Is it a magnetic gun? It doesn’t seem right, too. The range and firing rate of a magnetic gun are indeed comparable to that of a laser gun, but it is definitely not set up in such a close place as two kilometers, and it is necessary to charge the magnetic gun, even if the high-energy reaction generated during charging is not as strong as that of a laser gun, it is absolutely impossible to avoid radar detection.

"Is this … a gunpowder weapon?" Lingyun said some not sure.
Lingyun, an army fan, has certainly inquired about a lot of weapons materials, not only the permanent magnetic weapons and laser weapons in this generation, but also the antique gunpowder weapons made by a generation. However, even though there are not many materials in that area on the Internet, he is not very sure.
"Yes, it was a gunpowder weapon. The other side made a gunpowder-driven cannon and fired a shell. The shell casing of the shell had a high-energy reaction at the moment when the gunpowder was ignited, so it was not displayed on the radar."
Wang Tianping affirmed Lingyun’s judgment and supplemented the reality. Although even the army does not use gunpowder weapons now, gunpowder weapons will return to the army in the future.
Whether it is a magnetic weapon or a laser weapon, it is actually a drive. The difference lies in the driving principle and the attack mode. There is one of the biggest problems, that is, what should I do without it?
No matter whether it is from the enemy’s magnetic pulse weapon or the direct destruction of the spy, even some unexpected failures will lead to the interruption of the force, so in the future, the gunpowder weapon will drive the weapon to replenish and return to fight exclusively under no circumstances
Wang Tianping, who has a memory of the future, still knows this kind of weapon very well, so after analyzing all the information, he made this guess and verified his idea with an emergency stop.
The only explanation for why the shuttle didn’t detect the enemy’s radar radiation is that the enemy locked the shuttle through direct visual confirmation and completed the shooting through optical collimation. After all, it is only two kilometers, and an ace sniper is capable of shooting a uniform moving target at this distance.
Chapter 33 Smooth landing
Knowing the cause of death is easy. Although the enemy has gunpowder weapons that are very difficult to dodge, all weapons are difficult to hit without radar locking and guidance, and gunpowder weapons are no exception.
The opponent gunner can capture the shuttle through optical equipment, then estimate the forward amount by taking advantage of the uniform speed of the shuttle, and finally set a impact point by detecting other external environments, and then the gun makes the shuttle hit the alloy shell itself.
Without radar, there would be no radar wave. Without radar wave, the shuttle would get an early warning before the law, and the high-energy reaction could be detected at the moment of firing. At first glance, it seems to be a solution.
However, gunpowder weapons have one of the biggest defects, that is, the initial velocity of gunpowder weapons is much slower than that of magnetic weapons, which leads to the shorter range of gunpowder weapons and the longer flight time of projectiles.
Two kilometers away, the shell just now took more than a second, nearly two seconds, that is to say, the speed of the other gun shell is less than two kilometers per second, and this speed magnetic gun can be easily completed, not to mention the faster laser gun.
Less than two seconds doesn’t seem to be a long time. If one is not careful, one can easily react for more than two seconds, which will lead to the collision of shells without operating the shuttle.
However, this time is enough for Wang Tianping. In the end of his energy, the situation can be controlled in one second from seeing the radar high-energy response to shouting and then controlling the shuttle to stop after Wang Tianping hears the sound.
Moreover, it is not passive emergency stop evasion. Although the shuttle has no weapons to make them counterattack, Wang Tianping can still make some troubles for the enemy by taking advantage of the fact that the enemy has not locked and guided the radar.
Seeing that he escaped the first attack, he changed his speed regularly. The shuttle just flew at a constant speed for a while and then accelerated immediately. This time, a bullet flashed past the back of the shuttle.
It didn’t take long for the shuttle to slow down and accelerate frequently, and even made some difficult evasive moves, such as lateral flip, rapid change of direction, snake-like drag, etc. Shells kept flying towards the shuttle, but with one exception, none of them could hit the shuttle.
In this case, if the enemy artillery can fire rapidly or there are many identical artillery, the frenzied squadron must be unlucky, but perhaps because of the difficulty of the game, there will always be a cannon attacking here.
After a few minutes of stop-and-go in the shuttle, everyone finally came to the periphery of the target asteroid, and the cannon installed in another asteroid department for auxiliary defense finally stopped attacking
For the time being, there is no external threat, and people finally have a chance to observe this asteroid at close range. They see that it is a fairly regular asteroid, and the whole asteroid is close to a cuboid.
A gap was artificially dug in one edge of this cuboid, just like one edge of a cuboid carton was folded in. Here, a simple entrance was built, and a huge alloy gate was tightly closed. In front of the gate, there was a piece enough to dock at the apron of more than ten shuttles.
Wang Tianping drove the shuttle around the asteroid and found that there was nothing abnormal on the surface of the asteroid except the initial entrance. At first glance, he would never have thought that it would be a natural asteroid after artificial modification.
In the end, the shuttle stopped at the tarmac in front of the gate. At the moment of smooth landing, everyone’s progress changed by 1%. The first step was finally completed, and everyone was finally relieved.
This time, 1% of the enemy’s attack intensity is of course much weaker than that of the former sergeant. At that time, it was a battleship, and the transport ship was transformed into a main gun, several auxiliary guns and several rapid-fire guns.
This time, it’s just a gun, even though its power is similar to that of the main gun, but the fire density has dropped too much.
However, in spite of this, people feel that the danger is definitely much higher than that of the sergeant. During the sergeant’s period, they did not annihilate the shuttle during the driving stage.
The high concealment of gunpowder weapon makes it an invisible killer, but the most criticized loud sound is broadcast because it is in such a real environment, and the only attack sign of radar will not have that flash and high-energy reaction
The frenzied squadron can grasp the real situation at that moment because it has a professional communication soldier. If it is an ordinary player, it is estimated that the root will not care about the short-term change of radar, and even if it is seen, it will not attribute the cause of death to this seemingly illusory reaction.
Although the frenzy squadron entered the sergeant for the second time at this time, it was already foreseeable that several ordinary players would stumble here in the future and then try again and again until someone announced the appropriate strategy.
But that’s all after that. Now 41 mecha have come out of the shuttle’s cargo hold, and the magnetic adsorber has been turned on. After the adjustment of the apron made of this alloy, they have gone to the gate one after another.
It’s a door that allows dozens of mecha to walk in a row, which is much wider than the largest door in Karen’s city, and it can be seen from the outside that its firmness is not a mecha weapon that can be easily broken through.
What if I take it? The problem of entering the door is in front of us again, and it seems that the door has become a small game in the game. There are forced doors, decrypted doors and lured enemies to enter the door by themselves. So what is the design this time?
Wang Tianping wanted to think, and first looked at a mecha communication equipment and found that the signal here was not blocked. It seems that there is no Eden tissue shadow here.
However, although it is possible to unite the NPC of the gods and planets, as mentioned before, even if the military high-level officials know that there is an imperial base, they will not send reinforcements, that is, at most, they will help evacuate. The specific process depends on the players themselves.
Wang Tianping thought about it from the enemy’s point of view. The enemy is sure that there will be no reinforcements for the white invaders, and he definitely doesn’t want to reveal the secrets here. The first step of defense has failed. Now the most suitable choice the enemy can do is to destroy the invaders in this base.
Then what the enemy should do now should be to take the initiative to open the gate and let the intruders in. Thought of this, Wang Tianping controlled the patrolman to walk to an operation panel next to the gate and pressed the door button.
The door in the crowd surprised eyes slowly qi.
Chapter 34 Standard but Weird Base
In front of the gate of the secret base of the Imperial camp CD15
All the people in the frenzy squadron are still thinking about how to open the gate this time. They are still looking around to find out the abnormal points around, but the gate is slowly opening in Wang Tianping’s exercise.
This time, without protective measures, the controller next to the gate can directly open the enemy root, so there is no lock on the gate and no need to enter a password.
"Be alert!" Seeing that everyone was still surprised to open the door, Wang Tianping woke up and said, "If the enemy’s purpose is to lure us into the base and destroy our department before we get the information of this base, then the door behind it is the first best opportunity."
The way to open the gate is not to open it from the middle like a general gate, but the whole gate will gradually sink, and finally the whole gate will sink into the passage.
As Wang Tianping said, ordinary players may not be very vigilant during this period of time. This is the best time for the base garrison to destroy intruders.
In front of the door, I didn’t see the red dot on the radar, but that doesn’t mean that there is no enemy. After the people heard Wang Tianping’s order to make a warning gesture and bring up the weapon, the gate end finally fell to the mecha’s highest camera. The situation over there was shown in front of everyone.
It’s a big one, and there’s the same door on the other side, but it’s still sealed. This scene reminds everyone of the pressurized cabin in Karen City.
Of course, although this large-scale pressurized cabin is also very compelling, it has not attracted everyone’s attention. Now all eyes are on the enemy in the pressurized cabin.
Chaser, Windrunner, Shadow Warrior Chaser A mecha has a full squad. There are ten sets of three kinds of mechs each. At this time, the fastest and the forefront of the team. Ten typhoon walkers have rushed in and the last shadow fighters have moved to the corner of the pressurized cabin to act as sniper points.
"God combined fire to suppress the rest of the people to retreat behind the protector, and the shadow fighters and pursuers were free to shoot." Wang Tianping ordered to see the true face of the enemy in an instant.