"The science and technology foundation of Time is too low. It is in the 9th century. Our reality is the 1st century … This is not something that other conditions can make up for."

"This is a year difference between the technology in the 9th century and the technology in the 1st century … When this matter is over, I will have someone contact you to make a plan to work out the funding problem. I don’t care if I can realize this technology in two years, then I will invest. If not, forget it!"
This technology can also be used in the battle of Time. It is estimated that Time will continue to be carried out on the resource planet in recent years, and there is no way to get away from the resource planet.
The four scientists looked at each other a little unsure and said, "Let’s try!"
Lin hid aside and heard this conversation clearly … Polarized energy!
If the polarized energy technology can be realized, it should be free to transform and mediate polarized energy on the weapon surface, which will definitely be of great help to personal strength
Reality … I can’t get involved and I can’t recruit scientists to study it in reality.
But when I wait for the sixth special training, I can invite np to study it in the sixth special training … In special training, there are times when I can’t study it for one hundred years, but it will take two hundred years or three hundred years.
Five players ended the conversation and went deep into the canyon.
Five bright lights in the dark canyon rampaged through the darkness.
What on earth are these people looking for here? Do what?
Straight canyon forest will have to be stretched, otherwise it will be easily found.
A shrill cry appeared throughout the canyon.
When Lin heard this call, his brain immediately moved and substituted all the sounds he had heard into the search, only to find that this call did not belong to the creature he knew.
Of course, not to mention this universe, even if this resource planet can call life, there are many forests that I don’t know and haven’t heard.
"I found it in this life!"
"You four step back!"
Four scientist players stepped back to alert the player that the knife took a few steps forward, and the strong light from the armor helmet disappeared into the darkness of the animal barking in front.
Lin watched intently through the remote perspective of ghost eyes to get the picture.
A huge creature appears in the picture, and the first thing that appears is the head … There is nothing strange about a dinosaur head. All kinds of dinosaur-like life can be seen everywhere here.
Then there is the long neck … It’s not surprising that there are many dinosaurs with long necks.
And then there’s the tail … er, how did it end? Except the head is the neck, and then there’s the tail.
What kind of dinosaur is this?
A dragon with a dragon head and a snake body?
Lin moved a ghost eye slightly and then saw this one-stop snake-headed dinosaur with four short dragon feet on its abdomen … and there was really nothing left.
Lin’s eyes narrowed, which is unreasonable!
The Chinese dragon is a totem. This kind of life form should not appear in nature. It is not in line with the evolutionary logic of evolution.
"But also md can fly without wings …"
In this special environment, dinosaurs with wings can fly, dinosaurs without wings can jump very high, but they can also fly!
But this’ Dragon’ can fly without wings.
Is it possible that such a huge body can keep flying just by relying on the body to fluctuate like waves to generate a small driving force … It seems that it is also possible, after all, those dinosaurs are very light in this environment.
"Start the energy detection program!"
"Detect target energy!"
Lin Dui Zhi nao Ling
"drop! The program starts! "
"The total energy of the target wood dragon king is 25 million degrees (the head is ignored)"
Lin didn’t think it would still be boss!
Since it’s boss, it’s no wonder that these five players came to kill boss.
Then alert the players to fight this’ Dragon’
The dragon’s huge body is too agile for a small player, and its attack accuracy is too low … The most important thing is that this dragon is as fragile as the dinosaurs it has seen before.
If you cut the dragon body with one knife, a large piece of skin will be cut, and the energy of the dragon will be instantly reduced by tens of thousands of points.
A kick flies directly into the dragon body, and the dragon energy drops by tens of thousands of points.
This player is a master. The attack frequency of absolute master is horribly high. He can attack the dragon dozens of times in one second … In the blink of an eye, the dragon’s body becomes shattered and its energy value is half.
Dragon, but boss has a certain level of intelligence and doesn’t want to know that he must escape now … and he may not be able to escape.
The dragon made a move. The dragon wagged its tail. Unfortunately, the tail was directly separated by the warning player.
The dragon is like a gecko that abandoned its tail and ran towards the depths of the canyon. At the same time, it was smashed, cut off and reduced, and there were wood fragments scattered everywhere. At this time, it suddenly flew up and flew in the direction of the dragon’s escape.
Ghost Lin watched the dragon’s body instantly recover a lot of energy after pieces of wood pieces flew back and glued back to the body … It was still 25 million degrees!
Warning players are not ordinary players with extremely rich combat experience. Lin suspects that he has boss experience in dealing with the dragon. Instead of preventing the dragon from escaping, he is mixed with the broken wood and integrated into the dragon body.
Chapter four hundred and sixty Nova Lord!
Alert the player to merge with a large number of broken wood into the body of Shenlong boss, and at the moment when he broke into the body of Shenlong boss, Shenlong boss immediately noticed that although it was already late, it still had to make a final struggle.
Shenlong boss stops running away and’ knotting’ to destroy his body, and wants to get the body intruder out of his body.
Dragon boss made a fast knot in his body, but unfortunately, he didn’t tie the knot fast enough to force the intruder out, but instead let himself fall into a state of falling apart again.
Soon, the dragon boss’s head and the short body attached to his head shook violently left and right, and his mouth opened wide and his expression was very painful, as if he were going to throw up.