"This is not the way. At this rate, you can’t handle this lizard without two or three hours!"

Lin has forgotten to kill the boss in the game in groups. Is it still called boss if he doesn’t kill for a few hours … According to his calculation, the efficiency of killing the boss by himself will be faster than that of dozens of players.
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Chapter three hundred and twenty-five Advance on lizards!
Whoosh whoosh!
The fastest attack weapon of the swamp lizard king is its tongue, which continuously attacks the forest exhibition violently.
The giant body of the swamp lizard king, even if it can reach the speed of sound, is extremely slow because of its huge body, just like people and mosquitoes. Is the mosquito flying fast in the human eye, but is it really fast? In fact, the mosquito flying speed is far less than 10 meters per second.
It’s impossible for Lin to dodge quite easily and scratch.
Take a little time to pay attention to the surrounding environment and you won’t be hurt by sputtering.
Killing boss is much easier than fighting with players, that is, boss’s life is too strong to kill in a short time, let alone kill it in seconds.
"Start the streamer wing!"
Lin speed up immediately, no matter how long it takes to kill, after all, how can you let go of being a boss?
This scene is like a fallen bear fighting with an agile bee. In the end, the swamp lizard king has never touched the forest office. At most, when attacking, the airflow will impact the forest body, and Lin Li will get up and attack with the help of the airflow impact.
Ten minutes past!
"The total energy of the target swamp lizard is 100,000 degrees"
Without streamer wings, it would be impossible to knock out the 150,000-degree energy of this swamp lizard king so quickly.
The IQ of swamp lizards is very low … Lin really doesn’t know if this kind of solid life intelligence can be compared with ordinary beasts, but Lin can be sure that these solid life are also afraid of death. Lin knows in the data that dying life will escape.
This swamp lizard king obviously knows that it is impossible to kill Lin, and if he continues, he will definitely die in this place. His huge tail slammed out and ran away.
"Still ran away!"
The streamer wings flapped Lin and immediately chased him, dragging the blade of the dark tomahawk axe to draw irregularly on the back of the swamp lizard king.
The swamp lizard king was desperate and stopped attacking the forest. He rushed straight ahead and rushed in a special direction.
"Where is this boss taking me?"
Playing boss doesn’t need much spirit for Lin. The main spirit of Lin is still on the surrounding environment.
The swamp lizard king is very familiar with the bottom mire, which is its native environment. It is the only king here, except for the biggest mire, other small mires seem to be absent in his eyes.
The swamp lizard king is more than 3 meters long and has four or five positions a second. The moving speed is about 150 meters per second and more than 5 kilometers per hour … Soon he took the forest into a dense jungle, and the light became dim and dim.
The king is the king. A large number of swamp lizards along the way dodge their roots and dare not get in the way.
I kept rushing into a huge cave, and the forest had stopped attacking, crouching firmly on the back of the swamp lizard king and observing the surrounding environment.
At this time, the swamp lizard king’s energy has left about 50 thousand degrees, not far from death
"The temperature is rising!"
Lin looked at the armor screen and the temperature showed that it was only after entering this cave that it passed in less than ten seconds. It rose from more than twenty degrees to more than thirty degrees, and the temperature was still rising very fast.
The value of this boss is really not put in Lin’s eyes. Now Lin just wants to see where this boss is going to take him … Ji can already guess that he is going to a place with extremely high temperature, which will soon be able to arrive near here.
Dark armor is a general armor with a temperature of 1 degree, and the dark armor is visible … This kind of vision is not really impossible to stay in an environment with a temperature of more than 1 degree for a long time, otherwise, if the armor energy is exhausted, the people who pass the armor will be turned to ashes alive.
Of course, Lin now has the energy to stay for a few hours, which is no problem.
If it is the dark armor, it will consume almost one degree of energy every second in an environment of about 1 degree. Not many people can afford this kind of consumption.
The swamp lizard king stopped!
This is a huge cave entrance, and outside the entrance is a pool of magma … This is a crater near the magma.
Whoops …
The swamp lizard king stopped and gave a cry to the magma.
Gollum … It’s been smooth since I came, and the bubbling magma suddenly became violent.
A huge red head emerged from the magma!
"I depend!"
"There is really life in this magma. This is not a fantasy online game, but a real technology online game!"
"Look at the size of this lizard living in magma … twice as big as this king lizard."
Lin immediately started the energy detection program to detect the red lava lizard emerging from the magma, and soon a fruitless result came out.
"Detection target magma flame lizard target total energy? ? ? ? ? ? ?”
A question mark in a row … said that this lava flame lizard is the enemy in this magma, so it is impossible to kill it.
Magma flame lizard emerged, and the magma flowed into the magma from the top of his head. He opened his eyes, and the pupil turned round and round, and soon found the direction of Lin.
However, the root of the lava flame lizard didn’t put Lin in his eyes and saw the huge figure of the swamp lizard king … A big mouth of smoke emerged from the mouth of the lava flame lizard.
What does it want to do without guessing!
Lin didn’t stop, but just showed his streamer wings and jumped out from the mouth of the cave, flapping his wings and flying in the magma.
The lava flame lizard opened its mouth wide, and it was a magma column with a diameter of three meters that was sprayed out and sprayed on the swamp lizard king, which instantly drenched the swamp lizard king.
The swamp lizard king didn’t move. This lava hit him.
The energy plummeted from 50 thousand to 40 thousand and then rose rapidly
"It’s too simple to replenish energy!"