Ye Yu said so gently, and soon Si Nai was looking forward to closing his eyes.

The girl has made a gesture and sent out an invitation. Ye Yu naturally won’t neglect the finger to provoke the girl and gently print each other’s lips.
Girl’s lips are tender, sweet and fragrant, which have a completely different feeling. At that time, there was indeed a kiss in the mall, but it was an accident that caused Ye Yu not to feel the girl’s lips well.
This time, however, Ye Yu had enough time to taste the girl’s lips, and on the other side, the young girl obviously didn’t know whether to kiss with Ye Yu’s help, or for a moment, she struggled in Ye Yu’s arms.
"What’s the matter?" Looking at the girl who was loosened by herself, she kept wheezing and gasped. Ye Yu couldn’t help but ask some funny questions.
"Out of breath …"
"That can’t be done. It’s still early at this level." Ye Yu said with a bad smile and then blocked Si Nai’s lips again
"Boo hoo ….." Come out with such a plaintive sound. Four is that Ye Yu pressed down on the rabbit doll and sealed his lips again.
With the kiss, there seems to be some wonderful power pouring into Ye Yu’s body, as if he had lost something and returned it to his original owner happily.
As the kiss continued, the Hwa-Sung Do light particles located in Si Nai’s’ Ice Puppet’ and her clothing department dissolved and disappeared into the air.
Then ….. Surrounded by Ye Yu and Si Kui Nai, the snowstorm world suddenly disappeared at a sharp speed.
Sixi’s shoulder seemed to be shaking with surprise.
"This is …" After all, it’s still a girl who suddenly disappears and naturally feels at a loss.
"It’s all right … everything has been done. From now on, I will protect you." She hugged the girl Ye Yu, who was huddled up because she was naked.
"Ah ah … failed again?"
Not far away, watching the rain gradually stop, I know that the elves have escaped, and the Japanese government has a face of embarrassment.
"Get ready to close the team."
Tobiichi Origami silently looked at the place where Si Nai and Ye Yu left. This time, the girl’s eyes were no longer unwilling, but seemed to be relieved.
It seems that Tobiichi Origami himself has been shaken by the fact that the elves must kill it.

With the four-strength being sealed by Ye Yu, it seems that everything has been on the right track after almost a month.
It is obvious that Shixiang is not very happy to join Si Nai, and the number of times when girls start to lose their temper and spoil Ye Yu has also increased.
Yu Si Nai was also like Ten Fragrances. First, she was observed on the bridge for a while, and then she was brought to Wuhe home by Murasame Reine like Ten Fragrances.
"What is this situation!" On the morning of one day, ten incense sticks to a face of discontent, pointing to the four Nais hanging on Ye Yushen and yelling at the four Nais. Murasame Reine is a face of calm and mixed with black tea and sugar.
Well, it looks like sugar cubes are in a hurry again.
Looking at the disgruntled Murasame Reine Ye Yu shook his head in a funny way.
"Although it’s still early, I want Si Nai to live outside the ship in a few days. There is Si Nai, the conversation partner, whose mental stress accumulation is also less than that of Ten Incense. In this case, it’s no problem to say no problem … After all,’ raaskr’ still wants the elves to have a good grasp of society and live a happy life." While licking a lollipop in the piano, it explains the problem of Ten Incense.
"Ah, ah, I’m really sorry that I’m under too much mental pressure!" Ten Xiang shouted and grabbed her hair, while Ye Yu on the other side was funny and handed the table corn cob to Ten Xiang, who suddenly forgot everything and ate corn cob happily.
Sure enough, if you eat, you can forget everything. Just like a fool, it’s funny. You shook your head and gently picked up Si Nai.
"What’s it like living in ‘Raaskr’?" Ye Yu asked with a light smile.
"Well … very … very good. My brother and sisters are very kind …" I still have some timid answers.
"Is … is …" Said the four is to grasp the Ye Yu collar.
"What is it?" Looking at four sample Ye Yu funny asked.
"I just can’t see my big brother … Si is missing my big brother." It sounds like a coquetry. Si is once again in Ye Yu’s arms.
"I can meet you every day. Oh, does Si Nai live here, too?" Ye Yu asked the ten incense immediately stopped gnawing on the corn cob and raised his head to seriously peg the Murasame Reine.
Ten incense has decided that if Murasame Reine says Si Nai will live here, then this time he must make a scene, even if he gives himself something delicious, it will not change.
"If you always live in my house, I will be very troubled, so you have prepared this." As Qin Liyin Ye Yu and others looked up at the high-class apartment next door to Wuhe’s house.
"This building is our’ Raaskr’ special elf house. Even if something happens, it will not be easily damaged," Murasame Reine introduced.
"Oh … so the three of us moved there together?"
"Yes, take care of them and don’t let them conflict."