"Hum …" Mu Feng felt that a layer of white light film lit up slightly. Nanmu Qingcheng was intercepting "Click … 345". Inspector Gagoma was heavily chopped in Mu Feng’s body. Seeing that Nanmu Qingcheng had come back to Mu Feng to fight the doctor, a huge red halo appeared in Mu Feng’s body. Mu Feng made the decoration skills violent.

Mu Feng and the low-key god soon killed both the mage orcs and the doctor orcs, and it was also time to just visible destroy the boss inspector Gagoma. When Mu Feng came over, he saw Gagoma as if he saw an enemy. He rushed over to Mu Feng, and Mu Feng didn’t even have a chance to hum, so he was knocked out. "Bang … 2121" hit the distant wall.
"* * * * really deserves to be Master Luo’s first-class charge." Mu Feng grabbed her painful waist and scolded her for getting up. Just after she got up, she saw a figure flying up and hurried to the side to let the past. "Bang … 1521" The man also slammed into the position where Mu Feng had just hit. Mu Feng looked intently and saw that it turned out to be Nanmu Qingcheng Mountain. So who is resistant to blame now?
Mu Feng quickly got up and hurried to Gagoma’s side. When he ran over, he saw "Hoo …" Flying over a black object turned out to be a low-key god, while Gagoma was chasing the low-key god with his axe.
"Broken world!" Mu Feng started the ultimate skill to gain the bonus speed of quick steps and sacred holding effect, and quickly caught up with Gagoma, which saved the low-key god from running for his life. "Wow! ….. "Mu Feng pounded Gagoma with a stick and immediately moved closer to Nanmu Qingcheng Mountain. This Gagoma axe attack is no ordinary low. Mu Feng can’t fight him hard. When necessary, Mu Feng can benefit from long-range attacks to consume him.
"Flash baby …" With Gagoma’s words, Nanmu Qingcheng Mountain flew out again and lost its target. Gagoma immediately turned an attack target to Mu Feng and Mu Feng, and had to temporarily assume the responsibility of tanks. Ji Yue’s treatment suddenly increased. Looking at flying out of Qingcheng Mountain and Mu Feng again, it was a depression. What should I do? How can I restrain Gagoma from flying?
Just at this time, Mu Feng’s message rang, Mu Feng glanced at the message and frowned. He immediately stretched to the height of Qingcheng Mountain and shouted to let him stay by the wall until he came. At the same time, Mu Feng also let Ji Yueyi and others come closer to the wall. Mu Feng had a way to restrain Gagoma’s charge.
"Qingcheng Mountain, you hit him with your back against the wall!" Mu Feng came to the wall and said to Nanmu Qingcheng Mountain, so it’s a good idea for Ji Yue to suddenly understand Mu Feng’s intentions.
"Touch … 11223" Gagoma once again hit Nanmu Qingcheng Mountain with his back to the wall, and Qingcheng Mountain just bumped backwards, while people continued to attack Gagoma "Roar …" Gagoma angrily roared and continued to attack Nanmu Qingcheng Mountain. Seeing such a scene, Mu Feng Jiyue and others couldn’t help smiling …
Chapter 55 Emperor Spirit Occupy the Ring
"Ah … damn humans … you will eventually get what you deserve …" An anodyne curse on the inspector Gagoma finally fell down. At the same time, Mu Feng and others heard "jump …" Everything fell into the column of Ji Yue and it sounded like something like a scroll. There was also a ring on the ground.
"Ji Yue, look at what skills it is?" Mu Feng urged Ji Yue while returning blood.
And Ji Yue is also frowning at this time. It seems that she saw something strange, and then Ji Yue sent it out this time to win the battle.
Wilderness Walker Boots Synthetic Scroll Level 3 Introduction of Equipment Name Wilderness Walker Boots Synthetic Scroll Wilderness Walker Boots Equipment Level 3~42 Semi-god level enables professional archers, hunters, swordsmen and stabbing spirits to increase their additional skill speed in 5 seconds, so that the unit movement speed can be increased by 5%, and multiple target volumes can be shuttled forward quickly for a certain distance. Equipment attributes will not be announced for the time being. Wilderness Boots, Walker Boots will be refreshed. Five people in the city will be refreshed. Five people in Yancheng will be refreshed.
Looking at the wilderness walker boots, introducing an arrow through the heart and keeping a low profile, God is a good shoe with eyes wide open, but … how is it synthetic?
On the other side, the ghost emperor and others also got a piece of equipment to synthesize the scroll. At this time, the ghost brake, Ah Fu and others only knew that the reason why the ghost emperor said to brush the scroll from the ghost town first turned out to be that you should brush the scroll from the ghost town first, so that you would know which auxiliary brush you should go to and then have a general direction for the auxiliary direction.
"Well, it’s good to pick us up and brush our boots. There’s also a direction. After killing the five-person deputy in Ghost Town, we will go to the hot sea to brush our boots in the wilderness. Isn’t that good?" Mu Feng said to the god who wants this equipment, "You can both choose this equipment in the old way."
An arrow through the heart and a low-key god look at each other. What can they do? Neither of them wants to give up this equipment. Let’s take a chance.
The ending is a little cruel. The low-key god is only two points less than an arrow through the heart. The synthetic scroll of wilderness walker boots is won by an arrow through the heart. Looking at an arrow through the heart, Mu Feng can’t help but chuckle. Alas, if she loses to the low-key god, I really don’t know how she looks now.
"Hey? How can I get this ring? " After distributing the scrolls, Ji Yue looked at the patrol Gagoma’s ring and saw that there was a "Ding! You can check the ring. "
Ji Yue is very depressed. Why can’t she watch it? Is it a high-grade ring or is there something wrong with it? However, Ji Yue, how come this ring is ordinary? It’s just that the purple gemstone is a little weird.
Then an arrow pierced the heart and grabbed the ring, but I couldn’t see the attribute in my hand. I looked at it in a low-key way and it was all "How can you check the ring?"
"Are you? Let me see. "Mu Feng answered. He thinks that Ji Yue is looking for mystery for everyone. How can there be a ring with no attributes? As soon as Mu Feng touched the ring, he just "stung" Mu Feng, and then he said, "You got the deity ring, which needs to be bound to view the properties."
"God level … ring …?" Mu Feng Zheng also didn’t know why Bai Jiyue couldn’t hit this ring. This is the ring of the Emperor Ling Shi. Of course, it is only the Emperor Ling Shi who can check it. After thinking about Mu Feng, it is a pleasure and then say "binding!"
"ding!" A purple ring appeared in Mu Feng’s hand, Ji Yue, and kept a low profile. They were all surprised. Why did Mu Feng bring the ring? At this time, Mu Feng justified and said, "Well, for some reason, this ring has my cocoa belt, so everyone should understand why."
To make a long story short, Mu Feng immediately sent out the ring attributes and hid them.
Purple God-level equipment can be equipped in the ring position. Equipment level 4 makes the demand level 3 make the occupation hidden (exclusive to the Emperor Lingshi) attribute bonus. Intelligence 132 physique 53 magic attack 1 point additional skill. Mind occupation can occupy the other side through the player Mu Feng’s special magic. Every time, you can occupy a creature permanently until you die or release the boss monster. You can’t make the player occupy the method for 5 seconds, and you can’t make the magic consume 50,000 points. One hour of equipment introduction is hidden when cooling down (Part 1 of the Emperor Lingshi suit).
Looking at the word "Emperor Spirit", everyone except Nanmu Qingcheng has a general understanding. Since Ji Yue and his village are equipped with this ring in a low-key way, it can be given to Mu Feng, but don’t say that this ring is really good and can occupy a non-boss creature. You can’t underestimate this because the mind occupies it, but even the god-level monsters can occupy it!
Go on, turn around. The corner of the ""is a straight passage. There are some orc warriors and orc wizards in the passage in twos and threes.
Mu Feng and Ji Yue look at each other and continue to kill.
The distribution of channel monsters presents a zigzag distribution. Every three monsters stretch forward in a zigzag way. Nanmu Qingcheng resists two low-key gods-Mu Feng and an arrow goes through the heart to quickly solve the problem. The first monster killing team marked with "1" is slowly moving forward.
"Hey, Mu Feng, do you know what the mad cow team is like now?" Ji month suddenly smiled and said to Mu Feng.
"oh? What happened? Did they call inspector Gagoma, too? You are quick to tell them to play the boss method to save them trouble. "Mu Feng said to Ji Yue while cutting the monster.
"Ha ha, you need to wake up. I posted it in the gang announcement earlier." Ji Yue said with a smile. "Just now I received a message from the mad cow. They have withdrawn from the vice and went to the east gate of the imperial city to brush the points to save them."
"ah? What? Why don’t they brush the vice? " Mu Feng said strangely.
"Low level, lack of team coordination, even the boss didn’t see the team." Answering Mu Feng’s question is Nanmu Qingcheng Mountain, and he also received the dream information.
Listening to Nanmu Qingcheng dialect, Mu Feng is also a mad cow after careful thinking. Their average level is less than 35. It is really difficult for you to let them brush this pair. It seems that sometimes you can’t be lucky in terms of strength and tacit understanding.
"Wow, Mu Feng, you see there is a big guy in the distance." Just as Mu Feng was feeling for the mad cow team, he suddenly heard an arrow pointing through his heart and yelling at the front.
Mu Feng followed an arrow through the heart and pointed in the direction. At this time, at the far end of the passage, an ugly monster was caught. Seeing that the monster was more than three meters tall, it was a disgusting white waist wrapped in a circle of green rags. Even if it was a dress, the guy’s left hand was a manipulator, and his right hand was holding a circular vat. The whole monster looked like an extremely disgusting feeling.
"Er, what is this thing so disgusting?" Mu Feng felt a twinge of hair when he looked at it from a distance. How could he keep such a disgusting monster in the orc castle?
"Ha-ha, I haven’t said disgusting yet. Are you a big man to say disgusting first?" An arrow through the heart and laughed and said to Mu Feng.
Mu Feng Nai will stay for a long time, you need to shoot an arrow in the distance, and you won’t say it’s disgusting if you don’t get close to it, but Mu Feng can rest assured that he didn’t say it. He doesn’t want to argue too much with an arrow through the heart on this issue.
"Hey, Mu Feng, when you killed Gagoma just now, you suddenly received a text message, and then you had the method of restraining Gagoma from flying. Is it a coincidence? Was that short message sent to you by the tusk troll player when he entered the vice? " Low-key God suddenly asked Mu Feng low-key God. This problem is also the problem of several other people’s hearts. He robbed the first.
"Do you really want to know?" Mu Feng looked at several people and then asked.
Ji Yue, an arrow through the heart and other per capita nodded heavily. Even Nanmu Qingcheng Mountain, which doesn’t "catch a cold" in Mu Feng, expressed great interest. He also wanted to know the true identity of the tusk troll player who added Mu Feng’s friend at the deputy door and whether Mu Feng suddenly thought of restraining the flying method and the troll player just now.
"Alas, I came here to find out about this matter first and then tell you, but now that you asked, it’s hard for me to hide it." Mu Feng took a deep breath and said, "I guessed it in a low-key way. At that time, I suddenly received the text message. It was the troll player who sent me his text message with a few words to let M (tank, meat shield) lean against the wall."
"Wow, it seems that it’s really a good exchange of experience. He’s a good person." I heard an arrow through my heart and Ma praised the mysterious player.
"Ha ha, when you want to know who he is, I promise you will be scared and will call out his name." Mu Feng suddenly laughed and said with a wry smile.
"oh? Mu Feng, let’s hear it, "said Ji Yue, a little incredulous." Now there are very few big people who can scare them. Mu Feng is around. Who else can scare them?
"Well, I’ll tell you!" Mu Feng was right and then solemnly said, "That tusk troll player is … His name is … Ghost Emperor!" Mu Feng caught the attention of Gao Jiyue and others and made two rounds of words.
"What? Ghost emperor! " Sure enough, as expected by Mu Feng, including Nanmu Qingcheng Mountain, everyone screamed out the name of the ghost emperor, especially Ji Yue, which was more accurate than an arrow piercing the heart. This name is absolutely shocking to them at this time.
Chapter 56 Blogos Control
"Ha see I say, I said you will be surprised to call out his name? Hey hey "Mu Feng a conspiratorial smiling face to an arrow through the heart, her month and others said with a smile.
"Is Mu Feng really a ghost emperor?" Ji Yue was busy restoring Nanmu Qingcheng Mountain, but she still couldn’t believe it and said
"Well, there is nothing wrong with it, that is, will the friend name be displayed incorrectly?" Mu Feng looked at the last wave of monsters left and said.
"I didn’t expect that the ghost emperor would bring people to brush the ghost town vice. Have they brushed it off? So much! "An arrow through the heart muttered to himself.
For an arrow through the heart, Mu Feng, Ji Yue, low-key God and others are also quietly chiseling in their hearts, but there is no result in thinking about it, so just don’t want to casually.
Finally, I have to face the second boss. Several people quickly recovered and observed the white monster in the distance. At this time, the information of the white monster also appeared at this time. The monster’s name was the experimenter-Blogos.
The experimenter Blogos monster level 39 monster boss orc mutation monster introduction Blogos used to be a strong orc warrior, and later participated in the orc warrior’s enhanced biological transformation plan, and his body experiment finally mutated due to experimental errors, and finally became like this, but his will to defend the glory of the orcs is still there, so this time the orc army returned to Ghost Town from the southern grassland, and he was also joined by the soldiers.
It’s strange to watch Blogos introduce several people to Mu Feng. What can I say except expressing sympathy? What they can do is to help him get rid of his pain as soon as possible. What Mu Feng said later?