I want to go in the direction of crying and tell who the sound belongs to, but I stopped at once, but I thought it over carefully and went in the direction of the sound.

Lin walked towards the sound source step by step.
Every step is slow, and the darkness is just like a virus nucleus. Bayrou is afraid of his body … After all, getting too close will bring death.
"Meowed …"
Crying is getting clearer and clearer. Obviously, Lin can hear Beru crying. Beru can hear Lin’s footsteps in the loud and complicated rain.
When Lin came to a distance and was about to step out, he saw that the ground was as black as oil, and the rain immediately shrank his feet back and stepped back two steps.
"Meowed …"
"Meowed …"
Lin didn’t stop crying. He could hear from the sound that Bayrou didn’t move either. He could hear that Bayrou was squatting with his head buried in his legs and his hands crossed, crying.
Very sad, very sorry, very helpful, very sad and crying!
From the research data of "Immortality", we can see that Bayrou is a greedy and intelligent woman, and like many normal women, she has no evil and horrible qualities.
Sometimes it’s not good to be too smart. If you were a fool, you would never cry so sadly, because it’s only been a few hours since Bayrou woke up from a deep sleep. How can you know what has happened in the past 20 years?
It’s a pity that Beru is very clever, and she has an extraordinary ability because she has been in Blackstone for decades. She knows something a little and then guesses the cause and result of it by connecting it with everything she has done.
She was greedy for her desire for rejuvenation and life … but she didn’t expect to get such an unexpected result.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-two Scientists think!
The world is crying, and Beru, the culprit who caused the world to cry, is also crying.
If Bayrou counts her age, Lin is not clear, but it can be estimated that she was seventy years old before she slept in the black stone, and now she is at least over one hundred years old … And now this woman over one hundred years old is crying like a child.
Lin Jingjing was listening and thinking at the same time …
Suddenly the rain stopped, but the wind was still blowing.
Suddenly the crying disappeared … Bayrou looked up at Lin’s position.
Although Lin and Bayrou can’t see anyone through several huge stones, the wind blows on Bayrou, changing the wind direction and letting Lin know that Bayrou is watching him at this time.
No murder, no smell of death enveloped Lin Chu and shouted, "Hello, Dr. Bayrou!" "
"Who are you?" Bayrou asked, "How do you know me?"
Lin lightly replied, "I am alone! How do I know you … I’ve been to your institute and read too much about your research data from the institute computer, just to see you coming out of that black stone. "
"A person … yes, a person!" Beru pondered for a long time and suddenly asked, "What are you doing alive with a virus? Those viruses seem to be suppressed by something to destroy your body! "
"Silver!" One word answer is enough.
"Silver?" Bayrou frowned, but it’s a pity that her whole face suddenly doesn’t touch her now. It looks like a mass of ink roots, so you can’t tell where the eyes are and where the mouth is. Of course, now there are desperate people who dare to approach her, let alone touch her face.
Beru was thinking. The habit of studying for a long time made her think naturally.
It took Bayrou a while to ask, "How did you find that silver can suppress virus formation?"
"luck!" Lin said, "Like me, I found that there are many people in Yinlai, and there are still millions. After all, many people wearing silver jewelry have been dying for twenty years, and I am the only one left."
Beru suddenly got up and Lin immediately retreated two steps.
Bayrou paused and asked, "Can you still see me through the stone?"
Lin said lightly, "When you hear the wind blowing on your body surface, the wind will change … If you practice more, you will be able to hear it."
"Don’t worry, I know I won’t be near you now. This distance is relatively safe." It has been several hours since Bayrou woke up from Blackstone, which is enough for her doctor who doesn’t know what to do to know her own situation.
"Is it relatively safe?" Lin puzzled
Beru said, "People’s metabolism will change with the change of mood. For example, anger will speed up blood circulation, which will lead to the increase of secretion such as capillary blood holes in the body … Now my body still has most of the characteristics of human beings, but the blood, breath and gas in my body are all combined with several harmful substances. The only thing I don’t understand now is why I haven’t turned into a zombie and my brain can still run naturally … even the virus energy runs."
Lin said, "You are very depressed, regretful and guilty … aren’t you?"
Lin went on to say, "Actually, you don’t think so. In the long run, this disaster is good for mankind!"
"…" Bayrou drifted slowly until he could see the forest. It was strange to look at Lin and say, "What do you mean?"
Lin raised his head and said, "I have seen your research and I know how that stone came from. Even if you didn’t spend money to buy it for research, it would be bought by others to bring the stone out of the wormhole. This kind of disaster will inevitably happen once … Do you think my idea is wrong?"
Bayrou shook his head and said, "The theory is correct!"
"It doesn’t matter who owns the stone," Lin continued. "If you don’t dig out some stones and hide in them to receive radiation, how long do you think it will take for that stone to decay by one third?"
After asking Lin, he suddenly added, "It is necessary to increase the research loss and others will take it to the research part … I saw many people asking you to buy it in your computer … Although you didn’t sell it at that time, you can’t wait until you have no research experience to sell it."
"I don’t know if I don’t do that, I will live for a few years at most. At that time, my physical condition was very clear to me," Bayrou said. "I have been exposed to too many harmful substances for many years, although they are all slightly added up, but even the latest medical means can solve them."
"Well, let’s suppose that if a stone is obtained by a capable, rich and very young scientist, what will happen?" Lin continued without waiting for Bayrou’s answer. "Let him study it for 60 or 70 years … Do you think that those substances will be taken from one planet to several planets due to the flow of people on the planet in these 60 or 70 years, and then when he feels the death threat, will he do the same thing as you? Do you think the wave range will be just a planet? You should know very well that you are threatening in this respect. You can’t study anything for more than ten years. What can you study when others spend several times more than you? "
Beru was silent.
Lin didn’t go on to keep quiet.
After a long time, Bayrou said, "I have to say that you are very comforting!"
Fortunately, Lin Yu, this Bayrou is a scientist, and now he feels the most deeply and understands that scientists like Bayrou know their way of thinking very well … After all, Lin has read tens of thousands of books, which are not read by senior ordinary people, and these are deeply imprinted in his mind. Lin knows the general scientists very well.
Yes, I read it in Lin. Among those scientists who wrote it, Bayrou can definitely be regarded as an ordinary one
What scientists like to do most often is to make a hypothesis and then test it … Obviously, there is no need to do any experiments to test this hypothesis.
If this virus broke out a few decades later … Don’t say that it broke out a few decades later, it will be a decade later, and it is certain that Lu Yaxing is not the only planet to suffer.
If Bayrou is not a scientist, this kind of comforting excuse will let him go.
Suppose … This kind of words can comfort people?
It’s already happened. Suppose it’s a fart.