In addition to avoiding the attack, Chu Yun has to calculate the wild boar leader after the rampage? I wonder if I can hide?
At the same time, I’m glad it’s a distant attack. If it’s a swordsman, I’m sure I’ll die early …
When the wild boar commander shook, he foolishly bumped into a giant tree, which not only caused damage, but also had three little stars on his head.
Chu Yun nature won’t miss this opportunity to siming attack!
After seven attacks, the little star on the head disappeared, which means the dizziness is over.
Chu Yun understood that the wild boar leader said in his introduction that attacking the enemy has a great chance of making him dizzy and hitting the tree is equivalent to rebounding the force to himself, that is, attacking himself. Otherwise, how can it hurt? How can you feel dizzy?
The accident made Chu Yunxin relaxed.
If it hits itself, it will do more than 100 injuries. If it attacks again seven times, it will die, won’t it?
When the wild boar leader rushed again, Chu Yun evaded the past and quickly attacked.
After the attack, he ran as fast as he could to the big tree. He was afraid that he would stop without hitting the wild boar leader. You know, even a wild boar didn’t hit the tree stupidly yesterday …
The wild boar leader slams into the ground, causing impact damage and dizziness, and finally attacks seven times, so it has no chance to trigger skills.
Bang! ! !
Chu Yun’s speed of plucking the strings depends on this time.
—12 (Critical Strike)
At the moment when I saw the crit, Chu Yunxin was relieved, and even if miss appeared later, it was gone.
Seeing these four letters, Chu Yun’s heart was wronged, and actually there was a miss!
—121 (Breaking Strike)
It’s cool for Chu Yun to make a critical strike and break it!
The breaking effect is as difficult to trigger as the enemy’s defensive crit.
Chu Yun, don’t be so excited to attack again. Then this boss can …
When the wild boar head fell, a sound appeared in the ear.
"Ding, you are the first player in Huaxia District to kill the Lord boss alone. You will be rewarded with 1 gold coin and 1 skill point. 1 Experience. This matter will be permanently recorded in the history of" King "and announced in Huaxia District. Do you want to hide your name?"
Chu Yun was stunned by this sign for a long time and said, "Hide!"
"Ding Huaxia District announced that the first player who killed the Lord boss alone was awarded 1 gold coin, 1 skill point and 1 experience. This matter will be permanently recorded in the history of" The King ",and players are invited to make persistent efforts to achieve early success."
"Ding Huaxia district announcement first …"
"Ding Huaxia district announcement first …"
"One gold coin and one skill point are developed …" How excited Chu Yun was after hearing the sound.
At the same time, the online players in Huaxia District are boiling …
"How many levels is it possible to kill the Lord boss alone now?"
"It must be strange. I must complain that this is unfair to other players!"
"It’s only the second day that everyone killed boss alone at the level of state. It must be a joke."
Chu Yun doesn’t care about the outside world. His eyes are shining at the moment …
Pick up two pieces of equipment first, then count one coin, a total of three gold coins, five silver coins and one copper coin. If it is replaced by Huaxia coins, it will be more than 300.
There is a piece of Yu Pei on the ground that must be a relic of Wang Tiesmith.
All that’s left is potion. Three bottles of blood and two bottles of magic are primary …
Primary life potion restores 1% of total health every second for 1 second, and it cools down for 2 seconds.
Primary magic potion restores 1% of total magic value per second for 1 second, and it cools down for 2 seconds.
Finally, Chu Yun looked up two equipment attributes …
"Pig Ridge Sword" weapons; Grade black iron; Equipment requirements level 5; Attribute Physical Attack Power +3 Strength +3 Introduction Although the appearance is indecent, it is firm and sharp.
"Pig bone shield" category shield; Grade bronze; Equipment requirements level 5; Attribute physical defense +35 magic defense +35 physical strength +5 Introduction The first choice for players with considerable defense ability.
These two pieces of equipment are shield guards and swordsmen, especially the second bronze shield. If the news is leaked out, the outside world will be crazy, right?
Finish Chu Yun. There is no need to stay here any longer. Go back and hand it in.
new village
"Uncle Wang, is this your son Yu Pei?" Chu Yun took out the piece of Yu Pei and said.
At the sight of this old blacksmith in Yu Pei, he was crying, but he didn’t cry.
"Ding Yu Pei, the blacksmith of Wang, gained 1 experience, 1 gold coin and 1 bronze weapon."
Another bronze Chu Yun was excited to check it out, but soon he was disappointed again.
"Fine Iron Knife" weapons; Grade bronze; Equipment requirements level 5; Attribute Physical Attack Power +5 Strength +1 Introduction Blacksmith Wang creates a treasure knife for one day and one night. It is said that it can cut iron like mud.
"Thank you, thanks to you this time, or my son Yu Pei will …" Blacksmith Wang kept thanking Chu Yun as if he were a second-generation parent.
Chu Yun is glad that no one noticed this scene. If other players saw it, they would think of the first person who killed the Lord boss.
"Uncle Wang, do you still have it?" Chu Yun asked, Now blacksmith Wang has a great affection for himself. If he has anything, he will definitely say it.