"Well, the monsters outside are pitifully weak anyway. Why don’t we go outside?" After searching for most of the day, I couldn’t find the desert pyramid. The devil was crying and couldn’t help talking. After all, compared with the dangerous desert pyramid, everyone might as well go outside the desert continent to come true.

I can’t agree with the suggestion that the devil is crying. Although our Dragon Soul organization has occupied four places, I still politely asked about the meaning of "whether to continue looking for the desert pyramid or directly look for the second floor entrance."
Tilting love thought for a while and finally shook his head and said, "Let’s continue to look for the desert pyramid. Although the monsters that attack us now are not severe, it doesn’t mean that the strength of the monsters in the back floors will be the same. When the monsters in the back floors encounter the desert map, they are not familiar with shortcuts. It is better to be familiar with shortcuts when it is not dangerous."
It was after a long thought that she said that she knew which was more important, to travel on the second floor now or to stay on the first floor to find a shortcut to the desert pyramid.
After all, the dry consumption on the first floor is purely a wave.
However, after careful consideration, she decided to try to get familiar with the shortcut desert pyramid on the first floor where the monster is weak, so that even if the map behind meets the desert terrain and the monster is still very powerful, then her side can rely on the shortcut desert pyramid to reach the first floor.
In this case, we naturally won’t have any objection. After all, players who are not brain-dead here can naturally understand the meaning of tilting love. After all, the three high temples and the temple of life are known as the most mysterious and dangerous temple of life. Everyone can’t recognize the monsters behind them. It will be as easy as slaughtering sand scorpions now.
Our party searched in the desert for another minute, and finally found the shortcut desert pyramid in a dust storm. This pyramid is similar to the authentic pyramid of ancient Egypt, and it is less than the top goddess statue when we looked outside the temple, and the size is much smaller. It is estimated that the base diameter is about 3 meters.
The reason why this huge building was not found was that there were dust storms around the pyramid. It was precisely because of these dust storms that the pyramid was completely wrapped up, so that players could see inside, and no one would have thought that the desert pyramid was actually in the dust storm.
I’m afraid we wouldn’t have been able to find the desert pyramid if Zhao Linger hadn’t just affected the operation of the dust storm when he cast his wind magic.
"How to get in?" Looking at the entrance of the pyramid, I jokingly said, "There are mummies and pharaohs in the pyramid, and we may touch them when we pass through it. It is said that there is a deadly poison gas floating in the pyramid in the real world. I wonder if there is such poison gas in the game."
Cheng Lian smiled at the Avengers and said slowly, "Even if there are mummies and pharaohs, I think the honorable Avengers will come forward to protect me. If it is in the real world, maybe we will take care of it. But now, in the game, I think the so-called poisonous gas is just to make us lose some life."
"If a mummy and Pharaoh come out, will I be the first to run for your life?" I took a look at Cheng Lian’s eyes and said in a very serious tone, "Miss Cheng Lian, you look fine and tender, and if you are chased by mummies and pharaohs in your prime, you may be kidnapped and returned to be the wife of the fortress. Hey hey, I am very much looking forward to your being tied into a mummy."
You!’ I was furious when I fell in love with nature, but I couldn’t find a way to refute my words. At that time, my mouth said angrily, "Avenger, you are really hateful. Hum, I knew you were so hateful. Why should I worship you so much? I knew I should worship the God-eater at that time, and now I should invite the God-eater to the temple of life."
"Miss, you say you worship me?" I’m curious about this, just like discovering a rare continent. "No, I’ve shot you for a second. You hate me, but how can you worship me?" After looking at my eyes with suspicion, I asked cautiously, "Do you have a tendency to be abused?"
"You! Avengers, you want to die! " Qing Cheng Lian said that he was going to start work with me.
"I said!" Just then the devil was crying and suddenly interrupted, "will you two stop quarreling?" We will soon enter the desert pyramid, and I don’t know how dangerous it will be. If we can’t unite now, we may capsize in the gutter. "
After the devil is crying, he wakes up and falls in love. This is the only way to react. For the Avenger, although there is anger in his heart, it is insignificant compared with what he needs. Besides, it seems to be reasonable for him to say that I still admire him so much. Am I really inclined to be abused myself?
At the thought that I might have a tendency to be abused, I quickly dumped my head and thought to myself, who am I? I’m deeply in love. How can anyone get angry with me if I abuse others? How can I be abused? This must be the Avengers’ nonsense. Yes, it must be the Avengers’ nonsense.
After understanding this section, I fell in love and shook my head and sighed, saying, "Forget it, my adult, regardless of the villain, who made me admire the master and turned out to be such a disgusting guy? This really doesn’t match your identity. If it weren’t for the grass shovel sword in your hand, I really doubt whether you are the avenger of China area."
"All right, Miss Cheng Lian was just joking with you." I did think too much about what I said just now. At this moment, seeing that Cheng Lian looks bad, I should let go first. "If a beautiful woman like you is so beautiful, so noble and so temperamental, if she meets a mummy or Pharaoh in the pyramid, I will be the first to get up and guard in front of you."
No one doesn’t like to listen to beautiful women like Cheng Lian, so Cheng Lian’s face has improved a lot since I sent these good words.
"It’s still like a human remark," Cheng Lian said with a smile and a good mood. "I’ll forgive you if you admit your mistake voluntarily and it’s my favorite Avenger. Well, it’s also delayed a lot. Let’s go in now. I really don’t know what strange things will be in the desert pyramid."
"There will definitely be mummies and pharaohs." As soon as I said this sentence, I saw that the love face was black and a pair of jade hands trembled slightly and there was an explosive trend. Seeing this scene, I quickly reckon, "Don’t worry, even if there are mummies and pharaohs, I am still here! One to kill one, two to kill one pair. "
After hearing my words, I fell in love and walked into the pyramid with a smile on my face.
Now I can finally understand Confucius’ famous saying that it is difficult to raise a woman in this world.
Chapter two hundred and thirteen Desert Pyramid ()
When the people shuttled through the desert pyramid for dozens of minutes, they finally gradually found out the passage inside.
There are not many forks in the pyramid. The only thing that makes us feel a little strange is that there is some dark smell in the air. This smell makes everyone feel heavy, as if suppressing special feelings, and it makes us all feel a little surprised that there are no monsters in the pyramid.
Yes, neither the pyramid signature mummy nor the Egyptian Pharaoh has appeared yet.
"Finally found it." After walking in the pyramid for three to four minutes, Tyrannosaurus Rex looked at a mottled stone gate in front of him and said slowly, "If I guess right, behind this stone gate should be the most mysterious place in this pyramid-the Pharaoh’s Mausoleum. According to the reverse logic of the game, the shortcut to the second floor should be in the Pharaoh’s Mausoleum."
"Then what are you waiting for? Hurry in and have a look!" I finally found the Pharaoh’s mausoleum, except for my love with Qingcheng. It is the most exciting thing for the devil to cry. After all, it is unrealistic for the devil to visit the pyramids in Egypt in the real world, so it is worthwhile to visit the Pharaoh’s mausoleum in the game.
When the mottled stone gate leading to the Pharaoh’s mausoleum was slowly pushed back, the first thing that came into view was a dazzling golden light. Yes, behind the small door was a tall and magnificent hall, whose size and length were estimated to occupy about half of the pyramid area. There were 16*16 crystal lamps hanging neatly in the hall, casting a color like gold.
The walls, columns and ceilings of this Pharaoh’s mausoleum hall are inlaid with gold foil murals, which are hanging on the walls at the moment. All these large mural patterns describe the great achievements of a Pharaoh and show his deeds before his death.
In the center of the hall is a shining golden ladder. Along the ladder, there is a huge rectangular coffin inlaid with gold, crystals and other rare things. Around the coffin, a tall warrior with a spear is standing upright to guard the Pharaoh’s coffin.