Chu Yun listened to the introduction of the Dragon King one by one. Don’t be horrified.
When he came to the second row, Chu Yun’s eyes were immediately attracted by a person, or rather by a woman.
A beautiful woman. How else can you attract him?
She is wearing leather pants to set off her body curve vividly and spirited. Her hair is not too short or too long to shoulder position. Her facial features are delicate and her skin is white. It is hard for Chu Yun to imagine that she can keep her white skin after such exercise.
"I want her." Chu Yun pointed out that this woman naturally chooses beautiful female bodyguards among male bodyguards and female bodyguards. Who would like to carry a man all the time?
"She?" The dragon king smiled. "Her name is Long Ruoqing. Are you sure?"
"Strong?" Chu Yun couldn’t help asking, If you are not strong, you can choose others.
"Strong" said the Dragon King.
"It’s good to be strong," Chu Yun said.
"Once an opportunity is chosen, it will be replaced by the law. Of course, it is the same for anyone you choose," said the Dragon King.
"Uh …" Chu Yun thought that since once it must be considered.
"Dragon King, can you tell me what she is good at?" Chu Yun asked, there is no chance. How can you not ask clearly once?
"Shooting melee combat" Dragon King to the Tao.
"Shooting far, attacking close, fighting close, attacking close." Chu Yun was satisfied. "Just her."
"Selected?" The dragon king said with a smile, "once you choose, you can’t change it. Of course, if you lose the small game tonight, she will come back tomorrow."
"Yes," Chu Yun insisted. Since the Dragon King said she was strong, she should be strong, and this woman can attack both far and near, which can be said to be a perfect fighter.
"Long Ruoqing stepped out to protect him from today. Do you know that?" The dragon king roared like a roar.
"I know!" Long Reqing dequeue a pistol to see Chu Yun one leng one leng.
"It’s very important that the deadline will be notified to you when you protect it." This time, the Dragon King’s tone was much better.
"I know!" Long Reqing’s body is full of iron soldiers again.
I don’t know why Chu Yun thinks it’s embarrassing to let a woman protect her.
In this way, there was another woman around Chu Yun, and when she went back, she was curious and said, "How long have you been in the Dragon Group?"
Long ruoqing’s silent expression gives people a cool feeling.
"How old are you?" Chu Yun asked again, is this woman dumb? But when she was in the Dragon Group, she answered that she should not be dumb at that age.
Long Reqing coldly stared at him not to talk.
"What are your eyes?" By such a stare, Chu Yun felt chilly and uncomfortable.
Long Reqing is as cold as a piece of ice without talking.
After walking for a while, Chu Yun died and touched a piece of ice, but it is also called that the ice can protect itself.
Chu Yun has already made an alliance with Koizumi Yuxu, and intends to show her around China’s historical sites. After all, she will meet in Japan soon.
I came to the place where they met, where Koizumi Yuxu quietly attracted the attention of all kinds of men.
"You’re here at last," said Chu Yun Koizumi, who was excited and ran to be happy.
"Well," ChuYun couldn’t help but rubbed her head and was very fond of this kind girl.
"Who is she?" See Chu Yun behind cold ao female Koizumi jade mood curious way
"She’s a bodyguard, just think of her as invisible," Chu Yun said.
"Oh," Koizumi Yuxu took another look at the bodyguard. She knew it must have been an assassination before she hired a bodyguard, but why hire such a beautiful girl as a bodyguard?
"I’ll take you to the Great Wall in Wan Li today. It’s spectacular. Have you been there?" Chu Yun hands show with a smile.