"See if there are any special features in the pet interface?"

Xu Yin read it carefully and then shook her head. When she was about to close the interface, she saw an extra attribute fit in her character column.
There seems to be nothing special about this fitness attribute of 5 now, but when Ye Zhang entered a deeper ice canyon and knocked out a monster, Xu Yin’s fitness attribute rose to 51.
"It seems that this fit must reach 1!"
Ye Zhang immediately cheered up. He kept killing monsters, but the fit increased quite slowly. Almost the whole ice canyon monster was cleaned up, and the fit reached 6.
"It seems that it is necessary to kill the BOSS."
Zhang Ye took Xu Yin and continued to walk into the last place on the map, the frozen canyon. The strange level of this place reached 95, and at this time, a cold wind blew over the face, and a black shadow flew over Ye Zhang’s head in a hurricane of ice and ice.
Ye Zhang you see suddenly got a fright.
Is this a grade? ? ? Ye Zhang, the super BOSS, immediately turned white. This strange thing is as good as the black dragon. It is not so easy to finish this strange thing.
"Show your life!"
Xu Yin was stunned at the same time when she received this indication. Even if she can’t play games now, she still faces a level in vain. ? ? Is it that easy to blame?
It’s a pity that Ye Zhang was very excited. He told Xu Yin to step aside and then walked over with his head held high and laughed wildly.
"What is there to be proud of when you are alive? Seeing old people kill you!"
Chapter two hundred and ten I want to play mage
Frost dragon attacks the sacred blessing root in Ye Zhang, so it won’t shed blood. Although it destroys all forces every time, it is no surprise that Ye Zhang has learned the strength of Anubis, a god of death, for this BOSS has surpassed him too much.
Bless the plague with all the spike skills, and make sure that the holy cutting effect doesn’t fail, don’t say that he can live here for a generation.
Just then, an altar rose slowly in front of it, and there was an ice crystal crystal. Ye Zhang looked at the attack range of the frost dragon, and he consciously led the frost dragon into a corner and shouted.
"Honey, go get that thing!"
Xu Yinwen’s eyes focused on the crystallization of the altar, but when she first took the first step, she found that her blood volume was greatly reduced, and her brow wrinkled and she immediately withdrew.
Ye Zhang saw the ice crystals all around him, and suddenly remembered the ice crystal phoenix that was encountered by the iceberg in the hot celestial pole. It seems that this frost dragon also has the skills to change the fighting environment.
Xu Yin has no water resistance, which is a bit troublesome. Ye Zhang suffered a lot when climbing the iceberg for the first time. At this time, he regretted not thinking of these things earlier.
Nowadays, it is not difficult to get a suit of water resistance equipment that only increases by 1%.
At this time, when Ye Zhang was blessed, how many players rushed in here when they saw the level of Ye Zhang? ? ? When the frost dragon was suddenly shocked.
As soon as one or two impulsive players entered the frost dragon field, they were immediately shrouded in great cold and finally died in vain.
Ye Zhang frowned. These players came here to make trouble, and they also attacked the Frost Dragon. Although all of them were lost, they attracted hatred.
At this time, Ye Zhang seemed to think of something, and he suddenly said.
"Do players want to form a team when they come in?"
Ye Zhang Xu Yin was stunned when this sentence was exported. Fortunately, when they reflected, Xu Yin nodded in Ye Zhang and added this group of players to his team.
Ye Zhang consciously led the frost dragon to this group of players at this time, but the players were also very clever. Although they couldn’t understand what Ye Zhang was doing now, they were only one. ? ? BOSS is obviously not invincible.
Wherever Ye Zhang went, they immediately ran from a distance to watch the BOSS grand occasion of Ye Zhang’s solo war.
Ye Zhang was a little angry at this time. He suddenly changed his attack mode. A counter-stab came to a player’s side. At this time, he couldn’t care more. He took Xu Yin’s hand and ran to the other side.
The frost dragon turned the giant around, and the player who was still in a dizzy state was killed with a frozen breath.
At this moment, Ye Zhang was pleasantly surprised to see that a line appeared in his unified instructions.
"The unsealing attribute of Magic Moon Beads increased by 2 points, and the recovery speed of 10,000 points increased by 5%."
The magic moon beads unsealed Ye Zhang’s excitement, not his temporary enemy, but that he finally found out these demigod weapons to make the threshold.
It seems that it really takes a teammate to die to unseal the magic moon beads.
At this time, Ye Zhang pushed Xu Yin to run in the opposite direction to meet the frost dragon with an ice flame, and his blood volume decreased by more than 40 thousand points, which surprised him
Because of the magical epidemic state method, he is blessed, but more than 24 intelligences have raised his holy light recovery to the limit, and now his 450 thousand health points can be said to be safe
But Ye Zhang wondered that Xu Yin’s "living" was not over yet.
Ye Zhang immediately thought of the crystallization of the altar. Is it really necessary to get that thing?
Ye Zhang walked to the altar in the shocked eyes of several people. When he took the crystal, Xu Yin immediately received the sign.
"Congratulations on completing the strange ice fiend disaster, gaining 50,000 experience points, gaining 1 point of freedom attribute and gaining frost heart. Because you didn’t join the guild law, you won the guild reward!"
At the same time, when this newly released map attracted players from all over the flashy world, there was also a unified display in the owner’s message bar.
"It is announced that the strange ice fiend disaster has ended perfectly. The flashy level is limited to level 1 and the attribute is limited to level 6. All players can go to major cities to receive strange rewards!"
When several people are jubilant, they all feel puzzled. It seems too simple. How long has it been? Less than five hours? It’s gone?
Think about it. It took three months before and after the prelude to the undead, and sometimes the expansion of the Emperor through the ages is still in a stalemate.
These people wonder that it is incomparable to Ye Zhang and those players who have experienced the process personally.