"God! The earth! I’m angry all around! Come and give me a certificate! They didn’t ask me where I came from. What should I tell them? Now I know that I am hiding deep! " The stowaway suddenly wailed

The five spectators present almost spurted blood with fright.
"All right! All right! Stop whining! If you don’t want to continue to obey! " The meaning of life suddenly impatient way
"Yes!" Four people said with the same mouth
In an instant, the stowaway becomes a loner
"It’s almost dawn and there are other things to do!" The meaning of life is unpleasant
"Then why don’t you say it quickly?" The stowaway asked sharply
The meaning of life ate two grapes and continued, "Kill everything. This is of course to take revenge on Solo. He thinks Solo is a betrayal and an undercover role."
Chapter 10 Target exile
"That’s called undercover?" Evil stare big eyes startled way
"At least he does," said the meaning of life.
"I entered the spike gang with this mentality and identity." The stowaway suddenly admitted.
They looked at the stowaway with a serious face.
The stowaway paused for a moment and continued, "When they called me in the world, I didn’t respond because I didn’t agree with Secondback and Qian Ye, and I couldn’t identify myself with the public. In this way, Lotus Flower will definitely let me go back. Another outcome is that I decided to set up my own team. They just made me feel the most dangerous. I decided to join the Secondback Gang at all times. When the four of them were looking for me, I had been in contact with Lotus Flower, and then I married Zi Xuan Jr., and she guessed my identity. I also admitted my identity. I asked her not to tell her.
Speaking of which, the stowaway shook his head in shame and continued, "She told me before the sample was wooed, and then the sample was taken away. We left the spike and came to Shenzhou."
"In fact, you didn’t get any information from them," the returnee comforted.
"No, we didn’t. It seemed that we were * * level 10 at that time." The evil one affirmed.
"I think so, too, but when they know that they have been looking for their old teammates, it is self-evident that they are chilling." The stowaway smiled sadly
"Chilling is better than not getting along," the returnees encouraged.
"ha! I don’t regret doing the right thing and taking the right path. That is, friends in life are always unsuitable for themselves. It is … "The stowaway sighed again and continued," It’s very unpleasant to bring trouble to Zi Xuan Jr., Lotus Flower and the brothers in the gang. "
"It’s not a bad thing. A friend in need is a friend in truth. Without that blood baptism, there would be no core member of Shenzhou’s current Shield." The meaning of life said.
"Yes, people can only see that they are sincere and false to you when they are faced with major gains and losses and major crises," sighed the Redeemer.
"What happened later? Later, how did Lotus Flower transfer with Little Zi Xuan? " Returnees looked at the meaning of life and asked curiously.
"Elaine Luo Hua’s personality should be that she doesn’t like the spike wind and is directly out of the team," said the stowaway thoughtfully
"That’s true," affirmed the meaning of life. "She also told Zi Xuan Jr. and Zi Xuan Jr. when they turned around, and told me that Zi Xuan Jr. also said,’ In case Brother Xian Hai comes back one day, let him guard against the second kill.’"
Five people all froze, their ears were upright and their eyes were wide open to listen to the further narration of the meaning of life; At this moment, five people’s minds were full of memories of Zi Xuan Jr.
The meaning of life continued, "Little Zi Xuan broke away from Shenzhou decisively after knowing that the spike was mainly aimed at himself, but the spike and slaughter gang action did not stop. It was not until later that Nie Lian did not like to mediate this matter that it finally came to an end."
"Eldest sister-in-law! I want to know where my sister-in-law is now! " The evil man said eagerly, impatient.
The meaning of life doesn’t seem to have been heard by the evil person. He simply said, "A few days after this incident ended, the world became like this after a super formatting. Everyone’s status and status are very wonderful in this world law." The meaning of life paused and continued, "At the same time, Zi Xuan and Lotus Flower were unified and turned to Yunnan. Later, Zi Xuan built a trumpet in this area to understand the situation." Speaking of this, the meaning of life looked at the stowaway and said, "You know."
The stowaway’s heart ached and he didn’t move, but his eyes were soaked with shiny liquid.
The meaning of life continued, "I asked Zi Xuan Jr. which area you left a message in. Zi Xuan Jr. said that it didn’t matter if you left it. We can’t communicate with each other and we can’t name the place names. In this world, there are two areas where this happens, one is an exile and the other is a dirty circle!"
The stowaway has been in tears, but the narrative of the meaning of life has not stopped. "Zi Xuan just came to talk to me on the trumpet every few days, and then once every few weeks, and then it was the last time she chatted with me on the trumpet in this area six months ago." After that, she also shed tears.
Four other people also shed tears.
"exile!" The stowaway is tough with a crying voice.
"Eldest brother, we must find the eldest sister-in-law!" The evil one is crying.
"Strong as she is generous, as she is the first to come out and sacrifice where to find such a good teammate every time she decides," the returnee cried with her followers in her arms.
"Don’t worry, I will find Zi Xuan Jr." The follower comforted his wife with tears in his eyes.
"Boss, I really envy you!" The redeemer burst into tears.
"Exile! Exile! Our goal is to find Zi Xuan in exile! " The stowaway’s voice was firm and tears poured down his face.
"yes! Exile! Find your sister-in-law! " Four partners with different mouth firmly way
At this moment, Zi Xuan Jr. seems to be the smallest person in the team in terms of age, but he has been affirmed by everyone in the team
"You decide that I will never object!" The meaning of life wiped away tears and said with a little tears.
"Life pig, you want to die!" The evil one wiped away tears and angrily said
"Life pig, you want to die!" Redeemer got up and got angry and said
"What do you mean by life?" The returnee pushed the follower very sharply and asked
Three people responded almost at the same time.
Stowaways and followers did not speak, but looked at the meaning of life.
"I remember saying that entering the dirty circle is a narrow escape," said the meaning of life with a silly smile.
"What about that?" The wicked, the redeemer, and the returnee asked in unison.
The meaning of life didn’t answer this question, but said very seriously, "Little Zi Xuan may not be in exile, but he may also be in the dirty circle. After you enter the dirty circle, you must look for it carefully. I am not familiar with it and no one is familiar with it, but there is an iron rule there, but everyone knows that all games in the dirty circle are about the length of the strong and the losers! Everything has a bet! "
Chapter 19 The Fastest Upgrade Method