At this time, Ye Zhang’s eyebrows a wrinkly was incited by the solitary rain and the scholar. These people actually advocated the Ye Zhang threat theory to this extent.

But at the same time, he is worried that if Zhi is also an elf, she is so peace-loving, will she turn around and stop Ye Zhang?
However, looking at the sample Zhang Ye is worried that it is redundant. If Zhi looks at the group of players without moving, she neither attacks nor changes her expression, so she pulls the distance between the players.
Many people are impatient, and some of them are scheming. After all, they are a minority. In this era of advocating heroism, everyone guesses that they are the savior.
As a result, accomplices, traitors, villains, etc. were all detained in Zhiruo’s head. After the temptation failed, they came up with dirty words in their mouths. From Zhiruo’s body to reality, every sentence was vulgar.
Zhire is very pale. She doesn’t seem to adapt to the extreme attitude change of players, but on the other side, Ye Zhang can’t sit still. The blood volume of the fiend has dropped to 5%. At this time, Chrisma suddenly glanced back at the group of players.
"A group of shampens are still here when they are used as guns. JJYY doesn’t take a mirror to look at his virtue!"
Ye Zhang dialect is a lot kinder than that group of people, but this sentence is like being lit with explosives. They see that Zhang Yeteng won’t attack them, so it becomes more intense.
"Oh, what a whirlwind! What are you?"
"Isn’t there a good father who doesn’t even know his last name?"
Fierce abuse is heating up, and the situation is out of control. Ye Zhang’s forehead veins are rising. He is already on the verge of losing control. He desperately wants to suppress it, but he can’t find a release bond. Now he wants to make this group of flies disappear immediately.
When he saw that Zhi Ruo was alone with that group of players, he secretly gave a wry smile. Why should he endure it so much?
He can’t do it!
Ye Zhang suddenly ran quickly from the fiend’s side, and the group of players obviously immediately whitened their fields.
They are regretful, but at the same time, they bring a little pride, which is a twisted and difficult language.
You can’t insult our personality and our IQ!
It was when Ye Zhang ignored Zhi Ruona to stop the tragic killing, and at the same time, as one player after another fell, his anger was madly venting this breach. Once he was beaten, no one could stop Ye Zhang from killing people.
There are not many people in the field, and it is impossible for a player to have a match with Zhang Ye. The palace forgives all the magic and cries at night. The large-scale division effect is like reaping the lives of all players with a sickle of death.
This time, no one ran away, and no one resisted. It seems that they already know that resistance is redundant. Their faces have a very morbid winner attitude. When they were killed by Ye Zhang, they even looked excited at the corners of their mouths.
Ye Zhang felt that there was an illusion in his eyes. It was not a group of players. It was like a brainwashed jihadist group. Their non-human art was interpreting a morbid belief. They were committing suicide and trying to change something.
They’re killing themselves. They’re begging for death.
Zhang Ye suddenly woke up with a start. He remembered Feng Zhi’s words, and his mind suddenly cleared up. This group of people came to give him Ye Zhang’s killing Ye Zhang, killing elves and semi-dragons. The more players there are, the easier it is for these two ethnic groups to get together.
This is a terrorist force, no longer a single player base, but a real ethnic base. The Chinese people are very United in difficult times, and this spirit can destroy all aggressors.
But also in a distorted belief, they can also destroy everything.
Ye Zhang didn’t feel any relaxation at this time, and his heart was even more depressed. He really felt that he had fallen into the layout of a person as Feng Zhi said.
Once the glitz is chaotic, once the main force of goods purchase-this group of ordinary players have no that glitz is really not far from the door.
Without Lin Youxuan and glitz, what is Ye Zhang really?
Fu Jia will be the first to jump out to kill him, and what will they think of those who have been cornered by Ye Zhang, Ye Zhang?
He can’t imagine that on that day he should go from
He remembered what Xu Yin had said to him.
"You’ve never done it right!"
Is it true that Zhang Ye has never done anything right? Is it true that he is still that naive Ye Zhang always shows that this society is out of place in all aspects?
Since he entered the flashy world, he has been crowned with various titles such as cancer and madness. Everything he has done is destroying the rules of the game that are established in the flashy world.
When this player’s eyes reveal all kinds of extreme personality expressions of fear, excitement, hatred and madness, Ye Zhang’s cooling and refreshing Rapier can’t fall away.
"Little whirlwind, you are a coward. If you have something, you will kill me. Haha, you dare not kill me. You are a coward!"
The player was begging for his life. He stood up and held out his trembling fingers and pointed at Ye Zhang. His heart activity was very intense. He also wanted to play games to play equipment and see more BOSS and better scenes.
But with a whirlwind, he can’t see the future, he can’t see hope, and with a whirlwind dead, he really died in glitz, and all this can be successful.
Ye Zhang looked at this crazy player and sighed secretly. He stopped his desire to kill and turned towards the fiend behind him. He walked forward step by step, and the cursing sound echoed in his ears more clearly and gradually lost himself.
Chapter two hundred and ninety-six Dominate yourself
"If zhi what can you bear it?"
Fiend fighting continues, but Ye Zhang feels that he has no idea to kill strange people. At this time, if Zhi looks bleak, there seems to be a kind of unspeakable sadness.
"Because I can dominate myself."
Zhi Ruo looked up and gave me a faint smile, which made people feel sad. After hearing this sentence, Ye Zhang was able to shake his body. He almost forgot the rhythm of killing monsters in his hand and paused.
He remembered a sentence that Meng once said.
You have something to do, but you don’t
Zhi Ruo’s words have the same effect as Xu Yin’s, but obviously he misunderstood Xu Yin at the beginning. He kept Xu Yin asking him to do things according to his own heart.