Children don’t know what they are chanting. They have read the Buddha all over their hearts, but they still have no stability.

Only when Li Xiuyue’s camera was cut to Lu Zhan did he really get quiet.
Because of the competition, some professional players are required to keep privacy for the players, and the shots are all processed.
But the child saw Lu Zhan’s eyes from that lens.
Lu Zhan’s eyes are still confident when he is seven heads behind, but the whole person is still doing it step by step because he seems to be unable to finish his grades.
He seems to have no doubt that he can win, and he is still doing his own thing.
"How can there be such a calm person? Or … does he really have this confidence? "
The child is confused.
Chapter 551 Lu Zhan idea
Many people laugh at the child when they see him betting, and think he is unreliable when he is not in a good situation.
Even if they have a slight advantage, they may not be able to win. Worse, they are already at a disadvantage.
But the child always feels that he is right. Until now, when he sees Lu Zhan’s eyes, he once again believes in his decision.
Indeed, in the eyes of outsiders, Lu Zhan has been pushing the line himself. Even if his teammates fight, he is still a big move from a distance.
Although his big move is getting more and more accurate, it is still a chance. In the face of the constantly moving enemy, the probability of scraping people is still relatively low
In this way, he is out of touch with the rhythm of the team. I am afraid that if he loses, Lu Exhibition will be the first person to be sprayed.
But this is not the case.
Lu Zhan knows what he is doing. When he is striving for precious development,
He has seen that there is definitely something wrong with the demon Ji. Even if he is in a secret position, Lu Zhan still finds that he is wrong.
I’m afraid there is no evidence for this kind of thing even if it is pointed out.
There is a spy office in the crowd. He can’t join the tour group, which may delay his development. He has to find his own way.
Because skill D is fast, he will brush the soldiers soon, and then he will go to the wild area to continue to brush the soldiers.
If an opponent catches one who can’t kill him, two can’t catch him, and three can come.
But with so many people coming, his teammates can get rid of it.
Once or twice, although there were many people, he couldn’t catch him, and sometimes he killed one. After two times, he didn’t come. Lu Zhan mixed up for 2 minutes.
Except for the demon Ji, all the teammates are awesome. It’s not too bad to lose two towers in 2 minutes.
And Lu Zhan finally decided to change the status quo after brushing a wave of soldiers.
He made equipment as soon as he got home from the grass on the edge of the second tower of the road.
Now he has a lich, Zhongya, a big mask, and French shoes in his hand, and then he has a science and technology gun. Although there are more limited firepower and assists, and the growth rate of money is five times that of the ordinary mode, in this close game, five pieces of equipment are still extremely luxurious in two minutes. After all, most people in the current situation are just in their early stages.
Except for the short ez
Dwarf also has more than five big items. His choice of costume routine is different from that of land exhibition. His costume is three items: hat, big mask, French shoes and French staff. In addition, there is a code that probably wants to continue to make a ghost fire.
Because the demon Ji mainly sent his head to him, he was better equipped than Lu Zhan.
The two people take different roads when they go out. The land exhibition equipment is more persistent. Zhongya is life-saving, and there are science and technology guns and spells. Physical bloodsucking is higher, and relying on hats to increase their own damage.
"There is a technology gun that may not be worse than you!" Lu Zhan thinks so.
The active effect of the technology gun has a spell bonus, which makes the technology gun a small skill.
The most important thing is that holding the hero’s general attack and individual attack skills will reduce the active skill of the technology gun by 3 seconds!
"This equipment is simply born with limited firepower, especially EZ!"
Lu Zhan had long considered all kinds of equipment and finally chose it.
Ez’s three small skills are single skills that can trigger the effect of the technology gun. You know, the technology gun body also has 6 seconds to cool down in the limited firepower, and it is only 12 seconds. dez’s three skills go out, and the technology gun base will turn better. With such a wave of skills, ez can integrate the technology gun into the skill output, and if it dies, it can be circulated linearly.
"The development has been completed and you can join the group now!" Lu Zhan thought with a smile.
In less than a minute, his teammates called him several times to ask for support, and he ignored it.
He can’t read Korean, and I don’t know if Korean pops up in the chat bar to scold him, but he still goes his own way and ignores the urging of the gang.
He decided to do something without being influenced by others, and even worse, he felt it was right.
This time, he went straight to Dalong because a teammate signaled that the other side might be playing Dalong.
This time, they didn’t have special assistance and wild eyes. They all passed by and inserted at random, and there was no view at Dalong.
Several teammates, Li Zhao Xin and Jin Kesi, were fighting the little dragon witch on the road. Sindra was not resurrected, but she closed the line near a tower on the road.
He has his own way to see Dalong.
But fortunately, in this time limit, everyone can send the firepower if they want to insert an eye.
When Lu Zhan went to the blue buff, he directly pressed a big move.
The big move crossed the wild area and went to Dalong Canyon. It was quiet, and no one except Dalong could see it.
"Not in Dalong?"
Lu Zhan just thoughtfully when someone suddenly made a retreat sign on the road.
Such as Lu Zhan quickly move the mouse field of vision in the past, the road is playing Xiaolong Zhao Xin, and two people are ambushed!
The robot actually got a hook from Lu triangle grass. A hook hooked Jinks and it was a punch.
The few remaining enemies came out second, and when they appeared, they left the skills department to Jinksy. The short ez jumped into Xiaolong Canyon and output to Zhao Xin.
Jinx silk is crispy, and it has been scrapped by the robot as soon as it is caught and patted, and several other outputs are added, and it will die instantly.
From the beginning to the end, Jinks almost didn’t respond. It was a big move.
I don’t blame him for so many attacks, but it’s hard to run away with control.
On the other side, Zhao Xin was hit by the monkey’s big move cut from the side. He first threw the last general attack to Xiaolong and took it to Xiaolong, who chose to turn back and rush to ez to fight.
But he didn’t hit Jess twice, so he went away with a hammer.
Zhao Xin offered half-meat equipment to fight, but there was nothing he could do in this situation. He chose to go back and continue to fight ez, but as soon as the dead song came, he was hopeless.
Just as Zhao Xin was still dying, Lu Zhan pressed send.
His goal is impressively grass from the river next to the fighting place!
"Do you need support at this time?" Syndra is very quiet about Lu Zhan. He thinks that at this time, the past suspicion is to send people’s heads. He chooses to take the road, while the newly resurrected demon Ji looks straight to the middle without support.
Lu Zhan sighed. He knew his teammates couldn’t come.
"Is there anything you call me not necessarily dying!"
When Lu Zhan’s eyes get cold, his teammates don’t believe me, so let you see my equipment forming ez!
Chapter 552 Lu Zhan counterattack
When you send Lu Zhan, think about the other team.