As a result, Chen Kai-milli accidentally fell toward the cliff, and in the lonely night, he crossed a continuous cry. This call was so conspicuous in the lonely forest as if Wan Liqing’s thunder showed Chen Kai’s full momentum.

"Ah Lao must go back."
split line
When Chen Kai was unlucky enough to run for his life in the skeleton forest, Xu Fei and others were very depressed. They were looking for their own trial recipients in the fortress, but not everyone was so easy to find Xu Fei. It took them a day to find them and completely accept all the trials.
Compared with the professional trial of fighting, the trial of two priests, Chen Yi and Wang Feifei, is simply too simple. One is to take care of 300 patients, and the other is to make 30 bottles of magical medicine with therapeutic effect. It is very simple for them, but according to the old nurse’s implicit suggestion, the better they take care of the patients, the higher the quality of the medicine with therapeutic effect, and the special reward will be obtained.
For several wizards, it is very depressing to copy 300 chapters of the magic pattern. This is not an ordinary piece of paper, but a chapter. According to Xu Fei’s own understanding, one chapter of the magic pattern is to introduce the formation and development of this magic pattern. There are almost 30 to 40 pages, which is close to tens of thousands of words. That is to say, 300 chapters of the magic pattern need to be copied almost 9 pages, 20 million words less, and the most horrible thing has to be completed in 15 days.
As a result, Xu Fei’s men fell into a situation of constantly copying after accepting it, and the most depressing thing for these promotion wizards was that those variant magic lines had to be written with special potions, that is to say, these copied magic lines must be activated and can be made. It takes five minutes to half an hour to make one magic line less, and when 300 magic lines and variant magic lines are close to 1000, it takes five thousand minutes less, that is, it takes more than ten hours to work nonstop.
Fortunately, most of the magicians have practiced very good copying skills. In many cases, it is only necessary to copy spells directly by magic instead of arms. The most difficult thing for them is to make a magic tattoo. In this respect, the shortest time is five minutes, which is a matter of familiarity. Many magic tattoos have never been seen by players before, so the speed of making and drawing are very long. It often takes half an hour to make a new magic tattoo, so it is still not enough for Xu Fei and them.
When Chen Kai cried out in pain, Xu Fei and some of them were also in great pain, complaining there because several of their wizards hated this trial very much, and it was so exhausting.
Chapter 333 Escape from the forest (1)
Chapter 333 Escape from the forest
When several spellcasters in Xu Fei have a headache, such as mastering and making magic lines as soon as possible, it is not easy for Su Xinghe and his melee and archers to try, especially the unlucky cloud. His current state can be said to be aquatic and fiery, because his trial is to explore the devil’s movements and need to sneak into the hinterland of the demon-occupied area to find their large troops and get news back safely.
For many thieves, this foundation is impossible to complete, because they must carefully lurk through the plains occupied by thousands of scattered demons and then find the traces of the demon army in the vast wilderness. The most important thing is to find the golden demon, and the higher demons can only be completely completed if they find them, while the other half is to bring the demon news back to the fortress.
For thieves, the test of the former is their observation and judgment. They must find the clues of demon evacuation in the vast wilderness, and then find the demon through these traces, and even find the high-level gold demon. Returning from the demon is a test of the ability of thieves and players to save their lives. At the same time, the success rate of thieves is increased. All thieves who have been promoted are combined into a team and set off at the same time. Each team is close to a squadron configuration, that is, there are 36 people.
However, due to the number of people, it has been three days since Yun set out for the demon-occupied land, that is, the night when Llewellyn was slowly rushed to the cliff, Yun received the news that he had just fallen asleep, and he was unwilling to be pulled out of the bed and ran directly to the camp of this spooky scout group, where he quietly waited for the arrival of all the thieves.
"all right! Everyone is here. I think it’s clear! I don’t want to say much else, but I have warned you to be careful. You are all thieves among travelers. You can advance in this battle and say that your talent and hard work will not let you down! " In front of the cloud is an advanced thief scout in dark leather armor. His eyes are as cold as a dead man, and at the same time, he has no breath like a living person, as if he were a piece of ice for thousands of years.
Looking at this advanced thief scout cloud in front of him, the drowsiness disappeared completely, especially when the other person’s cold eyes stabbed him. He seemed to have a feeling of suffocation. According to Yun’s own understanding, it was definitely after killing many people that a killer’s eyes formed, and his eyes were as indifferent as dirt. When he saw it, people would feel inexplicable chill.
At the same time, behind the cloud, those thieves and players suddenly burst into tears. Everyone drank the cloud and looked at the opposite aboriginal thief with a serious expression. The rogue base is already a lucky player among all the thieves who participated in the war. Therefore, it can be said that none of them will be weak, and then they will gradually become familiar with each other after reporting their names. After all, everyone knows that it is absolutely impossible to rely solely on personal strength to complete this time. Everyone must work together.
Yun also saw two acquaintances here, two acquaintances from Yaduoge in the south, that is, two thieves’ heads in the Lin Lei Guild, and two brothers, Dark Bi Zi, advanced in tandem at the same time and were very lucky to meet Yun, so they were a little familiar. The three men chose to form a small group to help each other in this process.
"Dagger! Why didn’t your boss Lin come? Even Vice President Li Yi didn’t come. What happened to them? " The cloud wore black Se nocturnal leather armor and followed the dark Bi. All of them wore this kind of clothes, which could hardly see the figure in the dark, and slowly shuttled through the grassland to keep quiet. Everyone didn’t have a big speech. Communication was completed by team channels or private chats.
"Don’t! Lei sir, when he won the bid, he accidentally enlarged the belly of Lei Sister-in-law, who had not yet passed the door. It didn’t matter. Lei sir is the heir of the Lins, and Lei Sister-in-law is almost as rich as him. As a result, Lei sir’s father-in-law rushed into the Lins with his bodyguard and almost didn’t beat Lei sir into peace. Now he is still lying in the hospital! " Dark Bi was very depressed and sighed. He also felt that his boss was so unlucky that he was engaged. As a result, it happened that the old father-in-law was an old fogey and most opposed to paying the ticket first.
Of course, it is estimated that Lin Lei’s father-in-law was a prominent guy at that time, and he really couldn’t afford to lose his daughter’s big belly when she got married. If it weren’t for Lin Lei’s wife, it is estimated that this hot old man would definitely beat his son-in-law into a meat pie.
When Li Yi is busy with Lin Lei’s illness and treatment, things in the castle will naturally take part in this war. It is best to let high-level trade union members such as Dark Bi come here with some elite members to see the wind. According to Li Yi’s estimation, if this battle is a victory for the human side, it is possible that the whole fortress of San Zela will be put into a new war place for all players, so that all players who are eager to gain combat merits in exchange for good equipment can have a place to show their strength.
Therefore, Li Yi is not worried that he will have no chance to come to the northern fortress. Of course, the fact is that the surrounding area of Yadog is enough for Raytheon Guild to develop. Every once in a while, Yadog’s middle and high undead will send some low-level skeletons to attack the surrounding castles. This attack is random and does not capture the castle, but the main purpose is to destroy and obtain the players’ bodies. It can be said that hundreds of unlucky players are stripped to bare pigs every time they fight with the undead. Fortunately, players can get certain merits and benefits every time they fight with the undead. Otherwise, it is estimated that no one will stick to this area of Yad
When marching in the dark, everyone dare not doze off because they know that they are all thin-skinned thieves. Once a demon suddenly appears in the dark, it will definitely turn into a fierce battle. Although it is not to say that no thief has singled out the demon, the level difference was not very big at that time. There is little difference between the whole Zera fortress plain and the player’s level. Moreover, there is no discomfort for the devil at night, except that the visual distance is suppressed, but the player’s visual field will be suppressed. Fighting with the devil at night is the stupidest thing.
Just as Yun and Dark Bi were chatting and discussing Lin Lei and Lin’s sister-in-law, Lin Lei was dragged out of the game warehouse by his father-in-law. When he beat him, he led a thief and suddenly said something hidden in the team channel! In an instant, all the thieves’ cloaks were wrapped up, and the horse lay prone in the grass. The original figure fell into the wilderness, and there was a breeze blowing in the grass.
At the moment when all thieves heard the warning, they directly made the shadows escape to match their black Se cloaks and instantly fell into the darkness. Most of them were covered with herbal medicine to mask their breath ointment. Naturally, this ointment was not prepared by themselves, and Se was not randomly picked from the side like Chen Kai. It was this special ointment.
In the end, the flaw of this ointment combined with the shadow hiding skill has also been closed. If you are not unlucky enough to be hit by other animals, you will not be found hiding there, but it also requires advanced shadow hiding skills. If you can’t even hide yourself, the effect of the ointment will naturally start.
However, all the thieves present here are old hands. Although they have mastered the skill of shadow hiding, they are definitely not even able to hide their own bodies. Everyone is lying on the ground like a piece of brown Se soil appearing in the grass. In a dark environment, they can’t tell whether it is mud or soil, so naturally they won’t associate it with people.
Everyone tries to control their breath when the footprints come. They stick their heads very low and tightly to the soil, and their breathing times are slowly controlled. This is a skill of shadow hiding. This skill has been engraved in their bodies when they took up their jobs as thieves. When they continue to practice this skill, this skill is gradually guided to make them hide more concealed.
When the footprints slowly faded away, all the thieves’ breathing gradually became normal. Only at this time did they know what a cloud had just passed by. They had killed the magic, but the magic was even bigger and almost reached the height of four meters of terror. When the depressing footprints hit the ground more than 100 meters away, they could clearly feel the ground vibration. Fortunately, thanks to the glasses, he led the thief’s head to wear a self-made telescopic glasses. He could also clearly see the various situations in the distance in the rapid action. A thousand meters ago, he found this huge creature and took the lead in reporting when the other side’s field of vision swept here. Then all the talents
"Depend! That size is too big! " Looking far away, even if the distance between the two sides is close to more than two thousand meters, you can still see the tall figure walking slowly in the distance like a huge moving stone on the horizon.
"Slice! What is this? You didn’t see that its claws were half a meter long. Don’t say that it was caught by claws. It is estimated that you can tear our leather armor just by touching it! " A thief who ventured to capture the image of the magic force sent a dark picture of the magic force to the team channel. Everyone had a very deep understanding of the magic force. At the end of the white moonlight, the magic force was less than 100 meters away from all the thieves recently. It was very clear that they could clearly see that the magic force had a narrow wound in the chest, which was so wide that it almost ran across the chest and abdomen.
"Depend! This is not the end out of the god domain a whole brigade human magic Sagues! This wound is definitely a crazy axe! " A well-informed thief pointed to the picture and immediately recognized the identity of Li Mo. According to him, this Li Mo was the only demon who knew the name in the first stage. Sagues said it himself because it would shout that Sagues was hungry when it devoured the players. Moreover, this mighty Li Mo was the first one to kill the whole player brigade and nearly 150 people in four squadrons in cape fear Se were wiped out by it. The only danger they posed to it was that a life-changing attack by a fifth-order axe warrior in the team almost hit Li Mo hard, but it did not recover the defeat.
As a result, the whole team finally fled back to three, and they still fled back in tears, because they were all carrying equipment handed over by others. This shows the degree of unity of players in this guild in Shenqu. If it is not to protect these equipment, it is estimated that these players would rather be hung back to the fortress together than escape alone. Of course, they will not admit that they are weak. After all, the equipment is too important for players, especially the axe, which is the lifeblood of the whole Shenqu.
However, it is precisely because of this attack in Shenqu that all players have realized the true strength of the order demons. They are no longer walls. Those who are suppressed by aborigines are fighting off monsters, but they are powerful and make people collapse. Of course, it may also be a long way to go to unify and increase the difficulty of players. It may also be a retreat from the demon army to stop human pursuit. It is also a long way to go to stop the total players from killing enough demons and obtaining the qualification of establishing a higher knights.
Of course, this is nothing to Yun. What they have to do now is to continue on their way and rush out of this area as soon as possible while the demon’s vision distance is suppressed in the dark. However, because the demon distribution area is so wide, even if all the thieves try to run with their legs, they still don’t run out of this wilderness before dawn, but they are still about 20 kilometers away from the fortress.
After a long-distance attack in the middle of the night, everyone’s physical strength has dropped to a low point, especially those physical strength values are not enough for players, especially in the game. The unity of physical strength values is a heart disease for all players. Although some liquid medicines that can increase physical strength are issued, the materials for preparing the liquid medicines often need a lot of money and the effect is not very obvious. In addition to drinking the liquid medicine, players have to cooperate with the exercise to increase the physical strength limit according to the exercise effect. Generally speaking, it is very good that you can increase the physical strength limit by one point once. It’s a good thing unless you run a few marathons, in which case it’s estimated that you can add 50 or 60 points, but it will definitely make you weak for a few days temporarily. That feeling of muscle weakness makes all players who have drunk drugs and successfully increased their physical strength feel uncomfortable.
Of course, besides this, there is another way to increase physical strength, that is, running tirelessly until your physical strength is exhausted, then slowly recovering your physical strength, and then exhausting it. This crazy practice is the most effective way to increase your physical strength and has no adverse effects, but the effect is a little long and the number of points is not only increased by no more than ten points at a time, but also like Titan Blood, which can increase physical strength and other attributes. It is a pity that Titan’s painstaking efforts have been drunk by Chen Kai twice. Although I shared food with Bath and others for the first time, it also made Chen Kai gain great benefits. The second time, it made Chen Kai get a perfection that made people jealous. When his body was tired and soft, Yun especially envied and envied his boss Chen Kai, who envied him for his good luck and drinking Titan’s hard work.
But for the cloud, it’s just envy. After all, everything has been digested by ll, and naturally there is no way to get it out. Moreover, every time ll drinks Titan’s painstaking efforts, they are not present, and there is no way to divide it. This kind of envy can be thought about in your mind. After all, even if they stew ll, it is impossible to obtain Titan’s blood ability. The system will not leave this flaw
Yunyun can honestly wait for Liwen to prepare a physical strength-increasing agent, but this agent is very complicated to configure. Liwen has not found the best formula to test it slowly for the time being. After all, the effects of physical strength-increasing agents prepared by different formulas are different, and some are better. Even so, Yunyun’s physical strength can still be increased by his own hard exercise, but even so, his physical strength value and length are not bad among all thieves, but they have been running for too long and the distance is too long. As a result, they are all too tired to lie on the ground and gasp for the new day.
At the same time, when the sun just rose, in the northwest forest, Chen Kai was biting his teeth and slowly climbing from the cliff. Although the glider didn’t let Chen Kai fall to his death, he also fell half-dead. According to his own examination, four ribs were broken, but in the end, he survived by hanging the broken silk on the cliff. At that moment, Chen Kai felt that his luck should turn, otherwise it wouldn’t have happened. After all, only a few big trees could be hung on the bare cliff.
However, even if Chen Kai was lucky enough not to die after hitting the mountain, his physical injury made him suffer for a night. It was not easy to control the wound by relying on his own magical skills, and then he slowly climbed up the steep mountain wall with his own hands. In fact, he could also choose to climb the cliff, but the cliff side is the boundary of the skeleton forest. Chen Kai would never want to escape from the tiger. E was stupid enough to climb back to where he was. He could climb the cliff hundreds of meters high with his bare hands in the most dangerous way, and he climbed less than 100 meters until the day when Se was bright.
Chapter 334 Escape from the forest (2)