Then he got up and left.

The concubines still look shocked. The toffee really burned to death!
Where is someone who is going to face the stake and is so indifferent?
Everyone is very strange.
And the pool is close to the clouds.
Neither Yunhe nor Chie looked for anyone first. They knew they couldn’t talk together yet. The only thing Chie had to do now was to go back to his own palace.
Cloud drunk toffee was cremated and said there was no such person.
Suo Chi Xuan immediately issued an imperial edict and posted a notice to tell the people of Mochi that Toffee had ascended to heaven today!
The news seems to be thunder, which makes people feel anxious and tender.
Still drunk will be the limit of scenery, but I didn’t expect it to have been burned to death?
And really ascended to heaven?
At that time, these news quickly flowed through the streets.
Of course, Mu Lian was shocked by the disguise.
I talked to Yunzui before, and she told him to live well, but I didn’t expect Yunzui to be cremated in the palace at noon!
Is this because of his ear?
Did Chi Xuan save him to punish Yun Zui like this?
A life for a life?
Didn’t Chi Mi go with him?
Why didn’t you stop it?
Where’s the cloud?
It is said that casting spells is a cloud. Where can you burn your granddaughter?
But three years ago, it was the cloud that made the cloud drunk and buried with him!
Now this time, is it true that Yunzui can still appear in people’s sight on that day?
Mu Lian felt mixed feelings in his heart that Yun Zui went too suddenly today and let him accept it in some ways.
Xiao Tian is in charge of the polar building, and he felt shocked when he got the news.
Was burned to death.
What is this?
Cloud casting?
Is this the same as it was three years ago?
Why do you have to let Yunzui die once or twice?
It’s that everything looks good at Chi Mi’s birthday party!
Isn’t it just to save Yunzui from attacking Lingyoutang with Chixuan?
It is said that Yun is also working hard.
Chapter 116 gossiping
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But what just happened soon and suddenly let Yunzui die?
Xiao Tian is very not white. He sat in a chair and felt that he was instantly transfixed.
When Yunzui went to the palace, he was with Chi Mie. Chi Mie and Yunzui knew it was unusual, but Chi Mie didn’t stop him.
What that hell happen here that he doesn’t know?
On the other hand, it’s unforgivable that kite was drunk by clouds, and he was always paying attention and almost burned his ice temple.
So I paid attention to all the actions of Yunzui, but today I learned that Yunzui had been cremated by magic in the palace!
Also said that bath fire ascended to heaven!
Where is there any ascension on this day?
It would be great if it really ascended to heaven, if it didn’t, it was really burned to death.
Make the kite also don’t know what kind of expression with the mood now.
The first thing Chimie did when she returned to Wangfu was to go to Suran Pupil’s cabin.
And the cloud is secretly flying without being discovered by a person.
Chi Mi just sat quietly outside Su Ran’s pupil bed, waiting for the clouds to come.
It didn’t take long for the clouds to come quickly.
As soon as the cloud appeared, she stood up and said to the cloud, "Where is she?"
He didn’t dare to look at it when he was burned to death, and Chi Mi didn’t have much to do now. I really don’t know what happened to Yunzui now. What happened?
Chi Mie asked with a trembling voice. Obviously, he can’t stand the blow.
"Don’t worry, everything is going well. She’s still here," said Yun Anwei.
Wen Yanchi immediately breathed a sigh of relief. He was really afraid that Yunzui would be dead.