing an animal skin shooter leather armor. Soft leather armor arched her chest perfectly. It looked as good as it looked. An arrow through the heart was also wearing an animal skin shooter skirt. Although it was not short, an arrow through the heart and beautiful legs also leaked a lot.
An arrow through the heart is not as gentle and watery as Ji Yue, but the pink face is also as charming and amazing as a witch. At this time, it is such a close contact with Mu Feng. Unfortunately, Mu Feng is not interested in her and touched her nose. Mu Feng said, "You should know the address of Ji Yue with an arrow …"
"Oh ~ You want to find a month in reality …" An arrow pierced his heart and his lips lightly opened his mouth.
Mu Feng nodded his head full of guilt and looked at Mu Feng with regret. "Mu Feng didn’t mean that you are a girl with heavy self-esteem and a very stingy girl. She can bear that you like Su Xinxin, but yesterday you went to Frost City instead of looking for her. How can I say you?"
"I know that’s why I want to meet Ji Yue in reality. I hope she can forgive me." Mu Feng knew that Ji Yue had told her something. From this point, Mu Feng was sure to know Ji Yue’s address.
"Hey, you’d better stop looking for Yueyue. She said she would forget you." An arrow pierced her heart and sighed.
"She won’t forget me!" Mu Feng immediately said.
"How do you know that month won’t forget you? Are you rich? Or are you too handsome? Or are you awesome? " An arrow through the heart is also a face of stubbornness and does not let Mu Feng
Mu Feng’s heart is in such a hurry. Why is this arrow piercing the heart so stubborn? Just tell yourself where Ji Yue lives. Mu Feng wants to yell at her, but this must be because she wants to know where Ji Yue is soaking in wind energy and treat her like an aunt.
"One arrow wants you to tell Ji Yue where this ornament is. I’ll give it to you!" Mu Feng took out the magic Wolf bead and said seriously.
An arrow pierced the heart and glanced at the magic Wolf Beads. Their attributes can almost surpass her silver feather front, and there are additional effects that can be infected. Dark elements attack this kind of magic Wolf Beads, which can be called the bane of dark methods, and they don’t attract an arrow pierced the heart. That must be false, but compared with Ji Yue’s crying in front of her yesterday afternoon, one arrow pierced the heart with a cold hum.
"This level of equipment also want to change my month? I don’t want you to take it back without a skill. "
"…" Mu Feng unexpectedly said that although there is no additional skill to the magic wolf bead, the attack effect of the additional% epidemic dark element alone is enough to shock several players, and this arrow is just to take a look and say no.
Mu Feng was impatient. If it weren’t for the shooter, the professional players couldn’t equip the dark suit. Mufeng would definitely take out the dark suit. After all, there are many heroic equipments, but Ji Yue has a Mu Feng who once failed Ji Yue to learn the truth. He really doesn’t want Ji Yue to hate himself like this.
"How on earth can you tell me where Ji Yue is with an arrow?" Mu Feng’s lost theory
An arrow pierced the heart, tooted a toot, and thought about being with Mu Feng. This Mu Feng seems to have helped herself a lot. She and Mu Feng are both fragile players, but when fighting, Mu Feng added Ji Yue in front of her. It seems that he didn’t hate him too much. He was just a little breathless when Ji Yue saw him with other girls, and an arrow pierced the heart because Ji Yue was angry. Seeing Mu Feng unhappy, Ji Yue cooled down in a few days, and maybe he would miss Mu Feng.
Thought of here, an arrow pierced the heart and said, "It’s not impossible for you to see Ji Yue, but you promise me three conditions."
"ok!" Mu Feng nodded suddenly for fear that an arrow would go through his heart.
"Let me say the first condition first. Yueyue is angry with you these two days. If she is online in the game, you can’t go to find her, let alone go to Frost City, otherwise I won’t tell you where Yueyue lives for a generation."
"Uh …"
This condition makes Mu Feng somewhat acceptable.
"Ah, someone seems to be insincere. He made people angry in the game and wanted to find someone in reality ~ ~" An arrow pierced his heart and looked at the sky outside, regretting.
"Call me and promise you!" Mu Feng bit his teeth. If he went to Ji Yue during this period, it might really make Ji Yue more angry.
"Well, that’s fine. The two-day battle has entered a hot stage. I don’t want you to be distracted. After the battle, there are three days to rest before the hundred districts contend. At that time, I will tell you what the latter two conditions are. During this period, you should not secretly go to see the moon and the moon, or the conditions will be scrapped." An arrow wears the heart and smiles lightly.
It is really a torment for Mu Feng not to see Ji Yue for two days, but in order to see Ji Yue in reality, Mu Feng can also promise her with sadness.
Later, both of them assumed a casual attitude and returned to the colchicine private room. Several people were interested in Mu Feng and going out with an arrow through the heart for a few minutes. When they asked, when an arrow went through the heart, they didn’t care and said, "I went with Mu Feng to see if it was delicious. Who knows that this bar is not only wine but also wine, which makes me want to throw up."
No one can say that an arrow pierced the heart, but she knows that an arrow pierced the heart is hiding something, but she didn’t ask. After all, an arrow pierced the heart and Mu Feng didn’t say that he asked.
After a few minutes’ rest, six people are ready to sit in the bar and wait for the instructions.
"ding! Mu Feng respects you and your teammates for the thirteenth battle in the forgotten Tianhe. Will you enter the forgotten Tianhe? "
The long-awaited show finally appeared. Six people smiled at each other and then "entered!"