"Well heard" maple nods.

"Alas, this is simply disastrous news for us. If we can’t continue to have ore sources, our craftsman experience will be very difficult to improve. Do you know any experts in Haixinge who can let you go in and mine together?" Row against the current and sigh a way
Originally, I came to ask for my help, but it’s a pity that Feng won’t know any experts in Haixinge. After shaking his head, he said, "This is really not, but I have dug so many minerals for you in one breath. Is it enough for you for a few days?"
After hearing Feng’s answer, he showed disappointment by sailing against the current, but the horse recovered and continued, "To tell the truth, we actually want some more advanced ores. This batch of fireflies is enough for us to complete one, but we will definitely need more advanced ores later. I was just thinking of entrusting you to do something. Haixinge came here."
"More advanced ore … then I can do something about it." Maple said after thinking about it.
"Really? If you can really get more advanced ore, we are absolutely willing to buy it at a high price to ensure your satisfaction! " One side crimson autumn leaves suddenly excited shouted
"It’s not difficult … you know, if I go in after Haixinge controls the mine, it must be that I didn’t run," Feng said, touching Ba.
After hearing the maple words, I immediately clapped my hands and said, "We are willing to pay the deposit! Wait until then, even if you return, you will be compensated for your loss if you don’t dig the ore deposit. "
Clear! Sure enough, these are all child prodigies, and if they show a little meaning, they will all be white.
And since they are all so sincere, Feng naturally nods, "Well, let’s talk about it then."
"Thank you, thank you!" Three people at the same time nods
"That I still have some flash in advance" Maple waved to them.
"Goodbye" three people also waved together.
Didn’t maple just walk out in two steps? The message bar lit up to see if it was from Tianma Hangke.
"Boss, are you really sure?"
"It’s a little sure. It’s a big deal and you’ll die once." Maple replied.
"The boss is the boss Pena, so don’t mention it. These guys are not bad money. I promise to do ideological work for them," said Tianma Hangke.
"Ha ha, you are cruel enough." Maple nods.
"Rob the rich to help the poor, and you see that they are impatient and willing to pay the deposit. It must be good to catch something. God knows how much they can earn from it." Tianma Hangke laughed.
"Let’s talk about it when they come up with the deposit. If it’s not enough, I’m too lazy to go first." Maple said and hung up the private chat.
Actually, Feng’s idea is very simple, that is, if he can’t find bats by stealth, then the player should be even less able to find them. It would be nice to sneak to Haixinge where those people can’t go to mine, but there are probably more ferocious bats or other beasts in the depths of the mine. If those blacksmiths don’t come up with enough deposit to make Feng tempted, Feng is not going to take any risks.
After seeing the huge sum of money in the eye bag, Feng hit the friend column and chose to search for players. After entering four words, he chose to add his friends.
Yes, he is Feng, the player who sells the rush ring, but he has been thinking about it all day. Now that he has money, the first thought is of course to get it quickly.
"The old dream of Player City agreed to your friend’s application."
After the successful addition, Feng sent him a message saying, "Hello, is that impact ring still for sale?"
"1 gold coin does not bargain"
"Where to trade?"
"I’ll go! ! ! Finally, I’m not too idle to bargain and tease the warehouse and wait for me. "
Chapter X Shooting
After hanging up the private chat, Feng turned back to the door of the warehouse. From the tone of the old dream in the city, he could hear that he was estimated to have been harassed by people who wanted to buy rings but didn’t have enough money.
This makes Feng can’t help feeling that it’s a good thing that no local tyrant saw him posting this time, otherwise he would have bought gold coins in minutes and went to get them. It seems that he still needs to leave some money with him after that, otherwise he would be unhappy if he missed something good.
Not long after, Feng saw a man in armor coming towards him while biting a plate of chocolate, with his name on his head, which was an old dream of the city.
"I’m relieved to see your equipment. Finally, a rich man has come." The old dream of the city said with a sigh of relief after seeing maple.
"It seems that you can’t sell this equipment easily." Maple laughed.
"Yes, it’s enough to make you feel strange." The old dream of the city shrugged and said.
"Do you agree with the old dream of Player City that you initiated the transaction application?"