Angry giant thorn black rock demon directly started death, rolled over and turned into a black stone ball, and rushed towards the culprit Gao Rang.

Gao Rang intends to teleport to avoid it, but before he moves, the spider swallows God and a spider web traps the giant thorn black rock demon in place.
By this time, the fighting on the other side was over, and everyone else was killed.
The giant thorn black rock demon, which was just arrogant, is now defeated by being bound and adding so many people.
After the giant thorn black rock demon fell, the spider swallowed its body for the first time, and then ran to the side of the body of the double-headed megalithic monster just killed by Grandet and them to devour it.
After devouring these two monsters, the blood volume of the spider recovered to 16 points. Because of the high protection, the spider still has nearly 620 thousand blood volume to protect, and it will be a long time before this ancient creature can be obtained.
The gains brought by the death of these two elites can be regarded as that they are generally equipped because they don’t have the skills to explode. Except for one gray equipment, the other three are all blue, and four bottles of blood medicine and three bottles of blue medicine are exploded, and there is no hair on gems and other things.
Let’s take a look at the gray equipment that broke out this time.
Locust Stone Flying Knife (Gray) Attack 46
Attack speed+25%
Physical Critical Hit Damage+35%
Additional Attribute 1 Strength+1
Equipers who shoot the first and last flying knives have a 1% chance to hit critical damage.
3 After more than 5 flying knives are continuously fired, each flying knife will be accompanied by an additional 1% physical critical hit rate.
There is a 5% chance that the critical strike damage caused by flying knife will make the opponent enter a state of immobility lasting for 1 second.
When a flying knife department is used, the player’s main weapon will get an additional physical attack power lasting for 5 minutes+1% temporary attribute.
Equipment and skills are full of migratory locusts.
The flying locust consumes a flying knife, causing random damage ranging from 151 points to all enemies within 1 meter ahead, and has a certain chance to make the opponent enter the armor-breaking state lasting for 3 seconds. In this state, the physical defense and magical defense are both 15%.
Equipped with professional assassins and thieves such as shadow hunter.
Occupation-specific special attribute stealth state movement speed is extra+15%
Equipment level 2 to 4
Durability 1/1 (each point of permanence represents a flying knife)
It turned out to be an assassin’s professional deputy attack equipment. This attribute is really overbearing. Unfortunately, there is only one flying knife. If it is limited, it will really kill people.
In addition to this gray equipment, there is a blue equipment that is quite special, and the other equipment is worthless.
It is said that there is a blue dress, especially because this blue dress is actually a special blue dress that can be synthesized, and it is still a small night. It is really lucky.
Thick Soil Sheath (Special Blue) HP+3
Defence+26 Magic Royal+166
Attack speed+5%
Additional Attribute 1 Constitution+1
2 Strength+9
The wearer’s resistance to all earth spells is+5% more.
The wearer has a 2% chance to give the attacker a fixed state lasting for 15 seconds when he is attacked by a soil spell.
Number of holes for equipment inlay 2 (not inlaid)
Equip all two-turn swordsmen, swordsmen and magic swordsmen in the class.
Specific occupational diseases and petrochemical status
Special hidden features, special blue equipment, therefore, special purple equipment "Life-and-Death Gankun scabbard" can be assembled into a special purple equipment "Life-and-Death Gankun scabbard".
Equipment level 2 to 47.
It’s hard to imagine that Ye Ye managed to get three pieces of this tricky four-in-one equipment without knowing it. Now there’s only one living scabbard left, and then I’ll see if I can get some news about it from Boss Kang.
Can Ye Ye’s life and death be collected when he dries Kun’s scabbard?
Chapter two hundred and thirty-one Xuanwu Blackstone Magic
After killing these two elite monsters together, Gao Rang and his party experienced several stone monsters, but these stone monsters did not fuse and mutate as before after their death.
In this way, Gao Rang and others have been doing boring and repetitive things as if they were going in circles in a maze. If it weren’t for the turf that can be used to make sure that Gao Rang hasn’t been played here, they would have returned to the former place themselves.
This boring battle lasted for about four hours, and I forgot which wave of stone monsters died first, and then the fusion of monster bodies happened again.
This time, the scene was even more shocking than the previous one, because I don’t know when the bodies of those strange stones that haven’t changed since they were killed were all floating into the water.
The whole day was covered by this dark stone, and the surrounding turned into night. At the same time, Gao Rang and the white crape myrtle both gave off light to illuminate the surrounding dreamland.
"It seems that the fight is coming," said Grandet, looking at the dark stone monster body in this day.
Just after Grandet fell, the bodies turned to dust and fell to the ground one after another.
What else can people have? What’s the big scene?
I didn’t expect this big scene to be so.
Of course, this kind of big scene doesn’t make sense, but the real big scene hasn’t happened yet.
In the middle, the dust falls behind the ground and changes.
Cracks have also appeared in the ground where the dust has solidified rapidly, and the thick soil elements have condensed to the naked eye.
Looking at this big scene now, Gao Rang and others have been completely unable to calm down.