Until now, the sword box on the 26th floor is truly enlightened and belongs to the human realm, and finally the whole human race has become a true protoss without any falsehood.

A series of information flooded into Moxiu’s mind, and he had all kinds of abilities after the formation of the divine domain.
In addition to the spiritual stones, elixirs and miraculous materials that can appear in the divine realm, they have each risen to a higher level, that is, Mo Xiuke can raise the life flying sword to the extreme artifact force, which is equivalent to a ten-layer extreme god with extremely strong strength in a combined period.
In addition, the contracts that can be signed in the sacred domain have also changed from ordinary contracts to sacred contracts (to be continued!
The third chapter divine contract (the fourth more)
God’s contract is a contract that can be promoted to become a god. To sign this contract, you need to gather huge fortune to reach the fitting period, and it also takes human fortune to ascend after becoming a god, and you need to wait for it to continue to ascend.
The most important thing is to sign the contract of God, and the monks can gather together in Moxiu, so that Moxiu can increase his great fortune without blowing off dust.
You know, the fate that God can produce is far beyond that of ordinary monks, and even a demigod is less than that of God. One ten thousandth of a deity can be equivalent to the fate of an ordinary protoss. Once the contract of God is signed, it is equivalent to doubling the fate of Mo Xiu, and this is only the effect brought by one person. If two contracts of God are signed, it can be more than tripled.
And Mo Xiu can know from the information of Jianfu Spirit that he can sign a contract now. There are ten places in the first-level contract of God, which means that once the Ministry signs the contract of God, Mo Xiu can be lucky and explode ten times.
If you practice in Moxiu for 600 years, you can ascend to a higher level. If your fate increases tenfold, just practicing for 60 years is enough for him to ascend to a higher level. This speed has been achieved by people since ancient times.
Of course, there has never been a race that has had ten gods since it was promoted to protoss.
You know, the fit period is a threshold. Once you are promoted, you can achieve the omnipotent god. Previously, from the infant period to the distracted period, you can say that the fairy god has an irreparable gap.
Under normal circumstances, there must be enough luck behind every god to be promoted. On how excellent the talent is, the monk may rise to the tenth floor of the distracted stage without being unlucky, but no one can directly promote to the fit stage.
This must be lucky to be promoted.
And the fate of the clan is also limited, especially for a protoss god, all fate is precious, which can make him cultivate and ascend. If it is given to others, it will lead to the stagnation and health of his cultivation.
Of course, some powerful races, especially the true protoss race, are extremely tough and have a lot of luck, which ensures that some of the strong races can be separated to make some brothers with excellent qualifications achieve the throne.
However, most protoss, especially the common protoss in Mahayana, have very limited fortune, almost all of which is absorbed by the gods in the clan, and few gods are willing to separate it.
Even among the most powerful gods, there is usually one god in the whole race, and the second one will not appear. The reason for avoiding it is to keep enough luck and seize every minute and strength to enhance strength.
It’s not just the gods in the race who think so. Everyone in the race will think so. You know, one more god can’t increase their strength. It’s better to promote the whole race and avoid it. The whole race can benefit.
In rare cases, some protoss will allow the second god to appear only to avoid genocide or for other reasons, but even if it does, it will not rise for tens of thousands of years after it has just entered the stage of integration.
But now the Terran has just been promoted. The protoss is the lowest among the protoss, and it is the weakest level among the protoss. It can have ten gods. I am afraid that people will be surprised when they hear it.
If Gamosho, these are the eleven gods.
For Moxiu, signing a contract with God is not only a way to enhance the strength of the Terran, but also an opportunity to unite faith.
All the monks in Bailong College have signed ordinary contracts. Although this contract can forcibly take fortune and make the monks have strong faith in their hearts, it is not as good as those who have faith in Moxiu from the heart.
However, because the younger brother can sign the lowest contract before and after signing the contract, it is only possible to change the contract unless the senior brother dies, but this is only a few cases that can remain the same.
In this case, even after signing the contract, my brother’s belief is more firm, but because the contract level is too low, the law rises to a higher level and the law rises more luck.
Limited to the strength, Mo Xiu can also remove the contract from the front brother casually, which is why he has remained motionless.
But now he has achieved absolute control over the contract level, and he has the ability to change the contract at will, so that he can raise or lower the contract level through the firmness of his faith. Don’t rest and gather the most luck
This is just an ordinary contract, and it requires a very firm belief to sign the contract with God. This is also a great reward, which can make all monks’ beliefs more firm.
You know, there is a qualitative gap between ordinary contracts and contracts. No matter how high the level of ordinary contracts is, they can reach the demigod realm. It is impossible to rise to the fit period. Only after signing the contract can they be promoted to god.
At the moment, Mo Xiu thoroughly understood the God’s contract, and after a little thinking, he figured out which people to sign the God’s contract for. He still signed the highest contract: ten small Moer, Wei, los ice Zhi, Jin Jian Venerable, Qin Hui, Shui Yunxian, Yun Luxian Pang Long, Xu Shenlong and Claw Huang Jinlong.
When these ten people followed Mo Xiu, they were the earliest and the strongest. Ten people could not be replaced, but also needed to be replaced. It was necessary to pass the identification when signing a contract with Shen Xing at one time.
Will these ten people one by one into the fate of Tao fruit with Hugh Moxiu immediately released an Oracle in everyone’s mind.
At this moment, everyone felt the glory of the majestic God from Mo Xiu, and everything made them feel that Mo Xiu’s piety can raise the contract level. ungodly will lower the level, and the most devout person can have the contract of God and become a god.
After reaching the Oracle, I left it to Jianfu Ling to monitor many contracts all the time and feel the degree of faith in these people’s hearts, while Mo Xiu himself once again entered the time cabin to practice.
It took him more than 600 years to rise from the demigod realm to the combination period in the time of cultivation, and the number of sacred stones consumed was also more than 60 billion. Before adding it, it consumed more than 10 billion sacred stones, which made Mo Xiu get more than 30 billion sacred stones from other places in Huang Jinshi.
Now, Moxiu’s strength in the fitting period has once again entered the hut, and the strongest strength in the hut has been spurred out. One day in the outside world is equivalent to ten years in the hut, and these more than 30 billion sacred stones can only make Moxiu practice for thirty years-the outside world is only the past three days.
Fortunately, Mo Xiushen still has the trillion-dollar magic stone he got from the Nine-headed Evil Dumpling. Even if he repaired it in the fitting period, it would be enough for him to practice for a thousand years. Sometimes he is now lucky enough to rise to one level in just 60 years, and the whole Terran will become a middle protoss in the fitting period.
Of course, this means that Mo Xiu can concentrate on improving his own strength and need to be distracted to improve his Terran fortune. If he takes into account Terran fortune, he is afraid that Mo Xiu will have to practice for ten thousand years before he can really rise to the fourth floor of the fit period.
Fortunately, you have the ability to achieve good fortune, so you don’t have to worry about it. You should feel at ease and cultivate yourself, and then you can swallow up a large piece of protoss fortune in one breath, so you can lift the Terran fortune.
As time goes by.
One day, three days, ten days, one month, two months …
This time, it took more than three months to practice, and Mo Xiu also practiced in the hut for thousands of years. He practiced from the first floor of the fit period to the third floor of the fit period, and now it is one step away from the fourth floor of the fit period.