Squeeze into the line and turn over the jumper. stackhouse is lucky. Basketball falls into the basketball again.

The difference between offensive and defensive conversion is still 6 points.
This time, stackhouse didn’t dare to steal the ball. After seeing Alston’s sharpness, stackhouse honestly waited for him to bring the ball to the three-point line.
But this time Alston didn’t choose singles, and saw Ginobili running over. Alston conveniently gave the ball to Ginobili. At this time, Kevin suddenly ran up and ran from the left-hand three-point line to the right hand …
In some cases, when Kevin started, Hill was startled. Hill reacted desperately and chased Kevin. Sure enough, Ginobili saw Kevin running and broke through himself.
That’s tricky
Alvin Genster rubbed up and looked at the stadium. He wanted to see what old Brown had done.
Ginobili went to the line, and at the same time Kevin went around the bottom line and turned back and rushed to the penalty area, almost at the same time as Ginobili.
What is this for?
Hill watched the máo Pistons center Brian nervous in the basket and didn’t know which one to guard against.
It should be Kevin.
Brian is on the side of the more famous Kevin. Brian just moved slightly. Ginobili suddenly took off in two steps and flew to the basket with one hand holding the ball.
depend on
Brian dark call bad turned to meet Ginobili jumped up.
Ginobili made a dodgy one-arm dunk in the basket.
good play
The Knicks bench was full of joy, but Alvin Genster was depressed about the Knicks. After watching it for a long time, he still didn’t see the white Knicks. Why did he think about it? Alvin Genster still asked Hill to guard against Kevin and stackhouse to guard against Ginobili. Since he didn’t know the Knicks plan for the time being, he should guard against it first.
Seeing stackhouse defending Ginobili Alston and giving the ball jiāo to Rashard Lewis, Lewis took a jumper, but Kevin still didn’t even slam the ball. stackhouse squeezed into the line and missed the jumper. He even played a few rounds, and Alston broke through and missed the throw.
The two teams came and went to attack, but they were deadlocked for a while. At the end of the third quarter, the Knicks still led the Pistons by 7 points.
After seeing Kevin luàn running again and others attacking successfully, Alvin Genster suddenly realized that his grandmother had been cheated for nothing. Old Brown, you old fox.
Alvin Genster hated to burst into tears. He finally managed to figure out what the White Knicks played. From the middle of the third quarter, Kevin hardly attacked. It was always Alston who took the ball over the half-court or played singles by himself or jiāo played singles for others, while Kevin always ran around luàn to attract defense.
Alvin Genster has been trying to figure out what tactics the Knicks will have, but he hasn’t changed his guard according to the score. But he didn’t come to Old Brown for nothing until he saw stackhouse panting. This is cheating him. In fact, there is no tactical root that is to let Kay striker drag the score.
Alvin genstema called for a pause and decisive rearrangement of defense.
Old Brown smiled when he saw Alvin Genster flustered, only to find out if it was too late … With a wave of his hand, Rasheed, Ray Allen and other main players returned to the field to replace, showing that Lewis, such as Se Alston and Ginobili, returned to the I m: o forward position and Kevin returned to the point guard position again.
After the pause, the two sides returned to the field to see the Knicks’ new team Alvin Genster almost vomiting blood. Kevin Totti was so nervous that he was cheated by the old fox. Seeing that the experienced Knicks Alvin Genster knew that this game was going to be Ji ā o.
Sure enough, from the return to the court, Knicks showed strong attack power, and Ray Allen and Rashid scored frequently on the outside. At the end of the third quarter, the difference was instantly pulled to 12 points.
At the end of the short break, the Knicks kept attacking stackhouse in the fourth quarter. Although they scored 2 points, they were short of physical strength. Grant Hill was left alone in the break to support the game. With 5 minutes left, the score difference has widened to 2 points.
Bite my teeth and look at Hill Alvingenster sitting on the bench. He sighed and changed his main team. There is still a game for the Pistons. If this game continues desperately, it will be hard enough to win the game.
Give up
Old Brown smiled when he saw the Pistons concede defeat, and he also changed to Kevin and other main players.
Knicks beat Detroit Pistons away to win three games in a row.
Kevin Totti contributed 25 points, 11 assists and 4 rebounds per game, while Grant Hill was not inferior to Se 26 points, 7 assists and 7 steals.
At the end of the game, Kevin greeted Hill and proudly ran back to the lounge.
At the press conference, Old Brown took Kevin to Alvingenster. At first, he flattered Old Brown to play the command of Se, and at the same time, he said that Kevin played Se in the position of I m 4 O forward before defeating the Pistons.
Listen to Alvin Genst’s sarcastic remarks, Kevin and Old Brown look at each other and smile at the same time.
Today, the second chapter, I m: O Hammer, recently watched Butterfly "The Melee of Online Games". It feels very good. Although it is an old man, I m: O Hammer has not been seen yet. If you haven’t seen it, it is very good to recommend a humorous style.
Chapter 43 Week Best
Chapter 43 Week Best
After answering some questions from reporters, Old Brown and Kevin left the press conference.
On the way back to the hotel, when the Knicks were still laughing at the game, Alvin Genster’s sad expression was reasonable to say that the Knicks might not take much advantage of the real knife and gun competition between the two teams …
The morale of the new army, which beat the Pistons away from home, was unprecedented. Although it was back-to-back the next day, the energetic Zhengtai Corps once again won a victory on the road.
New york Knicks beat Cleveland Cavaliers again away from home, kicking each other to the bottom of the East and ending a perfect four-game winning streak and three-game winning streak away from home.
Kevin Totti averaged 255 points and 132 assists in four games, the best player in the Eastern Conference in the first week.
Shaq O ‘Neal, the best player in the West, averaged 294 points, 152 rebounds and 34 blocked shots. The horror data led the Lakers to win a three-game winning streak.
Before the season, the new york Knicks showed a strong strength. Ray Allen averaged 214 points per game in the starting lineup. Rashid Wallace averaged 192 points and 6 points and 115 rebounds. In the replacement lineup, Ginobili averaged the first scorer, which was much higher than Lewis. Lewis averaged the fifth place this season, and five people scored double points in a team. Although the array was not as bright as last season, the media of all parties still paid unprecedented attention to the Knicks.
The youth army set sail
The future belongs to the Knicks
New pattern of alliance
Various media reported on the perfect game of the Knicks. In the New Pattern of the League, with the West Lakers taking the lead in reaching the peak, the Pacers, Knicks and 76ers became the biggest three forces in the era of suppressing other western teams in the east, while the strength of the Pistons, Magic, Celtics, Raptors, Hornets and Cavaliers was obviously weaker than these three teams, which not only formed a strong situation in the west but also formed a polarization situation.
Seeing these things, Kevin just smiled. Although the overall strength is very important, it is far from enough to win the championship.
However, Kevin did see something in the report "Youth Sailing". This report recorded the Knicks’ games in detail and found a problem that the Knicks attached great importance to training new people.
Three free agents Wallace, Bruce Bowen and Lagabel were added in the reconstruction of the new season after the team changed owners, all of whom were extremely marginal players in the league.