Besides, the most important thing is that neither the Northern Ghost Magic nor the Extremely Violet Ghost Magic will happen, because there is a method in the Northern Ghost Magic that can make all kinds of things powerful and imprint their vitality, so that they can be smoothly integrated into the body.

Zhang Ping, relying on the unforgettable power brought by the soul body, recorded all the magical powers of Beiming and Lingbo, and knew that other secrets in the cave had been lost, so he was ready to leave.
However, Zhang Ping, who was just about to walk out of this cave, suddenly thought about it and wrote on the slate subway in that small shop: You have a chance. If I am willing to take care of my hard work, I will take a thousand jumps in the stone room.
At this time, Zhang Ping wrote a font that was not bold and unrestrained, but showed a beautiful shape.
Zhang Ping saw that the night was already deep at this time and hurried out of the stone room. At the same time, he was wondering if Duan Yu would jump a thousand silly.
Zhang Ping, who is associated with Duan Yu’s mess, couldn’t help but laugh and then cast his flying skills and went out of the valley to be continued.
Chapter two hundred and sixty Shaolin
Heavenly Martial Arts came from Shaolin, the founder of Dharma, and crossed the Middle Earth to create seventy-two Shaolin stunts, such as Yijin Sutra and pulp washing Sutra.
However, it is only the Tang Dynasty that Buddhism entered China, and the origin of martial arts in China can be traced back to the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period.
Shaolin martial arts, on the other hand, should actually be said to be Shaolin martial arts.
Because in the Tang Dynasty, the imperial court specially supported the idea of milli-roots and conformed to its own rule of Buddhism to fight against Jianghu forces and Taoist forces.
One of the most important provisions is that all crimes committed before joining the Samoan can not be pursued except treason and other heinous crimes.
Over the years, Jiang Yang thieves, mountain bandits and horse thieves have had to join Shaolin for various reasons to avoid disasters and shelter themselves. Their stunts naturally belong to Shaolin.
Shaolin gained several fields from the imperial court and incense. The monks in the temple only need to concentrate on martial arts and be distracted by other things.
Over the years, these stunts from all corners of the country have naturally turned into Shaolin stunts.
Relying on amazing force and financial resources, Shaolin Temple has become the Taishan Beidou in the Wulin. In recent years, apart from the growing beggar sect, there are few sects in the Wulin to compete.
The amazing background naturally creates a peaceful and peaceful scene in Shaolin Temple. However, today, the monks in the temple suddenly heard the bell boring and ringing, which was a continuous signal to call the monks.
It should be noted that Shaolin Temple rarely calls monks except for the Buddha’s birthday and the birth of Dharma founder every year, but many monks, though strange, still go to the main hall to stand by and dare not delay.
At this time, Master Xuan Ci, the abbot of Shaolin, and four Xuandai monks, Xuan Ji, Xuan Ku, Xuannan and Xuanshi, led hundreds of monks to surround a handsome young man in a purple robe.
At this time, I saw the abbot of Xuan Ci with his hands folded, saying, "Amitabha, the benefactor, broke into my Shaolin Temple all the way and injured my Shaolin brother. Although I am compassionate, I never lack the means to subdue demons."
At this time, Zhang Ping proudly glanced at the crowded Shaolin monks on the spot, facing a face of joy and sorrow. Xuan Ci said with a smile: "The magic means? Well, I’m here to learn what’s the depth of barbarian martial arts in Tianzhu, but it’s not enough with you. "
At this time, Xuan Ci shook his head and said, "Since the benefactor is stubborn, don’t blame me for using magic."
Zhang Ping looked around and slowly approached himself. Suddenly, the Shaolin monks turned to the sky and shouted, "Come out as soon as possible in the sutra depository. I’ll see who is really the best in the world, or else the Shaolin will be flooded with blood today."
At this time, Zhang Ping’s voice was mixed with strong waves and rushed to the whole Shaolin Temple in all directions. At this time, all kinds of buildings in the temple seemed to be caught by a giant and kept shaking.
Those who are surrounded by Zhang Ping, among the many monks in Shaolin Temple, are not proficient in their home skills, but they are as scared as a bolt from the blue, and they feel a sense of dizziness and whirling.
At this time, Xuannan shouted, "How dare you!" Then suddenly, his hands danced together and immediately hit Zhang Ping with ten palms in a row, and the left palm has not been closed yet, and the right palm has already hit a fast one. The monks have not yet reacted, and it is difficult to use all the palms.
However, if it is said that the mysterious storm is impenetrable, then Zhang Ping is a ghost boat that walks with the wind. On how big the storm is, the boat can be easily avoided.
Looking at the Xuan is difficult, the palms are all flat, and Xuan Ci and others’ faces suddenly changed from indifferent to approval and then surprised, and finally stopped at worry.
It’s hard for the mysterious Shaolin to write ten quick palms, but all of them can be attacked in a blink of an eye. In this blink of an eye, the kung fu changes suddenly, and four expressions gradually change into opposite expressions, which shows that the monks in Shaolin Temple have really reached a state of stopping at the top of the mountain for face cultivation.
The courage of husband’s war is also called the failure of three times, and it is difficult to exhaust the mystery. This is the basis for Shaolin’s ten quick palms to create its power, and it is also higher than one palm. However, when the most powerful tenth palm strikes, it is difficult for the mysterious body to die, and the momentum will turn from prosperity to decline.
At this time, before Xuannan came, he continued to launch a wave of offensive. Everyone heard Zhang Ping suddenly sneer and then a cold voice said, "Enough fighting! Now it’s my turn!"
Xuan Ci and others suddenly felt a tingle and a bad feeling in their hearts at this time. Several people were masters of martial arts for many years, and this heart was induced to detain them and they were ready to join hands with Zhang Ping to strike a thunderbolt.
However, when the last word of Zhang Ping’s voice fell into the ears of several people, they suddenly felt that a flower and a crystal in their eyes were as slender as jewels, and their right hand had been printed on the mysterious chest.
At this time, Zhang Ping’s right hand suddenly became slow and terrible in the eyes of all, but it was so general that it was like a snail’s speed. In the eyes of all, it was as if it had been immobilized, but Zhang Ping’s right hand was blocked and printed on his chest.
At this time, everything seems to be back to normal operation speed, and the mysterious body is like a piece of garbage flying out.
Xuan Ji see this quickly a fly to the xuan difficult hands to find out the xuan difficult waist to xuan difficult to pick up.
However, when Xuan Ji’s hands were just in physical contact, the whole person seemed to be entranced by something terrible. After a pause, he vomited a big mouthful of blood.
At this time, Xuan Ku and Xuanshi quickly went to hold Xuannan and Xuan Ji respectively. At this time, they were hit by Zhang Ping. Xuannan was not seriously injured, but Xuan Ji was obviously seriously injured.
At this time, Zhang Ping suddenly smiled at the murderous eyes of the monks and said, "The Buddhists said that if I don’t go to hell, I can make several masters by going to hell." To be continued.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-nine Paper paste general arhat array
Ps, thank you. I haven’t got a reward yet.
At this time, many Shaolin brothers saw that Zhang Ping was seriously injured, and Xuan Ji attacked Xuannan, which aroused a feeling of solidarity. At this time, all the monks were ready to take revenge on Zhang Ping and Xuannan and Xuan Ji.
Xuan Ci, the abbot, was lucky at this time, and he shouted, "Shaolin monks formed a large array of arhats to subdue demons."
At this time, there are more than 500 Shaolin monks gathered here, and they heard what Xuan Ci said to detain Qi Ying’s way of "making a large array of arhats."
At this time, Zhang Ping saw the red clothes flashing and the gray shadows rolling, but he saw a cluster of 500 monks in the east and a team in the west scattered all over the mountains. Zhang Ping had heard the name of the Shaolin Lohan large array for a long time, but he had never seen it at this time, but he saw that the monks were decorated differently, either red or gray, or yellow or black. Different weapons, knives or swords, sticks or chains, everyone runs like flies, and Zhang Ping is surrounded by the core in an instant.
However, at this moment, Zhang Ping suddenly shook his head and then said to himself, "What’s so extraordinary about my Shaolin Lohan Array that I don’t know it’s really frustrating at first sight today."
At this time, several monks in red who are closest to Zhang Ping should draw a circle with swords in their hands and attack Zhang Pingshen everywhere with a howl of wind.
In the back row of several people, the monks in gray with sticks and chains are relying on their own long weapons to block Zhang Ping’s evasion.
At this time, Zhang Ping was surrounded by many swords and flying chains with long sticks. No matter which direction, Zhang Ping was not left a spark. This shows that this arhat array really brought the essence of deceiving more people and less people to the extreme, which is worthy of Shaolin’s continuous research and improvement achievements over the years.
Unfortunately, in the face of this impenetrable offensive, Zhang Ping did not dodge or Zhang Pinggen did not dodge.
Just when Zhang Ping was about to be added to the weapon, suddenly there came an amazing suction from Zhang Ping, which was like swallowing up all the whirlpools in the sea and like the desert where there was no quicksand. At the moment, many monks made moves towards Zhang Ping, feeling that the weapon in their hands was unstable, and it seemed as if they had been dragged by something hard to resist, and they flew towards Zhang Ping in succession.
At this time, Zhang Ping’s glittering and translucent white face suddenly became like crystal, and the original blood vessels and bones had not yet appeared. At this time, all of them suddenly appeared with Zhang Ping’s strange purple cassock. The strange suction made the Shaolin monks around him feel a twinge of chill.
At this time, all the monks had just arrived in front of Zhang Ping, as if they had met a wall, and they died in the distance less than half a foot and a half from Zhang Ping.
There is a saying in the Tao Te Ching: Tao gives birth to life, 22 gives birth to life, 33 gives birth to life, and all things are negative in yin and embrace yang, so the extremes of things will go against nature.
And these flying spears, which were drawn by Zhang Pingyu’s work, cried after a momentary pause and flew back at a faster speed.
Although these spears have different shapes, the avalanche of force in the spears makes these swords and clubs all heavy hammers and boulders, and the Shaolin monks have just lost their spears around. As soon as they touch those monks, they fly out in an instant and lie down on the ground after overwhelming a Shaolin brother.
At this time, Xuan Ku and Xuanshi cried and jumped into the large array. The rest of the monks separated several people and quickly carried away the bodies of more than a dozen people who had just been killed by Zhang Ping. Then the two-person center was transformed into a great circle composed of two different monks.
"Luohan array has actually distributed my Taoist fish of yin and yang. Is it that your so-called Luohan has changed from believing in Buddha to believing in my Taoist way of yin and yang?"
Zhang Pingru said with sarcasm in the presence
At this time, the abbot of Xuan Ci once again put his hands together and said, "You killed me indiscriminately. My brother in Shaolin has been enchanted. There is no master in the sutra depository here who is as famous and dignified as my Shaolin in the past 100 years."
At this time, Zhang Ping surrounded himself with trepidation without looking around. Instead, the monks continued to say sarcastically to Xuan Ci: "Ye Erniang, one of the four wicked people who killed Ku indiscriminately, killed a Ku baby every day. For more than ten years, I don’t know how many Ku babies will have to realize that the world was brutally killed by this Ye Erniang in the future. Today, it is worthy of my own conscience to kill a chicken and a dog in Shaolin Temple."
When Xuan Ci heard Ye Erniang’s name, his whole body suddenly trembled involuntarily. Then Xuan Ku and Xuanshi looked at each other from a distance and shouted, "Shaolin monks must not make this person leave Shaolin."
Zhang Ping suddenly laughed and said, "Are you big monks thinking about Amitabha every day? You should now consider how to survive here or call the old monk from the sutra depository out quickly instead of being arrogant here. You can compete with this effort. "