"Little princess, you’re so naughty. You’re still sneaking out to play at this time …"

"Ha, ha, ha, little princess, when I catch you back, the king will give us a good reward. Ha, ha …"
As the figure got closer and closer, Chu Yun finally saw the bearer. To be exact, this should not be a person.
"Is this the Chinese mermaid?"
Chu Yun opened his mouth for this magical creature has been in the myth, but did not expect …
This is a girl who looks 15 or 16 years old. For Chu Yun, this girl looks exquisite. If she is single-minded, she will never lose to Song Ning Shuang, but she lacks that unique temperament.
The girl was wrapped in a purple gauze dress and had a lavender scale fishtail.
When walking, the fishtail flutters in the water, giving people a very sexy feeling, just like a woman’s water snake.
The girl’s hair is lavender. It’s very long. It’s about to follow her feet.
Beside the mermaid, there are two guys who don’t know what they are. These two guys have a monster-like head covered with scales and two horns with sharp teeth. They look terrible.
These two monsters have hands and feet, which is similar to human beings.
Chu Yun asked the player to look at it directly and see what it was.
Waiting for the Dragon People’s Level 1 Life Level 3 Silver introduces the Dragon People’s family as the most waiting dragon people.
Dragon fist has a strong physical attack power and has a certain chance to stun the enemy.
The dragon people’s strong physical attack power has a certain chance to confuse the enemy.
The Dragon Roar stuns the enemy by 1% for 1 second.
It’s terrible to throw yourself into the enemy directly.
"Dragon man?" Chu Yun thinks it’s quite like these two monsters have horns, and this horn is similar to the dragon horn decoration of Black Dragon.
Soon Chu Yun looked at the little girl’s attributes to see what they were.
Zier’s level 1 health value level 2 Tianxuan introduces the only princess of Mermaid clan, who is lively, lovely, kind and playful, and the fighting ability of her powerful energy because of the method.
Skills? ? ?
Chapter 434 Save Violet!
Actually can’t see the skills for this Chu Yun some surprise.
"This mermaid seems to have been kidnapped?" Chu Yun looked at the mermaid’s poor eyes. Do you want to save them?
"Come on, save one …" Chu Yun made up her mind to save it. Who made her so delicate and touching?
If you save her, you might even get a reward from the mermaid clan.
Besides, the Dragon Palace may have something to do with these two dragon people? Arrest him and interrogate him …
Now that it is decided that Chu Yun strode out directly in front of the two dragons.
"This road is mine, this tree is mine. If you want to stay and buy road goods from now on …" Chu Yun hung the Baal sword on his shoulder and blew it up, which made people feel that he was batting practice.
"What are you?" A dragon man saw Chu Yun startled and shouted.
"I rob" Chu Yun will point to the mermaid "I want her"
Violet doesn’t know what’s going on, but she seems to have caught hold of some straws and shouted, "Big Brother, help me …"
Violet knows that even if the other party is robbing, it is better than falling into the hands of the Dragon People.
Seriously, this mermaid sound is really nice, just like beautiful music. Chu Yun seems to be intoxicated.
But soon he reacted and said, "What’s the good of saving you?"
"I asked my mother to give you a lot of treasures," Violet said without thinking.
Lots and lots of babies?
Hearing this, Chu Yun was pleased and then said to the two dragons, "Don’t go soon when you see me …"
"What are you worthy of letting me go?" A dragon man snorted with disdain.
"You are looking for death!" Another dragon man directly attacked with a fist.
"Don’t bite off more than you can chew!"
Chu Yun too lazy to say more crack kill chop directly to the seconds.
"What what?" How is it possible for another dragon man to look dull for a second?
"Wow, big brother is so fierce." Seeing this situation, Zier Fishtail shakes his hands and applauds.
I don’t know why Chu Yun is so proud. Maybe it’s because of the little mermaid worship.
Tie the dragon sound!
Chu Yun directly sacrificed Tianlong Qin to bind him.
"What have you done to me? Why can’t I move?" Dragon man was frightened that he could not break free if he wanted to.
"I asked you where the Dragon Palace is?" Chu Yun said coldly.
"This is my dragon clan. What are you doing, you bastard?" Dragon people are surprised and afraid. I don’t know why each other asks.
"Dragon Palace is the place where you dragon people are?" Chu Yun narrowed his eyes and didn’t expect to find out so soon.
Chu Yun believes that his ability to enter the Dragon Palace is a piece of cake. Even if it really fails, he can still summon the goddess of light, the phantom goddess.
"Where is your Dragon Palace?" Chu Yun asked after seeing the mountain.