Chapter 162 Now or never

From Xindu to Handan Lingyun, La Gongsun Ying re-entered Montenegro ≥ Top ≥ Point ≥ Small ≥
Li Huize stayed in Handan to cook all kinds of herbs for GongSunYing.
Once Lingyun Huangpu Song didn’t know that Yan Yan was also away from Montenegro.
This time, since we know that Yan Yan is not in black mountain range, Lingyun Huang Pu Song naturally won’t mind taking this opportunity to clean up the thieves who stayed in black mountain range and Montenegro.
Yan Yan is not in Montenegro, so staying in Montenegro is almost the same as Zhang Niujiao
Ying Lingyun, a Zhang Niujiao, believes that it doesn’t take too long for the Han army to enter the mountain to surround the black mountain thief in advance.
What makes Zhang Niujiao take the initiative to bring the black mountain thief to the encirclement of the Han army
When Yan Yan was in Montenegro, Lingyun wanted to bring the Han army in. As soon as Yan Yan got the news, the horse could escape deeper with the Montenegro thief.
In the mountains, the Heishan thieves are more flexible than the Han army. If Yan Yan and the Heishan thieves are bent on avoiding war and Lingyun, there is no way for them to really release Yamakaji.
In this mountain range, the fire is small, which has no influence on the thieves in Montenegro. When the fire is big, the Han army will control it, which will inevitably turn the whole mountain range into a sea of fire.
Even so, it’s not that the thieves in Montenegro won’t move trees. When the fire is big, they will definitely run out, and the final result is that the thieves in Montenegro will lose their hiding place.
Without Taihang Mountain in Montenegro and Mount Songshan, Kunlun Mountain and Dahan Dynasty, there are so many mountains that it is impossible to destroy all the mountains.
If it’s Zhu? Or Dong Zhuo may really burn mountains and destroy Montenegro, but Huang Pusong and Lingyun are chaotic and will not do so.
At this time, I have learned that Yan Yan is not in Montenegro, and the thief department in Montenegro belongs to Commander Zhang Niujiao. Such a good opportunity will not be given up in vain.
Lingyun and Huang Pusong discussed a matter of sending troops to Montenegro when they were in Xindu Prefecture Animal Husbandry House. The main thing is to watch Lingyun communicate with Zhang Niujiao.
When Lingyun left Xindu, Huang Pusong first asked people to inform Zhu by sending an array to the river. Then the horse will rectify the military forces and wait for Lingyun to reply at any time.
In Handan City, Gong Sunying pulled Lingyun’s wind dance, and Gong Sunying came to Montenegro again. This time Lingyun didn’t write a note and put it in the hut.
After all, he doesn’t know when Zhang Niujiao will come to the hut to pick up the note. Now he is in a hurry and there is not much wave.
By the time Yan Yan came back, it was too late for anything.
If Yan Yan is the hostess of this family, Lingyun is now a mistress. She has to control this family in her own hands while the hostess is on a business trip, and when Yan Yan returns, she finds that his family has become someone else’s family without his place.
In order to finish a series of things before Yan Yan comes back, it is really rare to stay in Montenegro when the black mountain thief destroys Lingyun.
If we procrastinate until Yan Yan comes back, then all the kung fu will be in vain.
So after coming to Montenegro again, Lingyun didn’t write a note and went to the hut to find Zhang Niujiao directly.
Of course, it can’t be aboveboard. Should we touch it quietly or should we touch it quietly? Should we not disturb others or should we not disturb others?
Quietly touching the second mountain peak, I came to the top of the mountain, Lingyun, and it took several people half a day to determine Zhang Niujiao House.
Then I quietly turned into Zhang Niujiao’s room when no one was around.
But at this time, Zhang Niujiao was not in the house, but went to the place where Ming Chen was taken.
How could Zhang Niujiao be indifferent to Ming Chen, the old brother of the old department, who was arrested because of his frame-up
Zhang Niujiao visited Ming Chen every day after Yan Yan left.
Ming Chen was placed on the fourth peak, not at the top, but halfway up the mountain.
There is no iron prison. The iron cage is a wooden house built of trees.
In the wooden house, Ming Chen’s hands and feet are tied by chains. No, not only his hands and feet, but Ming Chen’s whole body is almost tied by chains.
At the end of the chain, there is a huge iron ball with a weight of one thousand pounds.
Ming Chen’s four-star peak strength is normal, but it is still able to lift a thousand kilograms of iron balls, but it is very difficult. Most weightlifters almost lift their horses and will not last long.
But now, in addition to that huge iron ball, Chen Mingshen’s winding chain also weighs hundreds of pounds.
Both hands and feet can’t move freely. Even without that iron cow, Ming Chen can’t move. With a thousand kilograms of iron ball, Ming Chen has no hope of escaping on his own.
At this time, there are two people in the cabin, Zhang Niujiao and Ming Chen, who take care of Chen Ming. Four Montenegrin thieves are called out by Zhang Niujiao and kept outside. What is said in the cabin is a little louder than ten feet away. These four guards can’t hear the thief in Montenegro.
Zhang Niujiao whispered in the cabin, "I’m so sorry to be a big brother."
"It’s not your fault, it’s my own carelessness that I didn’t notice that someone was trying to frame me," Chen Mingdao said.
Although bound by chains, Ming Chen’s energy looks very good.
Zhang Niujiao opened his mouth, but it didn’t show that he didn’t know whether to tell Zhang Niujiao. As Yan Yan said, although Ming Chen had been with him for two years, he was firm on his side at ordinary times, but Zhang Niujiao really didn’t know much about Ming Chen.
He doesn’t know what his attitude would be if he told Ming Chen. Will he still be with him? Or will you betray him?
Zhang Niujiao didn’t dare to bet that if Ming Chen didn’t go with him, then Zhang Niujiao would either die or get away with it.
In this case, it is not difficult for Lingyun to arrange his affairs even if it is yellow. Will Lingyun go back to Zhang Xue according to the agreement?
Zhang Niujiao has no bottom in his heart. If he dies, Zhang Xue will live as he will know in the future.
For several days, Zhang Niujiao tried to tell Ming Chen every day, but every time he reached his mouth, he couldn’t make up his mind to open his mouth and then close it.
If we can pull Ming Chen to act together, Zhang Niujiao believes that he will be much easier and complete his mission faster and better.
"Don’t worry, I will get you out." Every time Zhang Niujiao can finally say this sentence.
Ordered to guard four black mountain thieves to take care of Ming Chen, and then Zhang Niujiao returned to the second mountain peak.
Pushing the door into the door, turning around and trying to sit for a glass of water, Zhang Niujiao got a fright.