More importantly, it’s a woman who has set her mind on it, and she won’t have anything wrong with Minister Wen.

"How did Minister Aleckwin interview you?" The experimenters suddenly turned their heads to the real attendant. They joked and smiled as if they were really curious about it.
"He asked me to cook a dish?"
"That’s it?"
Everyone laughed, and Alek didn’t know what they were laughing at. This feeling made him realize that he was a pigeon in a magic box, while all the guests outside burst into laughter waiting for a big change in pigeon tricks. One of them suddenly moved his seat closer to Alek.
He said, "Alek, don’t think that Minister Dowin is unlikely to fall in love with you."
Alek leaned back uncomfortably, and his back became sour from long-term straightness. He said dryly, "Of course I’m here to work."
There was a knock at the door outside. A female insect dressed in black opened the door. He put his briefcase in his arm and picked one place to sit and greet each experimenter. Then he skillfully picked a glass of water to quench his thirst and introduced himself to Alek. "Nice to meet you. My name is Weimen."
Alek didn’t even introduce himself to the female insect, so he began to explain the latest external information to his colleagues. They talked about the battlefield situation and the people’s livelihood in the area occupied by parasites. The female insect named Weimen told everyone emotionally what she had seen with her own eyes. An egg of a male insect that was about to break its shell was fried by parasites in the microwave oven to be very cooked, cut into meat and sold it at a high price.
"This is the current situation on the Vimia front." Weimen was overconfident when he spoke. Because of his assured tone, all the experimenters were stirred up. At this moment, their eyes were red and they wiped their tears with each other’s towels.
Wei doorway "Everyone, your work is very important. Every time I come back here, I pray that we can develop real weapons of destruction and kill all enemies quietly." He finally looked up and said, "Alek, would you please come out with me?"
Alek finally got rid of the misery caused by his brother.
He tiptoed the experimenters awkwardly in front of the female insect as if to cover his face exactly like the culprit in this way.
"Relax, Alek. I’m not here to see you, Ma Wei." Weimen took out a cigarette from his pocket and didn’t light it. He put it in his finger and said, "Your application for attendance is being approved. According to your parents, you haven’t been out of work for a long time."
Alek was silent.
He admitted that it was a fact.
"In front of you, we found many attendants for Minister Wen, including outstanding graduates from the military academy, smooth operators, officers at the same level, and social figures-but he refused." Weimen looked at this face and laughed sarcastically. "I should be here a week later. Sorry … your face is hard not to make people angry."
Alek has lost his anger, vacant and accused tears.
He has listened too much, which helps to keep everything quiet for his brother Alesside.
Weimen gave a moderate evaluation of this silence. He took out a new cigarette and handed it to Alek, saying, "I didn’t know I was shot when I took you all the way to work for the minister."
The hill where they are located is a branch of the Biochemical 91 Department.
I’ll tell you from the beginning. Weiman took Alec to the beginning of the whole building. From here on, you can’t contact with the outside world. He opened an insulated door and showed Alec the swollen bodies. After that, you will be sent to deliver some precious bodies.
"It’s all from Zhou Cai. Many of them were sent from the front line. We need to keep their parasite fragments, although it is very risky," Weimen explained. "The standard for corpse parasites is 48 hours, and the soldier level will be a little longer. The longest we have captured so far is 3 days, and we don’t have it. No one can take over except Minister Wen."
Alek wrote down Weimen’s theory in
He heard this once when he was in service, but at that time he didn’t really get in touch with parasites.
Weimen opened another door. "Considering the precedent of Alessidia, you know that she is the only known female who can keep herself awake by trading with general parasites."
"Yes" Alec knows.
It was only when he knew this that he could understand why the experimenters looked at himself crazily. Perhaps in the eyes of the experimenters, Alessidia did not lose his self-consciousness because of his genes.
And Alek happen to have that closest gene to Alessidia.
"It’s good that you know," Weimen woke up. "If you don’t study, such as handling these things, there is a high probability that you are in charge of escorting. You don’t know what you are escorting before, but you must know that Alek is very dangerous."
"Good" Alec still replied.
He listened to Weiman’s serious tone and introduced all the restricted areas of the whole building. Pencils were rushing to record what Weiman said. Of course, the most repetition was his brother Alesidia’s criminal record.
"Parasites are divided into three levels: soldiers, captains and generals," Weimen repeated. Alek drew a bar heavily in his notebook.
A parasite, female worm, body, trunk, male worm food, this is routine, but that is something that soldiers do not deserve to be called rank parasites often do.
"From a practical point of view," Weimen explained, "the parasite family killed him forcefully no matter who he was."
Alek’s pencil is busy.
Weiman asked, "Alek, what will you do if you meet your brother Alessidia one day?"
Alek said, "I will arrest him and send him to a military court."
Wilman asked, "What if you are parasitized yourself?"
"I’ll kill myself," Alek said firmly. "I won’t be the second shame."
"Good." Weiman took a small gun from his pocket. At first glance, Alec didn’t recognize it as a gun.
The appearance is a black hairpin the size of a small thumb.
"Remember what you are saying now." Weiman’s black eyes seem to have a spell, which deeply attracts Alec to look over. "If one day you find a parasitic person around you, you should not hesitate to knock him down and turn him into an experiment."
"including Wen 91"
You have something to say.
I’ll try to get into V-Day Six. Of course, I mean, try.
I’m desperate for my own food. Thank you. In the period of 1173:49:491183:57:1, I voted for overlord or irrigated nutrient solution angel.
Thank you very much for your support. I will continue to work hard!
Chapter 9 Chapter 9
Yin-yang butterfly
Alec finally took the hairpin.
He waited for Wen Jiuyi to finish everything, and when he came, he drove the aircraft together and left the branch. When he took off, Alek could not find Weimen. He watched the tail flame of the aircraft cross a radian in the middle, and the gray-white building in the biochemical 91 department became more and more flat and finally became a straight thorn.
This thorn stalk won’t go or come in Alec’s throat.
The hairpin penetrated deeply into his palm, and the pain woke up like an alarm at this moment. Alekweiman said everything.
"You need to be white." The sound is so steady that it makes people shudder. "The factory behind you is producing drugs that can poison all living things on the whole planet. If Wen Jiuyi chooses to betray him, the impact will be more serious than your brother Alesidia."
A small hairpin needs to press a lethal dose stream at the key point and it will come out of the generate. Alek knows that this hairpin is not designed with a handle.
This means that one day he made this hairpin, which is the time when Wen Jiu went to Jiuquan together.
"What are you thinking?" When Wen Jiuyi saw the aircraft entering the normal route, he unfastened his seat belt and took off his coat and said, "Did you get the hairpin?"
"Take …" Alekka paused. He curled up his hands and didn’t want to see the face of the company directly under him.
Wen Jiuyi poured himself a cup of hot water and sat back to his position, blowing hot air casually.
Alekero mosquitoes and flies "got it"
"Wear it," Wen charged. "I asked them to choose black."
Alec’s age advantage in front of this male worm, his description of various documents on his resume turned into a joke. Alec held the little hairpin and hastily put it in his ear, and a wisp of brown and golden curly hair hung down.
Wen Jiuyi held out his hand. He lifted the strand of broken hair and put it back to Aleck. Aleck wanted to open his mouth, but his brain was already covered with white leather, which was different from the warmth of his lover’s skin. Black leather almost touched Aleck’s face. His hot face cooled down.
"don’t move"
Wen Jiuyi didn’t draw it back, but continued to draw the black hairpin easily along the female auricle.
In recent years, his expression doesn’t look like he is adjusting his hairpin in his own staff, but rather like inserting roses into a vase at will.
Wen Jiuyi lifted the bangs in front of Alec’s eyes to show the female insect’s smooth forehead. He simply put the hairpin on the bed and said, "Your face is very hot."