Xu Yin’s words made Ye Zhang silent. There was no Xu Yin figure in the glitz. He almost lost most of his fun. This damn odd method automatically canceled him. At this time, he looked at Xu Yin with some reluctance and was beaten by the other side.

"I left the breakfast line and don’t flirt around while I’m away!"
Xu Yin left Ye Zhang and returned to normal. He and Nuyan Nai looked at each other and Nuyan hesitated a mouthful of way
"Brother Cyclone, do you have three races to meet?"
Ye Zhang nodded, but he thought more, so Caesar would quit, and the deal with Jie Shen would be postponed within a time limit, and the sacred valley was without Caesar, the big whirlwind mall, and it was maintained by toothbrush superman alone.
By the way, toothbrush superman is also an elf player!
Ye Zhang suddenly felt that a decision had involved so many complicated causes and effects, and this strange thing seemed to be hard to do at all and would last for a long time.
"Angry inflammation during this period, you don’t want to go with me and Feng Zhi their activities for the time being."
Ye Zhang knows that now he has become a public enemy again, and this time it is a double accumulation of contradictions with the past and will not change because of karma.
Because everyone can clearly understand a truth.
If France defeats him, Ye Zhang, then the two major races will eventually face a national annihilation field.
Chapter two hundred and fifteen This is me?
From the sacred valley to the city of Cologne, from the canopy of death to Klimkhan, where there are human players and human NPCs, there are killings, and several people die, so that the first killing of five humans by the Elves is gradually completed.
There are so few humans, even if as many as 50 thousand elf players search the whole flashy continent, it is really difficult to find five humans
At that time, they were still looking for strange humans, and in the later stage, many players posted news in major towns.
"Human players come to Fenggu to let me kill once and give 1 gold coin!"
The reward is to kill your friends who know human players. The glitz seems to have entered a turbulent and dark age, and it broke out because of one.
At this time in official website, a piece of news caught Ye Zhang’s attention.
After the return of the lost continent, this place has also become a treasure for many other ethnic players to explore. The kingdom of Greenland was also a human empire, but few humans were found in the promotion of Xiaoyao Family and Demon Legion.
In this place, many people have found the portal similar to black holes. These twisted portals are very unstable. They open every once in a while, and the opening direction is unpredictable.
In addition, what scares everyone is that these doors will randomly engulf some scenes in the lost continent. Once, a player saw a huge mountain swallowed by a sudden black hole when he was wandering in the lost continent, which almost didn’t scare the player.
When Ye Zhang got the news, he immediately rushed to the lost continent. When he came to the lost continent, he immediately entered a state of fighting. Almost at the same time, two or three demons alone descended on him.
Ye Zhang’s heart seemed to be far from over before, but Ye Zhang had lost his heart at this time. After getting rid of the three demons, Ye Zhang advanced rapidly. At this time, a slightly small black hole appeared in front of him.
Although Ye Zhang was prepared, he was startled. After the dark swallow swallowed a bird, it disappeared quickly. Ye Zhang was very surprised that glitz would become like this.
Is this the change after historical deviation?
I can’t understand it, but now he sees the player, two orcs, one dwarf and one goblin. It seems that he is here to do it.
When they saw Ye Zhang, they stopped quietly. The human face, Cyclone, was so deeply rooted in people’s hearts.
Ye Zhang ignored them and moved on. When he came to the former kingdom of Greenland, the broken magic door withered and the buildings in the city smelled of death, just like when he was attacked by the lava fiend.
The only difference is that there are many more players here. They travel from corner to corner in search of hidden treasures, but in the end they are disappointed.
Immediately after Ye Zhang appeared, I thought of another "angry inflammation" in this place. What happened to the "king" of the kingdom of Greenland now? Was it killed by the evil legion?
Just as he was thinking, a black hole suddenly enveloped in the middle, and Ye Zhang immediately felt involuntarily rising towards the side and was finally completely sucked into the black hole.
When the light reappeared in Ye Zhang’s vision, he immediately made a big map, only to find that there was a map in the left corner of the map that said
Three years ago, glitz
Time travel? !
Ye Zhang immediately thought of such a word and was sucked into the black hole with him. At that time, a large number of players in the kingdom of Greenland fell to a strange place at this time, and they cursed one after another, but immediately lost their fire after seeing Ye Zhang.
That’s right
Ye Zhang once again made a map and the place name was exactly the same as in the glitz. The Fenggu sacred valley Honggao Aote Mavrant mine was finally locked in the town of Cologne by Ye Zhang, and his own position was not in the Kingdom of Greenland but near Klimkhan.
"What’s that!"
"Oh, my God, it’s a sea monster!"
The players exclaimed, and some of them have experienced the battle of robbing the undead overture in the deep blue sea, and the players are even more shocked at this time.
After seeing this? ? ? Ye Zhang also formed an illusion when he was a sea monster. This sea monster will appear in Klimkhan. Shouldn’t he be holding Atlantis in the deep sea?
At one time, Ye Zhang was like a sea monster. At first, he was a pet of Poseidon, the sea god, but Poseidon seemed unable to control this super sea monster.
Then I saw this sea monster again in the lost sea outside King Greenland. Ye Zhang packed up his mind and headed for Cologne. When Ye Zhang was about to leave, players were talking behind him.
"Cyclone group us!"
Ye Zhang was stupefied, then turned around and hesitated, and finally accepted that these people formed a team. Three years ago, the flashy idea of having one more person was also an extra strength. Maybe someone could think that he had missed something, and Ye Zhang could use them as tools to unseal the magic moon beads and the god of war.
It’s a long road from Klimkhan to Cologne. It’s already dusk when a group of twenty or thirty people reach the Clone Mountains.
After Cologne came into view, the pedestrians, including Ye Zhang, stopped.
They have never seen such a magnificent city of Cologne. In everyone’s impression, Cologne was once the main city of mankind or an orc Mutu. Everything seemed neither fish nor fowl.
At present, the city of Cologne is as rich as a real palace that rules the mainland. Twelve gold guards guard the gate and everyone enters the city of Cologne. At this time, two huge statues are printed in the eyes of the players.
These two statues are lifelike, and the man on the left has a dignified face and looks like a god of war.
At his side is another slightly shorter human statue, which is even more formidable. In his hand, there are two flames. He is half naked with his hair standing upside down, with a huge sword and a huge weapon as tall as a man behind him.