But the same undead ruling aura, he doesn’t want to lose possession of this skill, which means that he can go further west to the northwest of the 15-level deep blue sea through the Zulong battlefield and reach the 115-level magic pool. The former belongs to the neutral town of Klimkhan and the latter belongs to the neutral town of Shuiyuetian, which not only has rich experience, but also can be rewarded with diplomatic skills, which is also attractive enough for Ye Zhang.

Hey, if I had known, I would have come to the canopy of death later. It’s a little difficult to go to the magic pool, but I can go to the deep blue sea first. This choice is really fucking painful
Chapter 33 Future Road
Coming out of the canopy of death, Ye Zhang couldn’t wait to leave this sad place early. In the end, he chose to give up the undead overture and the aura of undead judgment, which almost made him feel distressed.
Just before leaving the undead hall, Ye Zhang found himself being killed by seconds. It was not until he returned to the security area of Cologne that he remembered how the undead ruling aura would treat you without a holy judge who ran to the canopy of death.
Ye Zhang can sigh carelessly at this time, and Walcott’s bad relationship will not be easy in the future. Unfortunately, he didn’t think about these things because he hit the friend bar and saw a message sent to him by Caesar two hours ago.
"Watch out for Somali night people. They’re going to do something."
Ye Zhang sent Caesar a message to show that he knew, and Caesar immediately sent a message to meet him, and Ye Zhang naturally readily agreed.
Caesar has been going back and forth between Fenggu and Cologne these days. Now Level 2 has gradually approached Cologne, which can be said to be the center of the whole floating South China mainland, connecting the three main cities of the elves and orcs. Except for the deathless canopy of the undead, it is extremely difficult to reach. The intensity distance from Cologne to the monsters outside the main city of the elves and orcs is almost the same, that is to say, whoever can stay in Cologne will have a huge frontier. There will definitely be a big war on both sides of the guild in the future.
When Ye Zhang saw Caesar, he was accompanied by a wild redemption. After seeing Caesar, he greeted him warmly and then said,
"Level 23, the whirlwind brothers are really a strange man."
Ye Zhang ha ha smiled and didn’t know what to say. Caesar is now close to level 19 and will reach 2 in three days at most.
"Actually, I want to ask the whirlwind brothers to do me a favor."
Caesar didn’t beat around the bush and just said what he came for.
"I want to ask the whirlwind brothers to occupy the Cologne exchange."
Ye Zhang obviously had no idea about this, and Caesar knew that he was not white and explained.
"To put it simply, on the day of the guild release, the major city exchanges can be controlled by the players. The world will take the Cologne City Exchange for the Cyclone Brothers and then clear the entire exchange. This exchange will be named after the Cyclone Brothers!"
Ye Zhang was first one leng, and then he felt a little excited because he was light.
I’ve always wanted to be really famous, haven’t I? If the property department of Cologne Stock Exchange hangs his little whirlwind name, it’ll be a real heaven and earth.
Seeing Ye Zhang’s satisfied look, Caesar knew that it was a matter of Caesar thinking or waking up before he left.
"Cyclone brothers heard that you went to the canopy of death. Have you seen the undead player Asura?"
Ye Zhang looked fiercely and said no, but saw Caesar smiled and shook his head, and then left him. He knew that Ye Zhang would be able to listen to the white words.
Ye Zhang’s first reaction when he came to his senses was that he was followed in the canopy of death. According to the usual practice, someone must have released a video of him in the canopy of death in official website. He suddenly woke up and sighed secretly. It seems that the secret of the holy judge has also been exposed
But fortunately, even if others know that his profession is a holy judge, how can he change to a holy judge without distributing the five attributes evenly during the professional appraisal? At present, the glitz has passed the initial stage of exploration, and no player will feel difficult because he doesn’t know how to allocate his own attribute points, and the possibility of the same special profession will be reduced.
Ye Zhang suddenly breathed a sigh of relief at the thought, and now everything is waiting for Caesar to reach level 2
At 6 o’clock in the afternoon, when Ye Zhang was about to go online, I realized that she still hadn’t come for a day. She didn’t show up for a whole day and a half from the day before yesterday’s front line, which made Ye Zhang very uneasy and always felt that something would happen, but he couldn’t help anything.
From the game to the reality, Ye Zhang looked at the faces in the dormitory that were afraid of himself, and then remembered Jin Gyeong’s words before he left, and his heart did not sink.
This group of people look down on themselves and envy themselves. If it weren’t for him today, Ye Zhang might have done the same as them. Ye Zhang didn’t say anything. He left the dormitory and went to the off-campus restaurant alone.
"Ye Zhang, wait a minute!"
Looking back, I saw a girl, Ye Zhang, with a puzzled face. To be honest, when she first entered the university, Ye Zhang still had a great affection for managing a girl. Of course, she stayed on the outside surface, but then she gradually faded. He knew that it was just his wishful thinking YY. If there was a girl who could make him think about it day and night, it is estimated that there are still some.
Therefore, even though the girls in front of us are beautiful, Ye Zhang is still calm.
"What can I do for you?"
In the past two days, the student union of the news department of the school and even some teachers want to interview him, which makes him feel very headache and has some ideas to stay away from him.
Someone wants to ask, doesn’t Ye Zhang really want to be famous? Doesn’t he always care about other people’s eyes
Ye Zhang really expects others to be sure, but it is based on a relative environment. It’s like you have a crush on a goddess for a year and ran away with a Gao Fushuai, and one day you make a fortune. How do you feel that the former goddess came to see you again? Will you still be moved by her love for you?
Ye Zhang doesn’t like this school very much. This group once looked down on him, and when he became famous, they ran out and threw themselves at him. Compared with the same, they can sometimes give you great help in your school. That is the most coveted goddess in Ye Zhang.
Ye Zhang’s indifference was seen by the girl in her eyes. Seeing that the girl took out a letter from her backpack and handed it to Ye Zhang, Ye Zhang was shocked when she first looked at the first line.
"Where is he?"
Ye Zhang asked that the girl tilted her head in one direction. Ye Zhang saw a long-haired man who was wild and smelled like an artist. The man’s line of sight was slightly higher than the horizon, which easily gave people a feeling of loneliness.
Ye Zhang’s heart sank, and he walked towards the man until he found that the man was so tall and far away that he didn’t pay much attention.
Ye Zhang looks a little ugly. It feels like two people have a conflict in the game and then have a big fight. The loser loses his temper and then threatens.
"Believe it or not, I asked a car to chop you to death!"
Then you will laugh at him with disdain. Things in his childish games can also be brought into reality. Ye Zhang is not a loser, and even people who don’t look down on his game can imagine how bad it is.
But when this player really calls a car full of people to block you up in your class, that’s another feeling. You won’t think he’s naive anymore. Since he can find you and say that he has more energy than you, his brother has more energy than you, and he’s competitive and he’s also a grudge holder, then whether he wants to take off your hands or cut off your limbs depends on his liking. You can think he’s unlucky.
Now Ye Zhang is in this mood because he knows this person in front of him.
Blood washing
Chapter 34 You don’t deserve her