"I depend ~ are you my brother? Isn’t your family friends with Xiaoyu? Do you know that Xiao Yu’s father is here? Shouldn’t you go to inquire after him? "

"Why should I be with you at this time?"
"Your ya go or not? If you don’t go, you can’t live here. I also told Wu Yun and Ling Zhou that you came here a few days ago and lived outside with a beautiful woman! " I have to do something special when I look at Lin Hao’s affair.
"I depend! You are embarrassed! " Lin Haoxuan bounced up from the sofa with a face of regret. "I recognized you as such a brother this year ~"
"Hey, hey, same to you!" Seeing this guy get up, I immediately change my smiling face, reach out and hook this guy’s shoulder and play outside the villa. Lin Haoneng has a black face and is unwilling to be dragged out by me ~ Sometimes things are very strange. I’m going to go out with Lin Hao, but I haven’t walked out of the living room door yet. A strange figure and a familiar figure appear at the door. I’m sure it’s light rain ~ But at this time, light rain is behind a strange middle-aged man who just stepped into the living room of the villa ~ Damn it! Play surprise attack? I wait for a while tilting head to look at Lin Hao this guy is also a damn look at me.
I saw a sentence in this guy’s eyes, damn it ~ you have no way, people are coming!
Shit ~ I didn’t know he would come by himself! I thought to myself
But now it’s not like I’m stupidly kung fu and the light rain has already entered the living room, and the middle-aged man has stopped two steps in front of me.
Fei Fei loosened his arm around Lin Hao’s shoulder and laughed, but if there is a mirror to see his smile now, I guess I feel awkward and stiff.
Before my mouth, the middle-aged man has smiled. "What? Surprised? Hehe, Lu Yang, right? Aren’t you going to let me in? "
I’m shocked. I’m really stupid. How can I block my father-in-law at the door? I quickly pushed Lin Hao to one side and said with a smile, "That was a little surprised that Lin Haozheng and I ~"
"Ahem ~" I haven’t finished yet. Lin Hao coughed heavily while covering his mouth. I looked puzzled at this guy and saw his finger pointing quietly into the living room ~ "Uncle Er, please come in!" After that, I made a gesture of please.
The old father-in-law walked towards the sofa without a polite smile. I looked nervously at the light rain behind me and asked about this year. I’ve been waiting for words ~ Xiao Yu nai shook his head and didn’t know what it meant. The old man wouldn’t let me talk?
It’s a pity that now I dare not ask what’s going on with Xiaoyu. After Xiaoyu passed by, I quickly pulled Lin Hao and went with Comrade Lao Zheng. It’s very impolite to sit on the sofa. Xiaoyu is going to get a cup of water. I immediately hurried to hold Xiaoyu.
"You accompany my uncle and sit with me first!" After that, I quickly ran to get a cup, and then I saw that there were tea leaves in the cabinet, such as Tieguanyin, Longjing, Dahongpao, Maojian and Pu ‘er. I thought about it and got a bag of Longjing.
Slowly put the cup on the coffee table. I smiled and said, "I don’t know much about tea, uncle, and I don’t know if it’s right."
Straightening up beside the sofa, I have a little contempt for myself. Is this my family so stiff this year? Why does that guy feel nervous when he sees Lin Hao next to him? You’re nervous ~ I hope you can help me block it. That’s the performance ~ Comrade Lao Zheng didn’t speak, took a sip of his teacup and closed his eyes as if he were’ tea’? Shit, is it worth it if we just soak here?
Just thinking about it, Comrade Lao Zheng put a cup and smiled and said, "Authentic West Lake Longjing is good! But the temperature of this water is too high, some tea leaves are a little burnt out, and this Longjing is not like this. It would be nice to soak a glass at one time. One tea is washing tea, which allows me to drink it. "
Huh? Nima ~ I can’t believe I’m still so particular about it. I don’t know how to drink tea ~ I’m dizzy. If I had known, I might as well pour a glass of white water ~ "Ha ha Liu Yang? Sit down. This is your house. Why are you so restrained? This is not to be an invincible man! Lin Xiao, why are you so far away? Come and sit down! "
Why am I constrained? It’s not you, the great god. Can I be presumptuous? Lin Xiao? Hey, hey, why is that what everyone calls this little Lin Hao? But this little Lin is relatively normal. Wu Yun, the girl saw it but called Xiao Lin ~ "Uncle Zheng heard that you went abroad for an inspection and didn’t expect to meet you here." Lin Hao slowly came to the sofa and said with a smile.
"Ha ha just got back today! Kobayashi and Lu Yang all sit down. Don’t you get tired? "
I took a look at Lin Hao and then at Xiao Yu, a clever girl next to Lao Zheng. This girl also motioned for us to sit down. If we are too weak, it may really be looked down upon!
Pulling Lin Hao to sit, this guy usually jumps off like a good baby. Is there anything else to hide?
"Lin Xiao, how are your father and Master Lin recently?"
"Thank you, Uncle Zheng. My grandfather and the old man are fine. Yesterday, Grandpa was up for a long time and didn’t play chess with Grandpa Zheng. He also said that this time, Uncle Zheng will definitely be promoted soon after you come back."
"Ha ha, you should worry too much about your family’s affairs. It’s not easy for Master Lin these two years!"
"Uncle Zheng’s lesson is!" Lin Hao completed a good baby, and I was amazed at it.
As time went by, I found that Comrade Lao Zheng was not so difficult to get along with ~ It was almost 12 o’clock when four people chatted for nearly an hour, and Lin Hao and I were gradually released! I didn’t talk about anything serious or sensitive.
Comrade Lao Zheng was telling us about some new things from abroad when he visited abroad. Aunt Qin came back from the outside and bought a lot of food. I didn’t think much about it when I saw two unfamiliar horses coming to say hello. I said to Aunt Qin, "Aunt Qin, this uncle is Xiao Yu, and my father came to visit Xiao Yu. This is my classmate named Lin Hao, and he may live here for a while."
After that, I introduced them to Lin Hao. "This is Qin Auntie. I invited Qin Auntie to come back to help Qin Auntie cook because I went to the company during the day and played games late. It was especially delicious! By the way, it’s getting late for Uncle Zheng. Otherwise, we won’t go out for dinner at noon. You can also try Qin Auntie’s craft. "
"Well! Eating at home is much better than going out! Elder sister, you should be older than me, so I’ll call you Qin Dajie. Then I’ll try your skills at noon today. When I stayed abroad for nearly a month, although there were Chinese dishes in my diet, this taste is really not authentic! "
Chapter 353 Conversation
Aunt Qin went to cook, and Xiao Yu also tried to help. I wanted to go ~ But my father-in-law said a word and I had to stay and chat with him. Lu Yang, don’t go, let Xiao Yu go!
There is really no good topic to talk about when three men sit together and have generational differences ~ Aunt Qin, it’s only a few minutes before they go to cook. Both Lin Hao and I are listening to Comrade Lao Zheng’s instructions ~ Just chatting, the footsteps of the stairs rang ~ Comrade Lao Zheng looked up when he heard the doubts. Lin Hao and I also looked up ~ Lulu, this girl, is here.
I didn’t take it seriously. I looked back at Lao Zheng. Suddenly, something seemed to be wrong. Then I turned to Lin Hao. This guy stared at me with a questioning look and said, Brother, what’s the matter with you?
Holy shit, what’s going on?
"Brother has a guest?" Lulu to show one leng but then Zhan Yan laughed.
"Lulu, I’d like you to meet uncle Zheng Xiaoyu, dad. You should be able to recognize this? In the game, Haotian is my classmate Lin Hao in reality. "
"Good uncle zheng! Hello, Brother Lin! " Lulu sweet greeting way
"Uncle, this is Lulu. Xiao Yu and I are good friends."
"Well, hello, little girl, it’s beautiful." Laozheng smiled faintly and greeted Lulu.
"Thank you for your compliment, uncle, but I can’t compete with Sister Xiaoyu."
"Don’t take too long to thread early after Lulu. It’s not good for your health to stay still all day." I smiled and said to Lulu.
"Well, I know that a brother is right. Where is Sister Xiaoyu?"
"Xiao Yu and Aunt Qin are cooking."
"Oh, then I’ll help my uncle and talk to you!"
"Uh-huh, you can leave us big men alone!" Comrade Lao Zheng is a little male chauvinist
After Lulu left, Comrade Lao Zheng said meaningfully, "This girl is good. She is beautiful, capable and sensible. She has helped you a lot!"
After I hesitated for a moment, I said, "Lulu is very good. She has been working outside for a long time alone, and her ability is really very strong. She has helped us a lot, but Lulu came to help me because of Xiaoyu’s good eye and dug Lulu from Huadu, and many things in my company are thanks to Xiaoyu’s advice."
"Ha ha, Xiao Yu, if this girl really does things, it should be very good, but in many ways it is too simple."
"Simple is not good? If you need to think about too many things every day, especially if you don’t like things, it’s too tired! "
"But there are some things that everyone has their own responsibilities and has to consider."
"Everyone has their own responsibilities, but I think girls should take it easy. Men can take it all, so that women can take it easy and be happy every day."
"What if men can’t carry it?"
"Do my best, I believe that men can’t carry it if they are willing to do it, and if men can’t recognize it, can women still carry it?"
LaoZheng staring at me makes my heart a little scared. This guy Lin Hao is also nervous on one side. After looking at the two of us for a while, Comrade LaoZheng burst out laughing. "Well, you said it makes sense that men can’t carry it, but women should not! Ok! Ok! Very good! "