Under the rites of Zhou, it was Zhuang Chenglu, the same outstanding new disciple of Tiantai Mountain, who was favored by heaven. At this time, the cultivation was abolished, only the cultivation of five or six floors in the spiritual period was left, and he was still kneeling on the ground for so long. He immediately cried with tears: "Brother, please inform my master quickly and redeem us."

"Yes, yes …" As soon as Zhuang Chenglu spoke, everyone was busy chimed in.
He Hu was at his worst. He couldn’t help crying aloud any longer, and cried, "Brother, please, let the master come and save us quickly …" He was originally a practitioner above Yuan Ling period. Now, he almost can’t feel the spiritual force in his body, which is no different from ordinary people. The underground world is cold and cold on the stone floor, and he was forced to kneel for so long. He only felt pain like a needle under his knee, early.
Ji Wenyue, kneeling beside him, felt that he was really wronged, and he was simply dragged down by Snake Lady, He Hu, Zhou Li and others. Immediately, he raised his hand and slapped He Hu in the face, cursing, "If you and Snake Lady were not rude, how could we end up like this?"
They had a lot of complaints about He Hu, and when Ji Wenyue said so, they couldn’t help but grind their teeth and drink and scold in a low voice.
"That’s enough, don’t make any noise!" Zhou Li was angry with He Hu, but he was afraid of Chu Yanqi for fear of disturbing the devil. He wanted to take abnormal punishment again and immediately shouted, "Do you still think you have not been punished enough?" Said, and he secretly glanced at ChuYanQi.
I found him leaning back in his chair, holding a book in his hand and turning it slowly.
And Hao Qiang has prepared clean water food and started cooking with a fire. Not far away, the giant tiger just lies on the ground, looking up at their side from time to time, as if looking at a pot of delicious food.
Zhou Li didn’t doubt it at all. In a rage, Chu Yanqi fed them all to the horrible brute tiger.
Everyone is busy with silence, and no one dares to talk. Zhou Li thought about it, and then asked, "Do you have any good ideas?"
Zhuang Chenglu thought carefully before saying, "Brother Zhou, the two uncles are here, but-do you think uncle Zhou can come up with a ransom to save us?" Error-free novel network does not skip words.
Hearing this, everyone suddenly felt a bucket of cold water, cold from head to heel. Even the stuff, they also know that people are selfish after all, and they are not disciples handed down by Xu Yuan and Xu Zhen. It’s outside, so they naturally want a piece of the action. Now, for such a thing, let them take a ransom to save them? Are you kidding? There are many words in the error-free novel network
"What shall we do?" Ji Wenyue said urgently, "Do we really stay and be slaves to him?"
"I’m even more afraid that the two uncles will start work when they meet and offend him." Zhou Li whispered, "Under his indignation, is there anyone who doesn’t take it out on us?"
"That’s for sure." Zhuang Chenglu said in a low voice, "We people are his punching bag now. If Uncle Shi and others have offended him, he will naturally kill us to vent our anger, but what shall we do without informing Uncle Shi and others?"

Chapter sixty-four Weigh the pros and cons
Chapter sixty-four Weigh the pros and cons
Zhou Li hesitated for a moment. It was not easy to get away. After thinking about it, Zhou Li suddenly felt a move in his heart and whispered, "I do have an idea, maybe I can take a chance."
"What way?" Zhuang Chenglu just heard Zhou Li say that he didn’t think much when he asked his master to take ransom to redeem them, but in a blink of an eye, he also understood that even if Master cared for himself and others on weekdays, he wouldn’t take out a high ransom to save them.
In the face of this kind of provocation, judging by convention, the only thing our master can do is to kill the devil in order to keep our reputation.
However, once the two sides start work, the devil can kill them in an instant, and they and others will be buried in vain.
"Come here, you two." Zhou Li greeted Zhuang Chenglu and Ji Wenyue.
The three men talked quietly for a while. Finally, Ji Wenyue frowned and said, "Will he agree?"
"He wanted to kill us. He killed us at the beginning and won’t stay until now." Zhou Li whispered, "So, I guess he doesn’t want to kill anyone, but he doesn’t want to let us go like this. It’s better to take a chance."
"That’s it. As long as he can get away, he can do whatever he wants." Zhuang Chenglu whispered.
"Well, since all the younger brothers agree, then we must speak with one voice and never let it out. Otherwise, once we leave here, I’m afraid even Tiantai Mountain will not hold us." Zhou Li said.
Ji Wenyue sneered: "Once this kind of thing gets out, it doesn’t need to be done by other disciples. I’m afraid no one will tolerate us. Now, our cultivation has plummeted, and even if we return to Tiantai Mountain, I am afraid that we will be coldly watched and see the world as cold as possible. "
How did they bully others in those days? So, if they can return to Tiantai Mountain this time, others will pay them back even more, so they all know it very well.
"Yes!" Zhou Li nodded, "So everyone should remember that this time we must work together in Qi Xin."
"Brother, don’t worry." JiWenYue and others all nodded.
"Well, I’ll talk to him." Zhou Li said, and secretly took a glance at ChuYanQi.
After resting for a while, he got up the courage and walked towards Chuyanqi.
"Have you negotiated?" Chu Yanqi watched him coming and asked, "How did you discuss with your younger brothers?"
Zhou Li was still three steps away from him, kneeling down, and then kowtowing respectfully for eight times. Then he said, "Master, oh, no, please be worshipped by the villain."
ChuYan habitat sloped, just laugh.
And small beans and ChuYunJie peep at each other, in the heart is suspicious, rites fear ChuYanQi, they can understand, and now this appearance, but let the two of them some scratching their heads.
"Come on, how’s the negotiation going?" ChuYanQi asked.
"We, eight other disciples, discussed it for a while and came to the conclusion that it is impossible for our master to come up with the materials of Lingshi Dan medicine refining device and come to save us." Zhou Li is busy saying.
"oh? It’s no use asking you? " Hao Qiang smell speech, deliberately loudly say.
"No, no, no …" Zhou Li secretly looked up and looked at Hao Qiang, busy shaking his head. "Master wants to come and doesn’t want to offend Tiantai Mountain, right? There are many words in the error-free novel network, so I have thought of a complete solution for my master. "
Small beans completely froze, he was most worried about is that Chu Yanqi killed a disciple of Tiantai Mountain, abolished eight outstanding new disciples, and extorted a large sum of Lingshi Dan medicine from others’ legacy. Such a broken thing is bound to lead him to offend Tiantai Mountain, and the city of Cangwu must bear the disaster he broke down.
The householder won’t punish Chu Yanqi, but when he goes back, he will naturally be punished by family rules, and any one is enough to make him tortured.
Therefore, the little bean is very worried and anxious. The problem is that he really doesn’t know what to do. Killing people is the next best policy after all.
Therefore, when he heard Zhou Li talk like this, he immediately asked, "What is the perfect solution?"
"I was waiting in the tomb of the Great Sage King, and I met a fierce opponent. Fortunately, I was rescued by my master, so I was able to survive." Zhou Li was busy and said, "But there was an unknown monster in the tomb of the Great Sage King, which caused us to take a big fall, and the snake lady was unfortunately killed …"
As he spoke, Zhou Li secretly looked at Chu Yanqi, for fear of accidentally offending the devil.
"Then what?" ChuYanQi heard here, have guessed what they want, immediately lazy asked.
"Master, if you kill us now, you will not only have nothing, but also offend Tiantai Mountain. Although Tiantai Mountain won’t redeem us with lingshi elixir, they are bound to find trouble with your master to correct their reputation as the largest faction in the East." Zhou Li is busy saying.
"hmm." ChuYanQi nodded again and motioned for him to continue.
"We are all elite disciples of the sects. Although we are now practicing for decline, I think we can still practice successfully when we go back." Zhou Li said, "wouldn’t it be good for us to give whatever your master wants at that time?"
"It sounds good." Chu Yanqi smiled, and then said slowly, "You mean-I’ll let you go now, and then wait for you to be successful, and then pay the ransom yourself?"
"Master, not only that." Zhou Li climbed a few steps forward, approached Chu Yanqi, and whispered, "There are thousands of disciples on Tiantai Mountain. If your master needs us, we can try to bring those little disciples to yin, and let your master collect their spiritual power for their lives."
ChuYanQi looked at rites, don’t know what to say, such a cruel thing, thanks to him.
"I don’t need it." ChuYan habitat shook his head.
"Master …" Zhou Li was in a hurry.
"I will let you go." Chu Yanqi said, "But I won’t untie the magic fire contract on you. Besides, you’d better remember what you said today."
When Zhou Li heard this, he was overjoyed and nodded again and again. "Don’t worry, Master, from now on, our eight disciples are the most loyal dogs around your master. We will devote ourselves to practice, seize more resources and materials, and honor our master. "
"Very good!" ChuYan habitat nods.
Small beans secretly breathed a sigh of relief, heart andao: "This matter can be concealed, that is the best."
"You just take care of your younger brothers." As Chu Yanqi spoke, he took out their storage ring and returned it to them.
Zhou Li answered, naturally without looking at it, and it was clear that it was empty, but at present they were temporarily safe.
"Thank you for your reward. I will serve your master wholeheartedly." Zhou Li kowtowed on the ground.

Chapter sixty-five Long whistle
Chapter sixty-five Long whistle
Just at this time, Hao Qiang came over with the porridge that had just been cooked and said with a smile, "Master, the porridge is cooked, so you can eat it while it is hot?"
"Well, good!" ChuYanQi smile, not to mention it’s okay, when it comes to this, he didn’t feel hungry panic, ah, it is said that it is not so important to fix for the demand for food above Yuan Ling period.