Chapter one hundred and sixty-four GO! Shuolv

I was surprised to find that laughter had flashed to me when I didn’t know it, and my body helped me resist the fruit knife.
The fruit knife is sharp and laughing-how can that fragile body withstand it? Blood immediately poured out of her chest and dyed the carpet red.
"Smile!" Looking at the knife in my arms and laughing, I was taken aback. I really didn’t expect that she would be willing to get stabbed for me. Suddenly, I felt a shock and I didn’t know where the strength came from. I picked it up and then my body disappeared into the room instantly.
"Damn it! Time shift? How can he transfer when he is a small first-order power? " Yamaguchi Nai angrily swung around the room. "Even if you run to the ends of the earth, I will find you. It’s really hard for me not to dismember you."
I don’t know how I did it. When I appeared in Room 10 of Haitian Villa, I didn’t care what would appear here. I immediately laughed and looked at the injury. All this was the previous scene
The next morning, when a ray of sunshine came into the room to get up early, birds chirped and sang, I woke up. Yesterday’s experience was so thrilling. After I treated her and laughed, I fell asleep. I don’t know how she is now.
"You wake up! What, we’re here? Aren’t we on a luxury tanker yesterday? How today? " At this time, the laughter came to my side and said shyly, "Well, I … I was hurt … did you help me hold it?"
Laughing and talking about a knife wound in the chest, I have checked the wound this morning, although it is deep, but fortunately, I passed an emergency hug yesterday. Although the hug technique is too bad, it is finally fatal. Today, it is okay to pass her own hug.
It was last night that she was dizzy all the time, and there was no third person here. Did she … take advantage of him again?
I just woke up and my brain was still confused. At this moment, I just nodded and said, "Well, you fainted yesterday, so I will help you hold it myself."
Speaking of which, I finally woke up and looked at my face and laughed awkwardly and said, "That person helped you without your consent … I know I was wrong, but I can’t help it in that case. It’s not always necessary to just watch you die in front of me."
What’s the big deal when I say this? Where have I never seen you?
"How is your injury?"
"Thank you for your heart wound, although it’s not healed, but it’s nothing serious."
I nodded and looked at laughing. I replaced the silver foam skirt with a student outfit and asked doubtfully, "How did you change it into such an old-fashioned dress?" Why didn’t I buy you a silver dress yesterday? I think you look much more beautiful and sexy in that dress than in a student’s dress. "
"The dress you bought for me is too revealing, and I’m not used to it." Laughing and laughing, I’m still not used to wearing so revealing and sexy clothes, but in order to prevent me from being unhappy, I added, "Of course, it’s no problem to go out with you occasionally and go crazy."
Women should be beauty-loving creatures. I can’t believe that laughing and laughing would be willing to give up beauty to be the original ordinary student sister. I was going to say a few words about her, but on second thought, I’d better forget it. If she is beautiful, it will all belong to me alone.
"Whatever you want, do whatever you want. After I wash up, I’ll show you around the villa." I got up and dressed and said, "I may have to put my energy into the" Talk "in a few days, so I’ll ask you to clean the villa."
I suddenly thought of something and immediately added, "If possible, you can bring me another snack when you come here every day." It’s hard to watch and laugh. I just thought about it and knew what happened. "Don’t worry, I’ll give you the money as usual. I’ll help you buy a car when you save the trip."
"What? Sedan-car? " And a can’t believe that "you … you are not kidding? You said you would help me buy a car? "
"I’m not kidding. If you know how to drive, I’ll help you buy a car." Helping people laugh and buy a car won’t have much impact on my assets, but now the problem is that she doesn’t seem to know how to drive. "Why don’t I teach you how to drive after the college entrance examination? I’ll get you a driver’s license after you learn it. "
When I got dressed, I turned around in the villa with a laugh and talk. To be honest, I have been to this villa once, and I was in a hurry. So now, besides showing around with a laugh and talk, I can also get to know something about the decoration in the villa.
After a general tour of the villa, I took a laugh and went out of Haitian Villa.
"So where are we going now?"
"Go to Haitian Port Terminal first. I hurried to the villa yesterday. My car is still at the port terminal. This society can’t do without a car." While answering the question, I stopped a car and crowded her into the taxi and left for Haitian Port Terminal.
The luxury tanker is still returning and hasn’t come back, so I’m not worried that Nai, who attacked Yamaguchi yesterday, will appear in front of me. I have already called to tell them what happened yesterday and told them to be careful about the ship at all times, but with a strong Japanese, we can’t be careless.
In the next two days, I took a laugh and a visit near Haitian villa. Although the villa is the main road as soon as it goes out, there are still some small supermarkets nearby, so it is still lively and not as cold as expected.
Seventy-two hours after the closure, this representative will also be the end of my May Day holiday, and it is time to return to the game world. There are still three days left in her holiday, so she decided to stay in the villa to help me clean my room and do laundry and cooking. Of course, we also went to her school specially to bring her to the villa.
GO! Shuolv
"ding! Welcome the player Dragon Soul back to the world. You will get 50% of the cinema due to the establishment of Money Cinema. Please confirm and check it. Just entering the game interface, it is convenient to show the sound. Although money once asked me to reduce the cinema share from 50% to 30%, I don’t care, but I want to apply for a change when he asks me again.
"ding!" Just checked the five-component unified display of the cinema and sent it again. "Player Dragon Soul, the only hidden’ Save Zhao Linger’ will expire in three days. Please note that if the method fails in three days, the punishment will come."
Looking at this information, I’m sweating. If I can save Zhao Linger in three days, then I will be judged to have failed. At that time, my level will return to level 1. All the equipment in my account will be recycled, and even the gold coins in my baggage will be seized. At that time, I will be no different from deleting the number.
Saving Zhao Linger is to collect five spirit beads. I have fire spirit beads, water spirit beads, earth spirit beads and wind spirit beads now, but I am short of the last one. It seems that in these three days, I must quickly find the spirit beads and collect them, and then go to the seventh floor of Nuwa Temple to find Li Xiaoyao for handover.
But the world is so big, who knows where the last Lei Lingzhu is?
Chapter one hundred and sixty-five Extremely daughter red ()
What a vexing question. Where should I find the last Lei Lingzhu?
Well, maybe you can ask Jiu Jianxian for help. But Master Li Xiaoyao should know a lot about this extremely difficult’ saving Zhao Linger’. Besides, he asked Coke to add ice to me, while Feng Lingzhu gave it to me himself. He should also know that Lei Lingzhu fell.
I immediately took out the leading sword when I thought of it, and I drove the flying sword in the eyes of the players around me, such as differences, mistakes, envy and jealousy.
I took a deep breath of fresh air in the blue sky, and I felt full of energy. I looked around at the vast world, and there was a momentum that the earth had been trampled on. Now I say that I stand out from the crowd (everyone has ascended to heaven, can I not riot? ) I quickly urged the leading sword to go to shushan.
Stepping on the leading sword at 4% moving speed, my figure disappeared into the crowd like a meteor. When those trapeze players are ready to turn on the camera and look up again, where is the figure in the sky? I looked at you one by one, and you looked at me and I met ghosts.
Later, it was said that there was such a report in the forum, "Where did the flying man go?" Is he a player or an NPC? The reporter was lucky enough to shoot me far away, and the blurred figure confirmed that there was a man flying in the sky that day, so the number of hits increased wildly. After all, everyone wanted to see the flying trapeze who smelled recently.
For me to become a celebrity again, of course, I won’t know. Now I’m speeding up my flight to Shushan. There are still three days to go. I have to learn from Jiu Jianxian that Lei Lingzhu has fallen as soon as possible. Now there is no spare time to pay attention to the trivial things in the forum.
Time waits for no man.
After flying for about ten minutes, I finally landed at the main entrance of Shushan, a huge snowy mountain, and two buildings, the Shushan Hall and the Lock Demon Tower, have been set up. The Shushan Hall is a closed place in blade master, so I can’t agree to enter the Lock Demon Tower. Think about it or forget it. I can’t get out until the level is 35.
Fortunately, Jiu Jianxian didn’t go to the world this time, but stayed in Shushan, where he is lying on the side of the main hall and sleeping soundly.
"It’s so good to see you, Master." I don’t care about respecting the old and caring for the young. I pulled the wine sword fairy up directly, and she was awakened by me when she was sleeping soundly. She was about to get angry when she saw me with a snot and tears and said, "Master sword fairy, you must save me this time."
I this sample is to let the wine sword fairy was taken aback without getting angry and quickly asked, "I have something to do? Actually crying so sad? "
Seeing that the Kuqiang effect has reached the point where Jiu Jianxian has moved, I immediately told him what I came for. "Master Jianxian, you must know that I was assigned by Brother Li Xiaoyao to look for the Five Spirit Beads, but my brother is looking for it? The date of the eye is approaching, and if the law is a job, the younger brother will be divorced. "
What I said is true. The main line of "saving Zhao Linger" is to find the five spiritual beads, but when I came to Li Xiaoyao, I didn’t tell me where the spiritual beads were. It’s said that the world is so big, who can know that the five spiritual beads have fallen?
If I hadn’t found the four spiritual beads of fire, water and soil by coincidence, I’m afraid I could still find them internationally.
"It turned out to be a cure for Shine." Jiu Jianxian yawned and looked at my eyes in disbelief. "Tell Master the truth. How many spiritual beads have you collected now?"
"Brother bucai has now received four pieces of Lei Lingzhu which are still missing." Seeing the trace of wine sword fairy, I immediately ingratiated myself with it. "Master, brother knows your good wine. If brother can finish this free and unfettered, he must buy three altars of wine, shushan and honor your old man."
Jiu Jianxian heard that there was wine to drink, and he was naturally tempted in the hearts of the three altars. He nodded slightly and said, "Well, if you have this filial duty, Master will disclose some information to you, but you must give me the five altars first."