From today on, they are no longer friends. After all, they used to be enemies, with wives and haters.

Du Ruo frowned and looked at Duane’s fading figure. Suddenly, he felt like he had lost a piece of his heart.
It turns out that it’s still impossible to finish with someone completely, at least not with her.
She and Duane have known each other for nearly 20 years, saying that they are friends, more like relatives. Suddenly, they are completely broken. She is still a little uncomfortable, but this is uncomfortable. She chooses to stay in her heart without telling Xie Suixin.
At this moment Du Ruo had to admit that Pan Hui was right.
If a person lives in the sadness of the past forever, she will lose her heart and happiness completely in the later life. It is not a good thing to remember all the roots of the previous life. It is unfortunate that these laymen have been pursuing the cause and effect of the previous life and waiting for the truth ~ when they are exposed to themselves, they are eager to never know these things.
How contradictory people are and how contradictory life is!
The door of the villa is half-opened, and Xie Suixin has disappeared. There is a pair of red lanterns on the eaves of the gate, still swaying quietly in the night wind, as if seeing through people’s joys and sorrows.
Du Ruo smiled wryly. He suddenly hurt his spring and came back to the villa door.
Pan Hui didn’t know that after she left, Duane also left the inexplicable pavilion. Now she is focusing on torture and forcing the object to mu Yan. At this time, she is very spineless and refuses to tell Pan Hui everything she wants to know.
So two people so stare at each other after stalemate didn’t notice someone running towards their side in the distance.
Treat people have rushed to a place less than half a mile away from them. Pan Hui and Mu Cong just came to their senses from the stalemate and looked warily at the two approaching figures together. Mu Cong’s hands appeared a pair of claws, which were still colorful even in the dark night.
Pan Hui, who couldn’t hold back, glanced at Mu Cong’s weapon and said, "How much you like to expose your position so ostentatiously!"
Anyway, I wanted to ask Mu Yan and his eldest brother, but Pan Hui did.
Isn’t it just the Tai Tai and the Xiao Tai of the Four Holy Beasts-Qinglong clan in the celestial world?
Anyway, Pan Hui doesn’t feel strange that the fairies appear in the human world after knowing that Aoqing is really an ice-sucking fairy, but it’s another matter that the fairies can enter the human world.
After all, one of the seven realms is above the other six realms. It is a piece of cake for the realm of gods to tear a crack and throw people into the realm of human beings, but there should not be too many people who break the rules or the realm of human beings will collapse.
Mu Yan was wronged and flat-mouthed. "It’s not like I can decide this. It’s because I shed scales that I look so good!"
Pan Hui looked up at the sky and showed Mu Cong a nostril directly. Then she straightened her hands and gave her rest. She rubbed her head and said, "I’m not nervous to be an outsider."
It’s really not an outsider. Judging from the breath, Pan Hui easily recognized that it was Feng Qinghe Guanlan. She was a little curious about how the two men found her.
"Sister!" The seal of the Qing dynasty has not arrived yet, and the sound has been eager to come over with excitement and anxiety. Obviously, he has been worried about the safety of Pan Hui.
The first thing to do before rushing to Pan Hui is to reach out and hold the person full, then loosen your hands and hold it tightly on Pan Hui’s shoulder and look at it again before saying, "Sister, are you … are you all right?"
Not only was there no injury, but the seal was also lifted. The main thing is that Pan Hui’s breath seems to be higher than when he was away from Changxuan.
Pan Hui raised her hand and played a "Well, I’m fine. Do you think I’m fine now?"
Chapter 532 Recurrence of old injuries (2)
"No … no! When Guanlan dreamed of you, you were … "
Before the words were finished, Guanlan coughed and interrupted them.
Guanlanli coughed twice and saw Pan Hui look suspiciously and continued to cough twice, pretending to clear his throat.
Pan Hui eyebrow corners of the mouth a hook half-truths laughed "dream of me? What did you dream about me? Being imprisoned and bruised? Still being bullied and humiliated? "
"Eh … how do you know?" Feng Qing was surprised that he blurted out an exclamation in exchange for a bigger cough, which made people worry that he was about to cough up his lungs.
Pan Hui’s heart is clear, straightforward and awkward.
She raised my hand and patted Feng Qing’s cheek soothingly and turned to Guanlan and said, "I still heard about Yue Bai’s teaching of dream peeping. The most mysterious convenience is that many people can find things that others don’t know through dreams and all of them are … true and true."
Guanlan silence did not refute.
Pan Hui laughed. "You’ve been looking for me for a long time since I left!"
Guanlan nodded. "What are you leaving?"