This nima is not that they are trapped in that circular map, but that there are monsters on that map to refresh, but before they kill, boss is a little too fast to make them mistakenly trapped in this.

"Nima I said to complete 95%? It turns out that there is still a boss who didn’t kill it! " Gao rang is not calm.
"What now? You can’t climb up again! " Ye Ye is also very depressed.
"What a joke to climb to die! Did you see that monster wandering around the mouth of the cave and growling? I bet he killed you in minutes after you climbed up! " The cat took a white leaf night and said
Gao Rang "What should I do?"
Ziwei in white thought for a moment and said, "My brother’s words woke me up. Why do we have to go? We can attract boss! When the time comes, we will prepare the sinkhole trap in this big hole and wait for him to come. "
"But the hole is too small, and the monster won’t come!" Gao rang out his concern.
"It’s okay, you found that there is no hole. Actually, the hole is a little small, and then it’s very spacious. Bunny, you let the red-eyed eagle fly near the hole, and the wind blade disturbs the surface. boss must make the doctoral students more angry, so that the boss will be angry. Once the red-eyed eagle strikes back, it will attack the hole, so that the hole will be smashed to a large size. But boss believes that the angry boss will not hesitate to jump, and then we can wait for him and close the net." White Ziwei said her thoughts.
"Give it a try!" Grandet looked at the top of the head hole boss said.
So Tutu ordered the red-eyed eagle to do it according to the instructions of white crape myrtle. Sure enough, boss really jumped into the hole as expected by white crape myrtle.
The cat calculated the landing point and dropped the sinkhole trap in time and place.
When the monster landed, it fell right into it.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-two boss transformation
When the monster fell that moment, he made insight into boss.
Pojun Phantom (Super boss)956/1 (dropped some blood)
Grade 49
Attack mode surface
Attack skills: Star boxing, meteor combo, star map killing, star chopping, bright star falling, auxiliary skills: Star power, star armor, dazzling star fans.
Although the strength of Pojun Phantom, the main star of boss, is far from that of the real Pojun, it inherits the heroic and fearful characteristics of Pojun. Pojun Phantom is also very difficult to make Pojun Phantom’s physical attack power and magical attack power at the same time+3% physical defense power and magical defense power at the same time+2% crit rate+4% attack speed+1% resistance+5; When the blood volume drops by 1%, Pojun Phantom’s physical attack power and magic attack power are simultaneously+5% physical defense power and magic defense power+35% crit rate+5% crit damage+5% attack speed+2% resistance+1 epidemic all physical negative states; When the Pojun Phantom enters the near-death state, there is a 1% chance to evolve into the "Pojun Illusion" of the three-turn and five-level boss.
Pojun phantom attribute is not bad, but especially the blood volume has reached 100 million points, but unfortunately this boss is very unlucky.
First of all, I couldn’t find the enemy. When I found the enemy, I couldn’t attack it. I finally jumped at the mouth of the cave under the guidance of the red-eyed eagle. Let’s not say that when I jumped, I lost more than 40,000 blood. Even when he jumped, he unfortunately fell into the trap of the cat’s nest.
A boss is also very proud, and so is Pojun. When he found himself bound in a shallow pit by a light golden energy that day, he struggled as hard as he could, but no matter how he struggled, he could not get rid of the light golden energy in this tiankeng.
And Gao Rang and others will naturally not let go of this precious fifteen-minute sinkhole state. When everyone has a tacit understanding, this time the fire weakness attack is more skilled.
Fifteen minutes passed quickly, and from the moment when the bondage ended, Pojun Phantom directly launched a counterattack against everyone.
"The star map is killing!"
In an instant, everyone’s head turned black, and a star map appeared on the paper above everyone’s head. Then the stars in this star map turned to attack and fell towards Gao Rang and others.
This time, the attack was very fierce, but because Gao Rang and others have already turned three times, this wave of attack still came to the top, and in the white crape myrtle, a life light recovery blood volume also returned to% ampere value. In contrast, at this time, Pojun Phantom blood volume was about 37%
After a successful blow, Pojun Phantom is still preparing for the second wave of attack, but before he can make moves, he is tied to the original place by a spider that swallows the gods and a spider that is trapped by the gods.
After being trapped in the spider web, everyone will naturally not miss this opportunity to beat up Reservoir Dogs. All the powerful skills are greeted in the phantom of Pojun.
After that, everyone joined forces to control boss in turn, and Gao Rang was considered blood, which directly made the whole people swallow the spider’s power to attack boss.
The efforts finally paid off. When the blood volume of the spider fell to a dangerous level of 3, the Pojun Phantom also entered a state of near death when it was attacked by everyone.
Entering a state of near death, Pojun Phantom roared that the whole body was filled with a black force, and then the original body looked blurred. In this black energy infusion, it was closer to the essence.
Gao Rang hurriedly made insight into this transformed boss.
Pojun Illusion (Super boss)3/5
Grade 5
Attack mode surface
Attack skills: star boxing, meteor combo, star map, killing stars, chopping bright stars and falling stars, absolute star wind auxiliary skills, dazzling stars, dazzling stars, shining stars, prison, star tracking, star recovery, Pojun illusion is the new form of Pojun Phantom after its near-death evolution, which is more powerful.
This boss has 30,000 blood volume after transformation, which is not much, but I don’t know the true strength of Pojun’s illusion after transformation.
Without waiting for everyone to verify Pojun’s illusion, he told everyone the answer by his own actions.
"Dazzling stars!"
"The stars are falling!"
"Absolute stars!"
Pojun illusion makes three skills in a row, and these three skills are also a very scientific and effective combination.
First of all, dazzling stars is a group control skill, which can make all opponents enter a dizzy state for 3 seconds. For the dizzy state, let the team have a secret, and one person is the plague. The first thing to do is to give them a chance to interrupt the magic pulse beam and launch a counterattack against the illusion of Pojun.
However, this time, the goddess of luck did not care about the secret. This time, the pulsed beam caused more than 5 points of damage to boss, and the interrupt skill attribute was not brought into play.
At the same time, Pojun’s illusion of bright stars has also been launched
This brilliant star falling skill is also a group attack skill, and this skill also has a negative state of fainting.
Everyone was stunned except the cat, and now they have eaten such a wave of attacks. Although no one has died yet, everyone’s blood volume has fallen into a dangerous value.
The last move, Absolute Stars, is the most accurate attack of Pojun illusion.
This absolute star attack absolute attack damage is directly ignored even if the opponent’s defense is high, and this move is not a group attack that can be used against a single target.
And this goal is the only wet nurse in the team, crape myrtle in white.
Lagerstroemia indica in white can’t make teleport dodge because it is in a dizzy state.
A golden meteor stung Ziwei in white.
Terror five-digit injury should kill Ziwei in white, but at this time she still has a little blood, and that equipment attribute saved her life
Live white crape myrtle drank a bottle of blood medicine for the first time and was just about to teleport to Ann’s place, only to find that her body suddenly couldn’t move again.
This is because Pojun’s illusion once again gave Ziwei a skill while she was drinking medicine when she was still alive. This skill is not an attack skill, but a control skill. This skill is to control the player’s action ability
“ ` ` w w w
Here comes the illusion of avoiding Pojun, which once again makes the skills high, and orders the spider to swallow the gods to make a white poison arrow on boss, but at the moment when the poison arrow comes, boss suddenly lights up with a starlight protective film to isolate the poison arrow attack.
Pojun’s fake starlight protective film is actually another auxiliary skill of his "starlight shining", which can infect some forms of attack with negative state.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-three Mutually assured destruction
After avoiding the poisonous arrow of the spider, Pojun illusion once again launched a group attack skill
"The star map is killing!"
It’s the same as before. There is a black map on the top of everyone’s head. The stars in the map are falling towards everyone.
Everyone’s original blood volume is not much. After eating this wave of attacks, Tang Yue white crape myrtle leaf night and Qianlong directly died on the spot, and the remaining five people are also hanging by a thread. Among them, Gaorang is the most thrilling. In that wave of attacks, he left a poor 7 points of blood, while Tutu and Grandet also left hundreds of points of blood, but the blood volume of the cat was still more than 15 points.
Grandet quickly added a blood to himself by dark therapy, which increased the blood volume to 2, while others also took blood medicine and added blood for the first time.
Everyone seems to be right, but it is wrong. Just when everyone is taking drugs, Pojun pretends to attack again.