Say to Xiao Shengqiang

Xiao Chengjiang nodded his head. He has resisted pressure for so long and has long wanted to kill people and fight back.
He has armor and is not afraid of resisting the tower. He walks into the tower and hits the one on the left.
Neither of them touched the deep tower. Anyway, it will move back slowly. You might as well wait for it to come.
Soon all three tuo were killed, and the remaining one came back slowly.
SOAZ would rather give up this lump than watch him die if he had a choice.
In particular, the dragon lady and mantis were humble, but the mantis was in a better position, but turned away, as if the root could not see the head
Yu Longnv is excited to accept this last sticky thing.
Xiaoshengqiang finally got the first head of the field.
"Don’t worry, I’ll fight later!"
Lu Zhancao mantis walked back to the middle and said to Xiao Chengjiang
Xiao Chengjiang nodded with Lu Zhan in him, of course, is very at ease.
Yu Liuzhan swaggered back to the middle road.
This wave of wandering only lasted for more than a minute, and he also lost two waves of soldiers, but it helped Lu to fight the situation.
On the other hand, Casadin is worse than Lu Zhan. It is not that two soldiers can make up for the economic gap. The economy has been widened.
In this way, even if Lu Zhan swam back, Casadin still dared not go too far from the tower, and Lu Zhan’s strong playing style had made him worry.
Lu Zhan didn’t stay in the middle for long. After cleaning up Casadin’s clear line and accumulating enemy soldiers, he disappeared from the middle again.
This time, the goal was still Luzak Gangxian, and it wasn’t long before it was once again gank by Lu Zhan. Although Zach was chastened and stuck his eyes in triangle grass, Lu Zhan actually jumped over the wall from the place of Big Ghost and came to gank behind Zach.
In this way, he was once again caught dead by Lu Zhan.
In five minutes, Lu Zhan went to the road three times, Zach was killed three times, and Xiao Shengqiang took all three heads.
Every time there is a land exhibition, it is with a passive buff, and the location and timing of it are guessed by sOAZ method.
Lu Zhanli’s e skill crossed the terrain and perfectly bypassed his eye position, allowing him to guard against it from his hands, and finally he could choose to put one tower and hold two towers firmly.
"ok road also collapsed!" Lu Zhan smiled at the corner of his mouth, and his goal was achieved.
First, kill Casadin, focus on the middle of the road once, and then grab the road frequently.
It’s time to change roads once.
The meaning of singleness is to support two-way alignment.
Chapter 637 A person destroys an individual.
The European team’s road has been developing normally, and it’s not as easy to grasp as the road, and teammate Mo Li didn’t actively cooperate with the land exhibition. He got a head twice, but it still restricted the development of the other team.
Every time I leave the middle of the road, the line of soldiers is near the opponent’s tower. Cassadine is much worse than him, and he dare not support easily, which can make his teammates ask for more happiness.
But when Lu Zhan comes back, it won’t be long before Casadingen can make up much money without a head.
European teams have always been good at stabilizing team battles in the middle and late stages, but Lu Zhan alone has disturbed their three roads. Although they are still on the line, they have no good days.
"If the other party doesn’t play the group, they can force the group to solve it. Why don’t they force the group for the land exhibition?"
Chen Nannan, who was absorbed in the stands, said while waving a light stick.
Beside her, Zihua held up a sign that read "Come on Lu Zhan" in French.
"What he travels around gank is to break their bodies and prevent them from developing peacefully, so that even if the other side forcibly drags the China team to play the match, it will still be in a passive situation," Zihua replied.
Chen Nannan nodded thoughtfully and said after a while, "He’s really amazing. It looks so quiet outside. When people get to the game, they become different. How do you say it? There is a sharp-edged feeling."
This is the first time she has watched the land exhibition competition and reached such a conclusion.
In fact, many people have re-recognized Lu Zhan like her.