Hang Caesar, who had no defense, back to Longque Imperial City. After Feng Zhi’s arrival, the atmosphere of the venue suddenly became active. Although his face was still tired, the whole person still looked full of vitality.

"Ye Zhang, you are very, very good!"
For Ye Zhang, Feng Zhi didn’t keep two very suspicious things, which showed his recognition of Ye Zhang at this time, while Ye Zhang smiled awkwardly and looked at Feng Zhi with some gratitude.
Feng Zhi has been with his flashy career from beginning to end, and the teacher will never change his feelings about whether he used to be enemies or become brothers now.
Without Feng Zhi, there would be no whirlwind today, while Feng Zhi looked at Ye Zhang once again.
"Ye Zhang, your realm has not risen in strength, and there are signs that it has been covered by other players. This is no good!"
Feng Zhi’s words made Ye Zhang one leng, and then he suddenly realized that even he himself almost got the primary and secondary wrong. Since his opponent chose to fight him to the death in glitz, it was precisely because he wanted to completely destroy this opponent in his own field from the eyes of several people that he did not do so, which could have a strong impact on the whirlwind interest group.
"Ye Zhang, don’t stop moving forward. Some things will be done by others. You can’t do everything by yourself. It’s hard to achieve great things with a broad vision and too much attention to details!"
Feng Zhi words let residual blood heart also raised the same feeling, he looked back and smiled at Ye Zhang way
"Ye Zhang and the player are on the opposite side, so don’t worry about doing what you have to do with anger and ghost Yin!"
Ye Zhang also nodded at this time. Since he is the first flashy, it is necessary to be worthy of the name. It’s okay to have enough personal strength or want to occupy a place in this virtual land, so it is necessary to get out of his unique way.
Feng Zhi hasn’t been here for long, and he can see that he is always paying attention to the flashy progress. Caesar’s appearance will be another storm, and Caesar and Ye Zhang still have many inseparable entanglements. The most important thing is that Feng Zhi is worried that Ye Zhang will do something because he still feels guilty about Caesar this year.
Therefore, the first thing he did when he came was to awaken Ye Zhang’s desire to fight and hang Caesar back to guide Ye Zhang. Ye Zhang would naturally know what to do if he needed a word or two.
When Zhang Ye left the bloody carnival with anger and ghost Yin, it felt as if it had been many years, and Ye Zhang also felt that the game PK would either lose or win, and there would always be a result in the end, but the outcome outside the battlefield would be uncertain.
"Brother Cyclone, where are we going now?"
After this month’s delay, players are gradually catching up with his flashy first player status, and Ye Zhang also knows that he has just done some "business".
"How many xuanshi do you have now?"
Ang Yan and Ghost Yin each reported a number. Ye Zhang frowned. The difference is really not a week or so ago. Although Ang Yan and Ghost Yin are also rich in harvest, two people have limited energy and gained more than 40,000 Xuanshi in five days. This is almost the limit, and Xuanshi’s acquisition will eventually be obtained from some experts in Cang Huang Dao realm.
Ye Zhang is still short of the last magical dragon, and now it seems that the Dharma has been won. Therefore, Ye Zhang thought about it and decided to go to Qingtian City. And now that Cyclops is dead, it is better for Ye Zhang and the three of them to choose magical power than to abuse it.
Sky City, as always, but compared with which time it has been to, it looks bleak. Li Tie, the world realm of Emperor Dragon, hangs in the hands of white Hou Jiangchen. This suspicion is a big news that sensationalized the whole day.
"Brother Cyclone, look at that!"
Just entering the city, Ang Yan found some abnormal situations ahead, and Ye Zhang also noticed that this was a group of NPCs watching something. According to the same scene in Cologne, it seems that this should be one.
After approaching, Ye Zhang gradually heard from the NPC chat that the death of Li Tie, the duke of Qingtian City, attracted many people from all walks of life who coveted the treasure that Li Tie had before his death.
And vaguely, Ye Zhang also heard a magical name, six Yang returning to one. From this magical name, Ye Zhang was not sure whether it was the similar magic made by Li Tie.
Onlookers NPC gradually dispersed at this time, but Ye Zhang and others still didn’t receive the ghost Yin for a moment and then said,
"It seems that there will be a sign among the dragons and finches and it will not be triggered directly."
Ye Zhang also nodded at this time, but speaking of it, if Li Tiezhen has a treasure, according to him, a top player in the realm of Emperor Dragon Universe, even if the emperor is eager for heaven, he will not be tempted, and Ye Zhang will be very dangerous if they want to steal the treasure successfully in this situation.
"pay attention to NPC conversations around, everyone be careful."
Ye Zhang three people walked towards the blue sky city department. All the streets NPC talked about this matter, and from the point of many passers-by’s head portraits, it turned out that the base was the realm of Cang Huang Dao.
"It seems that we are the weakest here."
Ghost Yin smiled some naively. Before the NPC harassed in the wild, it was difficult to touch a large group of purple days. Among them, there was a pale emperor road, and at this time, all the departments were in the realm of pale emperor road, and all of them were in groups of three. It seems that the difficulty is not as great as usual.
The three men wandered around the city, although they had mastered a lot of information, but it was difficult to find an opportunity to start. Just when the three men felt relieved, suddenly there seemed to be some contradictions between the two NPCs on the road, and they actually fought on the spot.
To these two people are the masters of Cang Huang Dao realm, who can rise to this realm. Their own attributes and mastery of siddhi have already had a certain foundation. According to Ye Zhang and others’ ideas, a level 1 dzogchen siddhi may not be a level 9 siddhi, but maybe some other effects can be obtained compared with it.
At this time, Ye Zhang, three people hiding in the crowd, stared at the two men’s duel. The duel process was very slow. Most of the attacks by these two men were tentative. It seems that they are also very clever and unwilling to let others take advantage of it for no reason.
When the two men were fighting, suddenly a shocking noise came to Ye Zhang and others’ eyes, and a huge purple sword penetrated into the earth to produce a strong impact, which shocked the two men in the battle for several steps. When the two men were about to swear, they saw the ground, and the purple sword suddenly shut up.
Aside, Ye Zhang’s eyes lit up. This sword is familiar to him. It’s a ghost sword.