This means that Huang Yinger will marry her in the future. Although she is sensible, she is still a child. How can a seven-year-old talk about marriage? Besides, how could you get married without a matchmaker at that time?

See always gentle and serene yellow MM also like Wen-chi mask face crying and Feng Zhang stay there staring blankly.
Oh, I mean, honestly, even if you don’t say yes, it’s just crying. What do you mean, "biu" just disappeared?
Section 6 Accidents
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Huang Yinger cried and ran all the way, but she didn’t dislike Feng Zhang very much. However, no one was ashamed, angry and afraid to propose like this and went to find Cai Yan.
Cai Yan saw Huang Yinger’s face glistening with tears, and Pearl Feng Zhang humiliated her with words. But "Sister, don’t cry. Let’s find our father to make decisions for us."
How can such a shameful person tell others? Huang Yinger is struggling to hold Cai Yan’s sleeve.
Cai Yan took out a fragrant silk towel and wiped her nose. She said, "My sister doesn’t want to tell Zhang’s adult this fellow, but she just said some absurd things. When I go back to see more, I will come back to his theory." She decided to go home and watch some fights like Zhuang, Lao and Xun. That little bastard didn’t take her seriously.
Feng Zhang didn’t expect that Cai, who is famous in the future, would study hard. The reason is that comparing him with the original and frustrating Cai Yan’s spirit will make her restrain, but some things are doomed to change if they want to change.
Since then, Huang Yinger has never wanted to go to Zhangfu again. If Feng Zhang and her father closed the door, she pretended to be sick in the boudoir and didn’t want to see the guest, but she was looking forward to this talk. Hu-day Alakazam guy would have taken the initiative to come to her, but how dare he take the initiative to appear?
Feng Zhang himself forgot that it was just a whim. How could a man with a psychological age of thirty really like a little girl under nine? Even if it is, it will take several years.
One day, when Feng Zhang came out of the school, he met his classmate Gongsun Zan and two people were talking at the door. A square face with a wide forehead, thick eyebrows and a wide mouth was somewhat angry and arrogant. The other person was sharp-eyed and ugly, and his nose collapsed. Comparing them, it was Yuan Shao and Yuan Shu brothers who made a high judgment.
Gongsun Zan saw Feng Zhang busy greeting "these two are Yuan Feng’s adult nephew Yuan Shao and Yuan Shu"
Feng Zhang busy JianLi Lombardi horse is also a gift Yuan Shu did not move is looked at him and nodded slightly.
It’s no wonder that when Yuan Shao and Dong Zhuo turned against each other and ran back to dispatch troops, Bohai Sea, "the follower rain" didn’t even know who Feng Zhang was, so they returned the gift fairly.
Then Gongsun Zan added that Yuan Shuma was also a gift. "This is Qiu Zhang Wen and Feng Zhang."
Yuan Shu Ma said, "It turned out that Zhang Taiwei was rude."
It’s not that Yuan Shu looks down on a child, but that his family values are too heavy. Not all cats and dogs can make him look at it. When he hears about each other’s life, horses become polite.
In fact, Yuan Jia’s family background is much bigger than that of the Zhang family. Yuan Yuan, Yuan Shao’s great grandfather, is also his grandfather, who is also the great-grandson of Stuart Yuan An ‘er in the Han Dynasty. When it comes to his protege, it’s no exaggeration.
When Yuan Shu was a teenager, he was called "chivalrous news", but later, when the official grew up, the court was weak and ambitious about the ability of independent regimes. It was also destiny takes a hand to look down on civilians and extort money after they became a hegemon.
Feng Zhang even said that he dared not.
Yuan Shao is still cute at this time. He has been a good friend of Cao Cao since he was a child. From the correspondence, Cao Cao talked about hitting Feng Zhang’s ass and joked, "Do you have any words?"
"Because I’m too young to get up."
"Are you still going to bully people in the south of the city?"
As soon as Feng Zhang heard it, he knew that Yuan Shao knew about it, so he also said with a smile, "I wonder if a captain Yuan has gone to see other brides?"
It turned out that Yuan Shao and Cao Cao heard that there was a family whose bride was very beautiful when they were young, so naughty Cao Cao persuaded Yuan Shao to go and see it together. But when they secretly touched the outside of the new house while eating wine in other people’s homes, Cao Cao ran away without saying anything. Yuan Shao probably wore too much clothes, and his sleeves were caught by branches. When he was young, he couldn’t run away. Cao Cao was in a hurry and shouted, "Peeking at the bride thief is here!" When Yuan Shao heard that the descendants of the Four Dynasties were caught doing such a thing, how could he have the face? In a hurry, I struggled to break free and ran away.
Lombardi listened to know that the child is not easy to get red in the face and doesn’t talk. Yuan Shu and Gongsun Zan are snickering.
Yuan Shu is Lombardi’s younger brother, but not a mother. Although Lombardi is his elder brother, he was born in a side room. So Yuan Shu has always had a low opinion of him. Because he was born in a huotang legally, he always wanted to compare Lombardi everywhere. This sentence made him immediately feel good about helping him out. Feng Zhang was stingy.
Feng Zhang was afraid that Yuan Shao would get angry and apologize before he was busy. Yuan Shao was laughed at by a child. Where is his temper? He silently scolded Cao Caoding in his heart. It was this black dwarf who told this embarrassing story.
Gongsun Zan in dozen circle field "is there a chance to meet today than the four of us go out for an outing?"
The so-called "six arts" are ceremony, music, archery, imperial, and mathematics. In ancient times, some people with backgrounds could ride horses and shoot arrows a little, and even civil servants would hang a long sword, but most of them were decorated.
Two yuan said that Feng Zhang was good, but he showed a difficult expression and said, "I haven’t ridden a horse yet."
Yuan Shao finally found a chance to take a little revenge and said, "How can Qiu not ride a horse without me to teach you?"
Feng Zhang ao however have to take Wang Yue to the western suburbs hunting ground.
Yuan Shu was a captain and got some horses. Of course, it was not a problem. For Feng Zhang, a little man who looked particularly pleasing to the eye, he specially chose a pony. Three people were carrying a bow and a pot of arrows. Feng Zhang was let Wang Yue carry it.
But Feng Zhang helped in Wang Yue, although he sat on the horse, he still staggered. At that time, the horse still didn’t have double stirrups, that is, it was a convenient horse with a single stirrup at most.
Feng Zhang in fear with the horseshoe ups and downs of the body also suddenly even with Wang Yue watching or not at ease this and the other three speed is pulled.
In the western suburbs of early summer, there have been many small animals infested. Gongsun Zan three people saw their prey, yelling and chasing each other, leaving Wang Yue and Feng Zhang along the mottled shade in the direction of the other three.