"Empress is in a leisurely mood." He stooped and picked up a pinch of bait from the bait jade plate beside Zong Yue and sprinkled it into the lake.

Zong Yue motioned for him to sit in Yuanjia humble "dare not"
Zong Yue "Don’t say I don’t want to be obedient when I’m in a good mood"
Yuanjia can sit in accordance with the words. He came here to tell God about the disappearance of Yuanhua.
Without looking at him, Zong Yue asked, "You let them go?"
Yuanjia "Yes" for a moment
Zong Yue didn’t expect him to admit so readily that Yuanjia explained that "someone has to inform them that it’s not appropriate for me to go."
What’s wrong with Zong Yue?
She felt that Yuanjia, the God King, the God, and the Little Moon rushed into her Yaohai Yunju together to fight with her to the death.
Yuan Jia said gently, "The key to the battle between jade and empress is not that I am not in God, let alone the king of God, but that fate lies in Xiao Yueer and Xie Yiqi. It is better to stay with empress and make a whetstone to temper them."
Seeing Zong Yue looking at him, he said, "No matter what happens, I will never betray the Empress and give her the opportunity to reject me."
"I’ll take it seriously when you say that," Zong Yue chuckled.
She never believed Yuanjia’s nonsense, but she would never do anything to slay Zhongliang.
Regardless of the trace, she won’t do anything to her hand, the biggest contributor, until she catches Yuanjia’s actual betrayal or preparation for betrayal.
Yuanjia also smiled gently and held out her hand as if she wanted to touch the fish on the surface and said, "If the empress really took it seriously, she wouldn’t have said that just now."
The fish seems to smell the bait and gather in the direction of his fingertips.
Zong Yue looked at him for a long time. "Yuanjia, do you want to live?"
Yuanjia looked at her doubtfully.
Zong Yue said, "An old friend came to see me today, and I suddenly felt that there was nothing wrong with letting you live."
The old friend in her mouth refers to Bridget when Xuantian Zongcangyao was difficult for her. She rescued her from the beginning of rebirth and bought out her mentoring relationship with Taoist Biyou, but didn’t buy out her mentoring relationship with Bridget.
At the beginning, when Qingfeng sent Bridget back to Hanazono Sakura, she left a set of cultivation methods for Bridget, but she didn’t expect that Bridget would soar from a small world to her big world in 300 years.
Zong Yue suddenly woke up when she looked at Bridget and smiled and called her the teacher elder sister in front of her
She hates some people, but other than that, there are still many people in this world that she wants to live.
For example, Biqiao, Taozhi, Qingfeng, Xiaoyue, Xie, and Yuanjia.
They don’t live as miserable as she does, and even in this troubled world, they can still live happily.
That’s what Zongyue didn’t have and what Zong Yue admired.
She began to think about whether she really wanted to destroy the world even if she won Yuanjia and others.
The world is dark, but there is still light.
No matter whether it is a lifetime of conscience or a small moon made by her pure spirit, Qian Qian in this world is absolutely like her, but bad karma still insists on being a good Taoist, and their life and death should not be decided by her hatred.
She can crush the darkness, but she shouldn’t destroy everything.
I don’t know if it’s Zong Yue’s illusion. As soon as she finished, she felt a burst of air conditioning around Yuanjia.
But by the time she went to see it, the air conditioning had dissipated. Yu Yuanjia couldn’t tell whether she was lonely or sarcastically said, "Live and then?"
The fish were scared away by him. Zong Yue was not white. Why did he suddenly get so angry?
Yuanjia seems to be aware of his gaffes. He suppressed his emotions and said, "As the Empress said, rules will never be truly equal in this world."
"One question before Empress" He tugged at Zong Yue’s lip angle. "I told Empress that it is enough for me to be like fireworks and leave at the most glorious moment."
He wants to live, but he doesn’t want to live that much.
In the face of his rare anger, Zong Yue slowly said, "I think you are on the fate side, but now it doesn’t look like it."
Rules are made by fate. Anger is different from rules and anger is different from fate.
Yuanjia sat down and said, "I am sent by fate, but I … am on the side of all beings."
This is not the first time that Zong Yue has heard him say this, and he can’t help smiling. "I’m sorry that fate doesn’t seal you as a living god."
One mouthful, one world, one mouthful, one sentient being as if he were born to save all sentient beings.
Yuanjia often smiles at her, but seldom smiles so sincerely. "Empress likes such people, doesn’t she?"
Zong Yue’s smile faded. "It’s better to say that I like such a person than that I want to be such a person."
But if you want to be a really good person, you have to pay too much.
"No one will thank you, no one will remember you, and you will be slandered and despised by others. Because you are a good person, others will scold you. You shouldn’t retaliate and others will hit you. You shouldn’t strike back. You can’t make a mistake, you can’t give birth to a bad mind and you are not allowed to bring bad results to others. Otherwise, you are false and you are hypocritical."
Yuanjia looked at her with gentle eyes. "That’s not a good person, that’s a saint. Kindness should have a sharp edge and a saint is suitable for hanging on the wall."
Even people who say that the Moon God is selfish are worse off.
"But he did it."
Yuanjia sprinkled a piece of bait and his face remained the same.
Without him, Zong Yue and the little moon Xie would have died a hundred times earlier.
Xie Yi’s nature is suitable for being a party in the middle Millennium, protected by ancestors and less patriarch, but it is not appropriate to go any further.
However, like the same clan, Yue likes to appreciate people like Xie Yi.
If you have them, you won’t worry about being betrayed by everyone when you are overwhelmed.
Zong Yue watched the ripples on the lake after the bait was spilled and said with no emotion, "So I should have died."
Santa’s festival is a festival of disobedience ("Left")
If she had died long ago, she would have done something and kept her integrity, and the middle-class people would not be so miserable as they are now.
"I don’t know what the empress thinks, but I’ve heard a saying," If the sky is going to be bigger than Sri Lanka, people will have to suffer from it first, and their bones and muscles will be hungry, and their bodies will be exhausted, and their actions will be disturbed. Their patience once benefited. Perhaps everything that the empress has experienced is to make the empress better save the world "("Meng ")
"Do you really think so?" Zong Yue asked seriously.