B Hugh looked at Yi Yu lightly and said, "Now that you know my answer, don’t answer our question quickly!" "

Yi Yu smiled and said, "In fact, I didn’t know that the real person B was in the dark just now. I just feel that today’s things don’t seem to be that simple. I estimate that besides Geng Kun’s predecessors, there will be experts to look after him again. That’s why I didn’t speak a lie. I didn’t expect to lead out the real person B. But I think it’s because I don’t talk. At this time, real people will naturally show up. "
B Hugh snorted and didn’t say yes.
Yi Yu answered, "As for what the real person B asked, there is nothing to say. Mrs. Bao Xiang is the mother of Han Calyx, just like my mother. Although I think I’m cruel. But it is never vague to treat one’s own family. If in the end, the real person still doesn’t show up. I’m also quite sure that I can get into the cave one step ahead of my predecessors. Save Mrs. Bao Xiang to my’ pure land of bliss’. Although this move may have ruined her years of hard work, it is always Bidiu’s life. "
B Hugh listened to Yi Yuzhi’s words and nodded: "Although I don’t know what you were thinking at that time. But since you can say so, I will believe you once. But … "
Yi Yuyi saw Yi Xiu’s face and said, "If you really have something to say, just say it."
B Hugh said, "I wonder if you know that Situ Ping is my registered disciple."
Yi Yu smiled and said, "This is the first time I’ve heard of it. I didn’t expect him to have this blessing. "
Seeing that Yi Yu had no response, B Hugh raised his voice and said, "It seems that the two sisters of the Qin family have already decided to marry Situ Ping through Mrs. Bao Xiang."
"Oh …" Yi Yu heard these words, but he just snorted as if he didn’t do it at all.
B Hugh couldn’t help being angry when he looked at Yi Yu’s irrelevant behavior, but because of his wife’s relationship at home, he was even more intimidated by Shen Wusu’s ferocity. He really didn’t dare to do anything to Yi Yu. I think that when B Hugh pursued Han Xianzi, he often went to Little Sumi Mountain in the East China Sea, but he was bullied by the witch Shen Wujie. In those days, this second Hugh dared to be angry and dare not speak. Who made him want to marry someone else’s nephew as his wife?
B Hugh said, "Don’t Taoist friends want to say something when they take away their wives?"
Yi Yu smiled and said, "What is there to say? Did Situ Ping ask you, the master, to come to me and make Yi Yu come forward? " Speaking of which, Yi Yu’s face also cooled down, and his eyes flashed like a wild animal, and he stared at B Hugh like a mad dog protecting food.
The four people present, including B Hugh, didn’t expect Yi Yu’s reaction to be so fierce that they turned against each other. At this time, Yi Yu’s pitfalls have been openly released, and there is a posture of blood spattering on the spot without a word. But a moment later, this sharp flank suddenly disappeared.
Yi Yu looked at God Camel B indifferently and said, "You and I have a deep relationship, so we are not enemies. And now that the catastrophe is coming, we must be in the same boat in the future because of Little Sumeru Mountain. Cold calyx is my lover, and I don’t want to hear such words that may make her feel uncomfortable again. As for Situ Ping ….. "Said Situ Pingyu with a cruel look:" As the saying goes,’ Killing a wife’ requires killing first and then taking a wife. It seems that I was a little soft-hearted in the past, and I will deal with him next time. "
B Hugh looked at Yi Yudao coldly: "How do you want to …" For the funeral, please see the next "What"

What’s the 210th time?
Don’t listen to Yi Yu’s nonchalantly saying, "What do you want?"? !”
Yi Yu glanced at Taoist Geng Kun’s tunnel: "Why doesn’t this old guy move?" What is he waiting for? Besides, it seems that this old camel Hugh is not in a hurry, and he is still in the mood to talk nonsense with me here. The demon corpse GuChen doesn’t worry, but he has to wait for Mrs. Bao Xiang to take off the robbery … Then after Zheng Bagu and Zhuge warned me, they still don’t leave. It seems that they must be waiting for someone, and the three immortals of Emei haven’t shown up yet. It is reasonable to say that things that can attract people like B Hugh and Gu Chen can really be indifferent to the Three Immortals in the East China Sea! What are they waiting for? "
Although I was thinking in my heart, Yi Yu still smiled at Yi Xiu and said, "I want to resolve the contradiction between us! And you … are creating contradictions. "
B Hugh light a smile: "SiTuPing that boy is good for my appetite …"
Yi Yudao: "You want to protect him?"
B Hugh said indifferently, "Yes! I just want to protect him! "
Yi Yu smiled faintly: "Hey! It’s a pity. It seems that our quarrel is over. Then you’d better let that boy stay in your hole for the rest of his life. Otherwise … Hum! "
After that, Taoist Geng Kun waved his hand and smiled: "It’s your turn, Geng. Today, you two are the protagonists. I’m just a walk-on. Don’t watch! Let’s fight! " Say Yi Yufei and jump to Zhuge Jing’s side.
Zhuge Jing looked at Yi Yudao as if nothing had happened. "How dare you talk to a real person like that?"
Yi Yu smiled and said, "Why can’t he call me uncle if he is innocent?" After that, Zhuge warned me and Zheng Bagu, "You will both call me granduncle!"
On hearing Yi Yu’s joke, Zheng Bagu, who is as calm and calm as Guanyin, couldn’t help but get angry. Zhuge Jing gave me a wry smile and said, "Yes! Just Shen Wusu and Yin Sutang should be able to win the game, not to mention that the ghost spirit and the green-tailed fox are also good players! You naturally have the strength to don’t be afraid of him … "
Zhuge, who looked at the meat thoughtfully, warned me. Yi Yu smiled and said, "Brother Zhuge, you haven’t really seen the spotless strength! How about it? "
Zhuge alarmed me and said, "How about what?"
Yi Yu smiled and said, "Don’t you think I have a bright future? Take refuge in me! "
Zhuge Jing smiled at me and said, "That’s a good proposal! However, although your strength is good, you are still too young. There are some things here that you can’t understand. "
Yi Yu smiled and said, "I knew you would say that! Well, then, can you tell me what that’ thing’ they are talking about is? In the present situation, you must be hopeless. I believe that you have never thought about getting that’ thing’. Just tell me and let me learn from it. "
Zhuge Jing smiled at me and said, "Do you want to get involved?"
Yi Yu shook her head. "It’s not time yet," he said. "It’s just curiosity. Besides, if that thing is really important, the master will naturally make moves. What’s the hurry for me to follow? If his old man doesn’t make a move, I’m afraid I have to weigh my own weight. "
Zhuge Jing listened to Yi Yu’s outspoken philistine words and smiled: "You are honest. In that case, I won’t tell you the truth. I’m not sure about the details. I only know that before Qin Yu died. Give it to Mrs. Bao Xiang as a very important thing. As for what it is, it is not known. " I took a look at Zheng Bagu when I said Zhuge Jing. She said, "Sister Zheng once witnessed this incident. She may know more, but she will never tell you."
Yi Yu also looked at the face some ugly Zheng Bagu smiled. "I don’t have to know," he said. "Anyway, I just have to wait until tomorrow morning when Mrs. Bao Xiang is in trouble. Everything is natural and clear! Presumably, those who have already appeared and those who have not yet appeared are waiting for that moment. "
Zhuge Jing sighed and said with a wry smile, "Yes! You are smart enough to see that there are others. "
Yi Yu shrugged his shoulders and said, "It’s hard to guess! Since the demon corpse Gu Chen, the god camel Yi Xiu and the Taoist Geng Kun on that wing can join in the fun for that’ thing’, it must be extraordinary. Since that’ thing’ is extraordinary, will the two factions in Qingcheng Mountain in Emei, which were most closely involved with Mrs. Bao Xiang, do nothing? And the new cult of magic needs to do a few things to revive its prestige, that is, if there is nothing for them here, I’m afraid it will come and make a scene. "
Zhuge Jing nodded at me and said, "Today will be a very lively night. Let’s watch."
Yi Yu smiled and said, "It seems that there are some blustery meanings. I really look forward to it!"
Looking at Yi Yu’s radical appearance, Zhuge Jing and I, Aunt Zheng, all smiled.
It is said that after Yi Yu pulled away, the cave where Mrs. Bao Xiang was hiding was only left with the camel Yi Xiu and the wing Taoist Geng Kun. Geng Kun looked at Hugh B, who also looked at Geng though just now.
People are going to war if they don’t agree with each other, but now Yi Yu has no intention of fighting.