[Silver Feather Front] Orange hero equipment can be equipped in the weapon position. Only shooters and professional players can be equipped with equipment level 2, so that the weapon with demand level 15 can be upgraded. The current star level ★★★★★★★★★ Attribute bonus intelligence +16 strength +11 agility +12 attack speed+3% additional skills. Silver Feather Penetration initiative skill The player pulls the silver feather front and shoots the bow and arrow feathers together. The number of silver feathers is 1%, and it takes 3 points to penetrate the target effect when it cools down.

Silver Feather Shooting Passive Skill Players have a certain chance to trigger the ordinary arrow feather when making the silver feather front attack the enemy target. After the silver feather shooting is triggered, the arrow feather will hit the enemy target by 1% and the attack will rise to 2%, and there is a certain chance to penetrate the enemy target. Each trigger skill consumes 1 point of magic equipment. The introduction of the silver feather front is a bow weapon of the sixth generation hero paradise shooter Xi Milla in Ling Soul World. When Xi Milla died in the magic battle to go to war, she finally threw the silver feather front into the wild of Ghost Town with her strength, waiting for future generations to find this weapon.
An arrow through the heart is an ordinary blue weapon, so I shared it in front of everyone, but after reading it, an arrow through the heart just collapsed. It turned out to be an orange hero weapon, and an arrow through the heart was a little messy. She wanted to say a lot now, but she didn’t know what to say. She looked at Qiu Shuitian and cried and was sad.
"What’s wrong with an arrow? Are you unhappy?" It’s sad to see an arrow through the heart in autumn water, but it’s also a burst of worry. At this moment, an arrow through the heart rubbed his eyes and cried and said, "I’m so happy without it. I haven’t given me such a good thing since I grew up. I …"
"Well, I didn’t buy this equipment, but the mad cow said that you would like it. I bought it for you. Don’t think too much. It costs money here, but the mad cow’s three-month salary has emphasized to me that I don’t want a penny." Qiu Shuichang coughed over his mouth and told the truth of the matter.
Look at the mad cow again. I turn my back on everyone and say nothing.
An arrow through the heart is ashamed to bite the pink lip mad cow’s salary. She knows the salary for three months, which means that the price of this silver feather front has exceeded rmb 10,000. How can you not be moved by spending so much money to buy yourself a weapon in the game? While crying, she moved an arrow through her heart and walked to the mad cow. The mad cow hugged her red face and put her pink lips on the lips of the mad cow. A warm kiss picture gradually appeared in everyone’s eyes
Looking at this scene, Mu Feng and the low-key god are also very happy. At the same time, Mu Feng is also a bit arrogant. It can be seen how much he likes an arrow to pierce the heart. However, it is difficult for Myanmar to be mad.
Everyone is crazy to buy equipment for an arrow. When Su Xinxin is happy, she pouts and leans against Mu Feng. innocent girl said, "Mu Feng people’s crazy cows have bought equipment for an arrow’s sister. Will you buy me one?"
Guru waited for Su Xinxin to say this, and then everyone focused on Mu Feng.
Chapter 19 Go to the magic temple with an arrow.
"Uh …" It’s hard to do it by Su Xinxin’s calling Mu Feng instantly. At this time, in addition to falling in love, an arrow goes through the heart and a mad cow doesn’t note that Mu Feng’s autumn waters and low-key gods are all thieves looking at Mu Feng.
Su Xinxin didn’t realize what she said wrong until she looked at Mu Feng. Su Xinxin’s theory is that she has contact with Mu Feng in reality and in games! Naturally, I know Mu Feng’s family situation. Sister Mu Feng is in hospital. How can I let Mu Fenghua buy so much equipment at this time?
Just thinking about it made Su Xinxin blame herself in her heart. I was just about to say that I don’t want to equip it, but I saw Mu Feng hug her waist with a slight smile and said, "Oh Xinxin, when I have the opportunity, I will definitely send you something better than an arrow from a mad cow. He will send orange equipment and I will send red equipment. I will give you the best."
"Well …" Su Xinxin suddenly twitched a little nose and felt like crying, but Su Xinxin was still very happy that she was quietly hugged by Mu Feng and watched Mu Feng for a long time. Finally, she gently closed her eyes and seemed to be waiting for Mu Feng to bow her head and kiss her.
But before Mu Feng made such a move, the first battle of the third day of Tongyin came. Mu Feng Nai shrugged his shoulders and then took his hand from Su Xinxin’s waist to get him a chance to kiss Su Xinxin. There are still many opportunities that are not urgent at this moment.
Others saw that Mu Feng didn’t kiss the beauty, and didn’t say anything. An arrow pierced the heart and quietly sent a message to Su Xinxin, saying that Su Xinxin didn’t take the initiative. Su Xinxin was also a girl who was in love with a hazy girl and privately replied with an arrow pierced the heart, "How to take the initiative?"
As a result, a few seconds later, an arrow pierced the heart to reply to the message, which made Su Xinxin blush. Su Xinxin also ran over and knocked on her mouth, muttering that an arrow was really bad for her sister. Mu Feng and the low-key gods didn’t know what the two beautiful women were saying, so they didn’t ask.
Then the six of them disappeared from the imperial city square and reappeared. After that, they came to a valley. The layout of this valley was almost the same as that of a dark canyon, but the grass and Woods on both sides were replaced with hills and some small holes. There were three roads in this valley, three of which were in the middle.
According to the low-key god, the opponent is easier to deal with this time because there are two 15-level players on the other side, and our Mu Feng and Qiu Shuichangtian are already 16-level players, and others are also at 15-level players, especially after buying her heroic equipment, you can almost kill the players at the same level in the meter distance unless you have several defense skills.
In fact, in this battle against Mu Feng, I don’t worry about it. Because of the long autumn waters, low-key gods and an arrow through the heart, all three people’s equipment have greatly increased themselves. There are two mysterious weapons that are comparable to artifacts, namely the Emperor’s Staff and the Second Magic Source Staff. Who are they afraid of? Is listening to the low-key god said opposite array so rubbish Mu Feng is more at ease to play.
This fight is a defensive tower. The defensive tower will fire shells. It is relatively difficult to hit, but when an arrow goes through the heart, her weapon shoots the opposite player several times outside the tower, and then the tower will break down.
The opposite player realized that one arrow pierced the heart so strongly that four people went to kill one arrow pierced the heart. At this time, the mad cow and the low-key god used to support the four people opposite to kill Mu Feng perfectly, and also killed two people on the road and accidentally killed a group.
The players in the back are no longer a threat to Mu Feng and others. In less than ten minutes, we dismantled six enemy defense towers, and in another minute, they also dismantled their red crystal cores. The whole battle ended in less than 12 minutes.
After the battle, Mu Feng got 10,000 points again and a piece of equipment called brave shoes, which is almost worse than the additional attributes of his existing shadow boots, so Mu Feng didn’t need to change it and threw the brave shoes directly into the object column. This time, Mu Feng got 15 record points, because this time he didn’t push the tower at most or all 15 points at most.
"One arrow was cool just now, but I saw you kill a person with three arrows." In the imperial city square, God kept a low profile and smiled at one arrow.
An arrow through the heart gave him an angry look. "That’s only three arrows to kill the silver feather, and the opponent is a brittle doctor, but thanks to Niu Niu."
Sweet smiled and put an arrow through the heart and hugged the mad cow’s arm. If it weren’t for a heroic piece of equipment, it would be difficult to get a feeling in this team battle. It all originated from the mad cow.
The mad cow felt that happiness came too suddenly, and he was held by an arrow through his heart. He just blushed and couldn’t say a word, which made everyone present watch a burst of laughter.
Then they received another battle, two hours later, and now the first day of the day has just begun. Will the chances of entering the battlefield be very frequent and the most deadly? Or will you either give up, that is, give up? If you fail more than three times in the battle, the whole team will be eliminated
There are still two hours to go. It’s too much to say, too little to say, and too little to send. During this period, several people can also go back to Ghost Town to brush the strange things. This time, an arrow pierced the heart and she was proud to say that she would brush the strange things alone with the mad cow.
In this regard, Mu Feng is also Nai compared with Mu Feng Qiushuichangtian, and Nai Nai Mad Cow enters the game not simply to play with him, but to help Qiushuichangtian brush the blame. In other words, Qiushuichangtian is used as a meat shield, and Qiushuichangtian also pays a salary to Mad Cow every month. Should this mad cow be called a strike when it is pulled to love?
But look at an arrow through the heart, and the pink face in love can "lend" the mad cow to her. The mad cow also thinks it’s a bit bad to strike like this, but the mad cow is too old. It’s time to find a girlfriend, and an arrow through the heart is good. The mad cow thinks she should accompany her.
After the mad cow and an arrow went through the heart, Mu Feng, Su Xinxin, Qiu Shuichangtian and low-key God came together. When discussing where to kill the monster, Mu Feng said, "Let’s go to the dark magic hall. Do you remember the second palace of the dark magic hall? Killing the magic frog for two hours is estimated to be enough for us to raise the level. "
"Well, I agree with the magic frog, although it is a monster of thirteen or four levels, but the number and experience are naturally much more." Qiu Shuichangtian also nodded, and Su Xinxin and low-key God agreed that after four people took out the scroll to lock the coordinates, the dark magic temple swished a few people and appeared in front of the domineering side leakage palace of the dark magic temple.
Go to the gate and walk into the ice in the first palace. The guards in the efreet Temple still haven’t brushed it out. It is estimated that it is a monster with permanent death. Then several people walk through the passage leading to the second palace. Soon they see the small pool in the second palace. It looks like nothing, but when Mu Feng smashed a magic ball into it, the water in the pool purred. Then it is difficult for the naked eye to see the black magic frogs jumping out of it. These magic frogs are only thirteen monsters at the highest, and even if they are numerous, it is difficult to cause danger to four people.
Mu Feng quietly suspended in the original place, and the staff of Emperor Tiandao issued purple magic, and the staff of Dharma Source also issued pink magic. These two kinds of magic are common attacks, but they can also kill three or four magic frogs, and these magic frogs attack the roots of Mu Feng. Looking at his head constantly floating, miss Mu Feng feels that sometimes it is quite good to kill low-level monsters.
It’s not bad for them to kill the magic frog in autumn water. They can kill the base with ordinary attacks. It’s also as easy as Mu Feng to harvest the magic frog experience. Mu Feng came to the dark magic temple and had 15% experience. After an hour, his experience rose to 56%, which was really scary. After half an hour, Mu Feng’s experience rose to 16%, while Su Xinxin and low-key God also directly rose to 16%.
After killing the magic frog for an hour and a half, the pool finally stopped refreshing the magic frog, and at the same time, it was shown in the ears of four people that "Ding! Congratulations on defeating all the magic frogs in the magic spring and opening the entrance passage to the dark magic palace royal family. The magic palace royal family is a very dangerous place. I hope you don’t rush into it. "
"It’s strange not to enter!" This is the contempt of the four people for the unification after hearing the instructions. Then the four people saw a pointer pointing to the small pool. Mu Feng estimated that this was the entrance to the magic palace. Mu Feng jumped directly into the pool, and Mu Feng’s life and magic were instantly full. At the same time, all his skills were reset when they cooled down. Mu Feng was dumb. Does this pool still have this effect?
Just thinking about Mu Feng’s foot, he stepped on an old-fashioned floor, and at the same time, his body was refreshed by the system. Taking a few steps forward, Mu Feng saw the autumn waters and the low-key gods. They also appeared Su Xinxin and finally came here.
Looking around, it is similar to the palace where the ice efreet Temple guards, but it is bigger. Looking closely, Mu Feng also saw several humanoid monsters in armor, four with shields, four with spears and one without anything.
"I’m Shaq, the guardian of the magic temple. Who dare to break into my magic temple?" Looking at them in Mu Feng, they didn’t take any weapons. The humanoid monster also noticed that Mu Feng introduced himself to Mu Feng. Shak? There is also a name. Could it be that you want to kill the hidden boss?
(ps Mu Feng received [Lost Darkness] in Chapter 54. The danger degree requires killing a hidden boss1~2 player in the dark magic hall. Players can accept the reward of Xikala’s mysterious box.)
Chapter 11 ninety thousand damage caused by liquid brake
[Magic Temple Guard Shake] 16-level elite boss Danger ★★★★★★★ Monster Introduction The strongest guard Shake guarding the entrance of the dark magic temple has strong dark attack ability and wisdom. If you want to break into the royal family, it will definitely be your nightmare.
Brake’s attribute is clear. Seeing the danger degree of this boss, several people feel indecisive. Mu Feng has a high level. They are all at the same level as this brake, and the equipment is also top-notch. I didn’t expect the system to judge the five-star danger. Is this boss really the mysterious boss?
"Mu Feng, can’t this boss fight?" Su Xinxin asked in a soft voice. Among people here, Su Xinxin is the weakest. She doesn’t want to drag everyone back.
"hit! How can you not fight? " Mu Feng gave an absolutely positive answer, then twisted his wrist and took out two weapons. Before Qiushuichangtian and low-key God were ready to start work, Mu Feng took the lead in rushing to this brake and released two ordinary magic attacks.
Looking at the injury that slowly floated out, Mu Feng smiled. The highest magic attack was 27 o’clock. Now he is relieved to see that there are more than 24 points. And this boss’s blood is only 150,000 at most. Mu Feng doesn’t believe that he can’t kill it.
After the attack in Mu Feng, "poof", a mass of water elements hit Shake, and Su Xinxin also set up her crossbow to shoot the magic temple guard Shake, who was attacked by Mu Feng and others, and stamped her feet angrily. "You … will be condemned by the darkness!"
Ow! Hoo! Four magic temple shield soldiers and magic temple spear soldiers around Houhak also took action. The monster was more than four meters tall and equipped with a suit of armor. It looked mighty and domineering, but when Mu Feng released a storm at their feet, the magic temple shield soldiers immediately circled in the same place with shields, and in a short time, they also turned to other shield soldiers and spear soldiers, knocking these monsters around and dancing, and one of them came to Mu Feng’s front.
See the sudden magic temple shield soldiers Mu Feng and colchicine sky and others are hey hey smile this magic temple shield regiment surrounded and fierce attack, although the snake catches the king, but how can they not kill the delivery goods?
This magic house shield soldier is a 16-level elite monster, which is not relatively easy to kill at the boss level. Before other magic house soldiers come to support that magic house shield soldier, he died in Mu Feng magic.
There are seven dead heads and a boss. Because everyone thinks that the magic temple soldiers are easy to kill, all four people put their attacks on the seven magic temple soldiers. Ten minutes later, seven magic temple soldiers died. At this time, everyone focused on the magic temple guard brake body.
"ouch! How dare you humans kill my guards and die! " Brake roared and then rushed towards Mu Feng, the highest output. In fact, this brake has long been furious. It was before it was furious. Mu Feng has been hiding. Now, kill all the magic temple soldiers. There is no need to hide. Look at the magic temple guardian. Brake Mu Feng laughed coldly. "Spiritual force is armed!"
"Du!" A drum of illusory blue spiritual force appeared in Mu Feng and hung over Mu Feng like a blue shield. When the guardian brake of the magic temple hit Mu Feng, it was "… ……miss" that caused the damage.
The psychic force can resist 10,000 numerical damage, but this magic temple guardian Shake can’t hit 10,000 damage places. Mu Feng Gen is not afraid that Mu Feng psychic force will not disappear after it is attacked by Shake, because this skill lasts for 15 seconds.
After seeing Mu Feng release an amazing defense skill, Qiu Shuichang and low-key God also rushed over to attack Su Xinxin on the magic temple guard brake exhibition, and did not forget to send some crossbows to brake.
After a series of skills destroyed by everyone, Shake’s life directly dropped from% to 55%, and then he attacked for a while. His life dropped to 5%. Every boss’s life dropped to a certain stage, and Shake’s life dropped to 5%. As soon as it roared, it turned into a black liquid. Shake was more than three meters tall and that turned into a liquid was three meters high.
"Fools, I bring my strength to you … death!" Brake sound came out from the giant black liquid, and then before Mu Feng could react, it was a mass of black liquid that hit himself and knocked off more than 400 blood. When I looked up, this liquid was suddenly ejected from the magic temple guardian brake body, and it became a giant black liquid, and then it continued to eject liquid.
Mu Feng and others can do something about these liquids, because once they are hit, they will lose blood close to 500 points. Although everyone has 7,000 blood and some potions, it is difficult to support the brake. The most deadly attack is that those black liquids will swim towards the brake and return to it when they hit the ground, so that the brake can exhaust the black liquid and attack Mu Feng.
"It’s not the way for Mu Feng to fight like this. This guy is annoying." The low-key god flashed to Mu Feng and rowed and wore iron claw weapons. Then he was a little anxious and said to Mu Feng, if you want to ask the low-key god, what is uncomfortable? That is this kind of endless kite fighting