When Thuram heard the news of the wall collapse, his face was so ugly that he almost fainted to the ground, because he knew that it was hard to build a defensive position, and he might lose it again. However, it is difficult to build a position block behind where they are now. It is very difficult to block enemy attacks in these places, and even more casualties may occur.

Now there are two roads in front of Thuram, one is to stick to the collapsed wall and continue to strengthen it behind it. The only significance of this is to keep the demons in the narrow streets and let the demons and undead methods give full play to their strength and quantity advantages. The second way is to retreat to the back before the losses are serious and stop at the same time. A new wall is being built, and a part of the city will be lost again in exchange for manpower and material resources to stop the demons.
Although Thuram very much hopes to take the latter method, he knows better that if he retreats, he will not send out a lava city, but more than half of the lava city will fall into the demons. Now in the other direction, the dwarves are resisting Agate’s attack and successfully blocking it, but if it is not blocked in this position, the dwarves’ palace will still fall into the demons, which is definitely not what the dwarves want to see. Therefore, Thuram knows clearly that he can’t retreat again if the palace falls. In the devil, the whole lava city, the backbone of the whole black dwarf race will collapse. The palace of Kazakh Raffles, the silver dwarf and the king’s vein must not fall into the devil. This is the common idea of all dwarves, because once the palace falls, it indicates that the dwarves have been completely driven away from their homes. How can we save the city even if we can save the most important land of our own king and dwarf’s vein?
Therefore, with this idea, Thuram decided not to retreat to the death, and the construction speed of the rear fence was accelerated. At the same time, more players were transferred to carry rocks to reinforce the collapsed fence, and a new fence was built behind the fence to increase the thickness of the fence. At the same time, increasing the fence could set up a local sea of people to stop the devil or the undead from attacking.

The first volume Chapter 444 Final wall (1)
Chen Kai was forced to act as a coolie at the moment. Although he is not the most powerful, he embodies the largest theory. From which perspective, Chen Kai is very consistent with the word coolie. Although Chen Kai strongly denied it, he was eventually arrested and then carried back and forth with rocks.
When Chen Kai was extremely forced to be arrested, the dwarves sent more troops to the fence. At the same time, a magic crystal gun was dragged by the dwarves and pulled to the fence. When the first magic crystal gun shell was fired from the fence, the dwarves quickly slammed and told the undead that it would be extremely costly to step on the fence.
However, the damage caused by shelling is not very strong. Although the shells can pass over the clock hammer demon and pass over the other side’s head after being transported to the fence, they will not be blocked by the huge body of the clock hammer demon. However, the damage power of these magic crystal guns is mainly explosive force and shrapnel damage, which is simply negligible for the undead.
However, for those undead who came to the fence, this is the first time to face the dwarf magic crystal gun. This part of the undead is the first time to face the dwarf artillery bombardment. Although the magic crystal gun bombardment suppressed some undead, the fence guards soon discovered another problem. It is these problems that made the magic crystal gun completely kicked out of the defensive battle.
Tragically, the dwarves found that they had high hopes that the magic crystal gun was carried to the fence. Every time she struck, she had to show the front defenders, and the fence was very narrow. At the same time, because the top of the fence was less than one meter away, the tunnel rock was hard to top, so the shells were thrown high. Faced with this situation, the huge magic crystal gun was forced to kick out of the battle line, but the magic crystal gun shells filled with unstable compounds were simply grenades in the game world.
Although this kind of grenade is a little bit bigger and the explosion efficiency is a little bit lower, it can also be thrown a little further by three or four kilograms, so that some players can hold it and throw it even less than 20 meters, which can be used as a stone to throw it outside the fence. After pulling the shell made of this unstable compound, they will try their best to throw it out of the fence, regardless of whether the shell hits the target or not, but it has played a certain minimum role as a Grenade. Dwarves don’t need to avoid the shells coming from behind, and they don’t need to shell to give way to be drilled by the undead. At the same time, the speed of Grenade attack is much faster than that of the magic crystal gun. The only problem is that the dud rate of the shells is slightly higher. Although there will be shells exploding around, shrapnel will detonate those dud shells, but there will always be some fish escaping from the net.
However, for the defense side to throw shells, it is still a little less serious, which slows down the speed of the undead. Although the explosive shells can’t kill the undead, they will still do harm to the other side. If the explosion is hit in the front, the undead soldiers will be seriously injured and killed directly.
It is a chore for the wall dwarves, not only dwarves, but also other guardians. In fact, there is nothing harder than guarding the wall in the whole battlefield. After all, the wall warriors must not only face the threat of dwarves’ death knights, but also face the danger of the undead warriors who are hammered by the undead clock. Even the holy order strong like Arno and the dwarves in Sanctuary need to face the death threat, because those undead dwarves’ death knights can retreat to the back when they can’t hold on, but the wall guardians can’t easily retreat. Taking a step back means that the wall will have one more enemy and let the enemy
Defenders of the fence dare not or can’t take a step back even if they are seriously injured. If they want to retreat, they can only retreat if someone replaces them. In this way, there is absolutely no Arnault among those who can retreat. Because it is a very extravagant thing for them to retreat and rest like this, Arnault hasn’t even drunk a mouthful of water until now, and he has already consumed less than one-third of his original quarrelling. It is very rare for a strong saint to come here. Their recovery speed of quarrelling at this level is almost endless compared with ordinary combat situations, but when they use powerful tactics in combat, the recovery speed of quarrelling remains the same as the consumption speed, which will lead to a rapid decline in quarrelling preparedness.
For Arnault, the consumption of quarrelling is not the main reason that makes him tired. The main reason that really makes him tired is the continuous fighting and high-intensity confrontation. At this moment, his body hair turns gray. Besides being contaminated with a lot of dust, another reason is that he is constantly attacked by death forces. Even if Arnault’s strength is close to the title sanctuary, these death forces can be completely seen according to the old method, especially during the battle. It is a way to completely expel the dead air from the body. Death power is accumulated in Arnault’s body, which makes him feel weak with the passage of time, and the hair on the surface of his skin becomes gray. For this gray, Chen Yike can easily treat it, because the main reason for the gray hair is the death power remaining on Arnault’s body surface, which can be easily removed with a little baptism of divine power.
Unfortunately, at the moment, Rola Chen is busy treating the wounded in the fence, and at the same time, due to the lack of materials to build the altar, her halo method will last for a long time. If the halo is displayed, it will consume Rola Chen’s own magic. Although Rola Chen has a belief source, it can quickly replenish the magic. However, relying on this method to supplement the magic is not complete. Although the vice is relatively small, it will still seriously consume Rola Chen’s J Ο ng God, which makes her J Ο ng God depressed. Therefore, Rola Chen has not made the halo help the wall dwarves.
When Chen Kai laid a rock weighing more than 400 kilograms flat on the ground, his only thought was to find a place to have a good rest. Although the rock did not damage his muscles, it still made Chen Kai’s arms sore and weak. This kind of high-intensity work has never been experienced by Chen Kai before. Although Chen Kai used a metal stone lock weighing more than 500 kilograms to exercise this skill, it has never been continuously transported for so long as it is now. Fortunately, after a period of exercise, Chen Kai found that his strength burst skill has become longer or his arm muscles have gradually adapted.
Although the whole skill movement still lasts for too long, at most, it has been extended from the original few seconds to the present ten seconds, but it is more than twenty seconds. If the arm muscles are sore and painful for more than half a minute, there may be muscle tearing, which is much better than if the coolie is strong for a few seconds. Of course, this improvement is that Chen Kai has carried ten pieces of rocks weighing more than 200 kilograms in ten minutes, and ordinary players have long been tired, but Chen Kai, that is, his arm muscles are sore and his physical strength is not consumed. It is particularly serious, but a 200-kilogram rock is only 30-40 cubic centimeters. More than a dozen rocks add up to a total of 20 cubic meters, that is, Chen Kai alone moved the stones, which increased the thickness of the fence by nearly one meter. Although these rocks will be squeezed by earth element magic after being moved, the density of the rocks will be reduced, and at the same time, the cracks in the rocks will be reduced. Finally, these 20 cubic meters of rocks will build half the fence.
However, Chen Kai is not the only one who is responsible for carrying rocks. Hundreds of players have been pulled in to do this job, but they don’t need to carry hundreds of meters like Chen Kai, but need to carry rocks from hundreds of meters away. Some of these rocks are demolished from houses, and some are simply dug up from the ground. The whole lava city road houses have been dug up by dwarves and players, which looks as if they have been looted. Of course, if they are real robbers, they are not stupid enough to rob the city buildings, let alone dig rocks unless they are made of gold.
When the players worked hard, the thickness of the fence increased by 10 centimeters per minute. When Chen Kai sat down to rest, the original fence was only more than two meters thick, but it has grown to more than three meters thick. At this moment, four or five soldiers can stand in parallel. At the same time, as the street widens behind the fence, the width of the fence built by the dwarves has gradually increased, and two steps have been added on both sides of the fence to facilitate the guards to delay the thickening of the fence from both sides.
But the fence builder didn’t stop. When Chen Kai sat down to recover his strength, the second wave of players joined the builder. More than 3,000 players, like ants, carried more rocks behind the fence, thickening the fence, while the dwarf mage squeezed his magic to compress these rocks to enhance the strength of the rocks and bond them with the rocks in front. Now the dwarves need to increase the thickness of these fences to five meters, and then build a taller fence behind the fence, with a height of four meters. The only purpose is to retreat to the back wall when the front wall method stops the devil, so that the dwarves have a new defensive position and don’t worry that the collapse of the wall will affect the defense of the wall.
In fact, this fence is the original plan to build a fence around the street exit. The only difference is that the position of the fence has moved forward, but the ultimate goal is still the same, that is, to keep demons in the street and deny them to continue to spread to the residual urban area of Lava City. According to Thuram’s idea, demons and undead must be kept in this street to prevent them from continuing to attack and save the dwarf palace.
At the same time, with the resurrection of the players, the forces that the dwarves can mobilize have also increased greatly, but Thuram did not directly put the players into battle, because he knew very well that once these newly resurrected players were put into battle, they might send materials for the undead troops to Latamius, so most of the resurrected players were put into the coolie camp, that is, they were dedicated to building fortifications and transport brigades, and Chen Kai unfortunately became the captain of the transport brigade.
Carrying huge pieces of rocks to the fence, then turning around and moving them to the place where the rocks are piled up, the rocks that were originally built around the fence were dismantled by the dwarves and placed behind the new fence, which reduced the workload a lot. After all, the dwarves had prepared some rocks for the subsequent fence, and these rocks were very huge.
Only half an hour later, there was a new wall with a thickness of two meters and four meters, which was even more towering. At the same time, behind this wall was a short wall with a thickness of more than three meters, which was specially designed to let the garrison stay. When the wall had just been built with a layer of thickness, several dwarf guns could not wait to pull the magic crystal gun on their shoulders. After slightly adjusting the wall, they sent the first shell to the front line where the fighting was fierce and white-hot.
Although dwarf shells can fall less than two meters in front of Arnault’s position because of the SHE boundary, they can kill the undead here and reduce the pressure on Arnault’s defenders again.
However, in just a few efforts, these magic crystal guns were kicked off the fence again. Dwarf guns are facing unemployment again in the employment situation. Because the power of magic crystal guns is really not enough and the speed of sending her is too slow, it is better to directly take shells as grenades. The most important thing is that Arno, who is the guardian of the street fence, has retreated at this moment. Of course, they are not forced to retreat voluntarily, but they are forced to retreat backwards. Because the bell hammer in front keeps dismantling the fence and digging up the place where Arno lives.
Under such circumstances, the defending party can naturally be forced to retreat. If it weren’t for the continuous construction of new fences behind them, it is estimated that they would have no place at all. Six bells and hammers pull the fence very fast, weighing hundreds of kilograms. They can drag it almost at once and then throw it backwards, throwing it directly at the fence as a stone and hitting the guarding dwarf.
On several occasions, Arnault was almost hit by a rock that suddenly flew across. In the face of such an attack, it is a miracle that the dwarves can persist for such a long time, which has prevented the clock hammer from pulling the rock. At this moment, the dwarves are preparing a secret weapon, which is actually not a secret. The dwarves have set up a huge crucible in the high-rise wall behind them, which is heated with boiling lead water. Once the clock hammer pulls the wall rock, the lead water will pour to ensure that the clock hammer will catch fire, and at the same time, the lead water can be poured into the rock to strengthen the wall.
The only question now is how long Arnault can hold on. For Thuram to come to Arnault, they naturally hold on as long as possible, but now the situation is that a group of people have continued to hold on to it. Whether Arnault or Drake or Flava’s physical quarrelling has reached the limit, even those dwarves are almost unable to support it at the moment. Although they have killed thousands of undead, they are more often entangled in several dwarves’ death knights or struck by several clock hammers.
However, if there is no accident, Arnault and his men can hold on for a few more minutes, but the battle has been resumed in the rear until now. Latamius really can’t sit in a very simple battle, which makes him very angry. In his eyes, at the moment, the dwarves are just sangguquan, so thick walls and complete defenses can’t stop their devil’s footsteps. It’s ridiculous to rely on this simple wall to stop him. But it’s so ridiculous that Latamius’s army is born. It blocked him for nearly an hour and almost blew him to death, so he was very angry at the moment. The longer the dwarves persisted, the more angry he became, as if they were slapping him in the face.
Therefore, although the bones of the body haven’t healed completely, the soul fire has recovered more than half. Latamius released the frozen Samoru and appeared in front of the dwarf fence again. It was also a gray Se death shock wave. This time, however, his target was no longer the fence, but Arno, the guardian of the fence. In Latamius’s view, his huge body was the best target, so he smelled of death and the death shock wave rushed straight at the tauren who was waving the iron ring combat knife.
At the moment, Arnault didn’t find a death force coming at him, because his J and NG gods were all involved in dealing with the dwarf death knight attack. By the time he found out, the gray Se death shock wave was just around the corner. The only thing Arnault could do was to raise the iron ring combat knife in front of his chest, and then he was blown out of his huge body and directly hit the rear fence several meters away, shaking the whole fence hard.

The first volume Chapter 445 Final wall (2)
When Arnault hit the fence, he was carrying a stone as the battalion chief of the transport brigade. Chen Kai’s heart trembled involuntarily. It was not that he and Arnault had any telepathy, but that the impact sound was too loud this time, and it was passed to the back through the fence and caused vibration, which made Chen Kai feel clearly just behind the fence.
Although Chen Kai didn’t know what happened in front of him, his sharp intuition told him that the situation was wrong. He directly threw his hands on the rock, pushed his feet on the soil, and his huge body jumped up nearly two meters and crossed the fence more than four meters high. Then his hands held on the fence with heavy support, and then the whole body climbed the fence. Compared with others, Chen Kai had an advantage in climbing the fence with different heights over three meters.
However, when Chen Kai stepped on the fence, the first thing he saw was that he was stimulating the second death shock wave, and the second thing he saw was that he was lying on the fence. I don’t know Arno? He didn’t even think about the copper ring. He jumped directly into the fence. The metal wings behind the armor finished the exhibition and then stood in front of him to form a shield composed of metal wings.
Almost at the time when Chen Kai finished all this, a gray Se death shock wave flew to Arno’s lying position again, and Latamius was afraid that Arno would not die, and he was going to give another blow to the tauren who was lying in Difa to resist the tauren. Although other spells might be more reliable, in order to deter dwarves or kill Arno, he adopted the death shock wave to directly smash Arno’s body and let him die.
Although ll is a little reckless, you’re welcome to say that it’s reckless, but he can’t think of any other way to save Arnault’s life. Arnault is still conscious, but his body can’t move when his body is locked by the other side. Arnault himself is dead, but when ll stands in front of him, Arnault doesn’t know what to say. Although Arnault knows that the metal wing behind ll is attached with obsidian green gold, even so, it may not be enough to block this attack.
Actually, Chen Kai knew that he was a little reckless this time when he spread his wings, but even so, he had to be in front of Arnault because he couldn’t die in front of himself. This is not because Chen Kai made this decision because Arnault was Alisha’s younger brother, but because Arnault is the only holy order strong man in the whole town of Berkner, and Chen Kai, the head of the whole bronze ring tauren, can’t let the other person die in front of himself.
However, although ll knew that he might not be able to stop this attack, he could still throw himself into the wings behind him, and the value of ten thousand quarrels formed a faint white light on the surface of the metal wings, but when this white light was just formed, the death shock wave had already reached ll.
The only thing that Ll can do at this moment is to raise his hands in front of his head and pray for a puff to rush the rest of the quarrelling into the rich white Se wings with Obsidian green gold. The constant ripper is composed of death forces, but more death forces have broken through the barrier of Ll’s quarrelling and slammed into his armor wings. The huge impact almost made Ll feel his feet unstable for a moment, and the whole armor also gave a fatal groan at that moment. All the metal wings that were connected by quarrelling were there. Trembling and making a sound, at the same time, a little bit of death force penetrates through the metal wing defense and penetrates into the defense layer. If it weren’t for ll, there are still some sacred magic resistance at the moment. It is estimated that it has been infiltrated into the death force and turned into a corpse.
At the same time, the death shock wave carried a huge impact and hit Chen Kai’s body and retreated continuously. Although he had been desperately pedaling on the ground, the huge impact took his body to draw two deep marks and rushed back three or four meters away. Chen Kai’s body was about to lean against the wall when it took less than a second. At the same time, his feet were wearing combat boots because of the impact, but now Chen Kai can still hold on until the metal wings don’t collapse, and he will have nothing to do. It was good, but the result was cruel. When a seventh-order undead spell was bombarded and this spell was released by a demon Lord, the seventh-order warrior like Chen Kai was able to stop it because the armor was strong enough.
However, no matter how strong the armor is, there is also a support limit. When this limit comes, the armor defense will collapse. Although Chen Kai’s metal wings are attached with defense power, the obsidian green gold is extremely abnormal, but these obsidian green gold are too few. If Chen Kai’s sacred quarrelling didn’t offset part of the death shock wave force, it is estimated that Chen Kai’s armor defense would have collapsed long ago. When the last quarrelling attached to the metal wings was offset, the metal wings finally supported such a terrorist impact in an instant, and then the death shock wave force was directly bombarded on Chen Kai’s body. All this was almost instantaneous
Fortunately, at this time, a golden Se therapeutic light fell from the top of ll’s head and fell directly on ll’s body. Although his body was still hit by the death force, this sacred force caught ll’s last blood skin, but the powerful impact still made ll directly fall into a coma. Although ll didn’t die, his physical injury was extremely serious. To put it bluntly, it is a miracle that he can not die now.
When Chen Kai opened his eyes again, it was a few hours after he blocked Latamius’ death shock wave. He was covered with bandages. Chen Kai could hardly move. If he was not physically unable to move, he would have been sent back to Berkner Town for treatment. Chen Kai struggled to turn his head and saw a familiar cow face when he turned to the left. He was so close that he could see the gray hair on the other cheek.
"Arnault! Could you please leave me alone? " Chen Kai tried to make a sound and shouted at Arnault. It’s a pity that his chest hurts every word he says now. When he finishes speaking, his chest pain almost makes him feel if he is going to be killed.
"Oh!" Arnault held a bandaged arm and moved his body back a little, which was enough for Chen Kai to breathe. Although Chen Kai finally saved him, the last death shock wave had already hurt his body. Holding an iron ring combat knife, his arm bones were almost broken. Now he is bandaged and treated a little. Arnault can slowly recover on his own due to lack of medicine or wait for the follow-up troops, Berkner Town Transportation Materials Force, to escort the medicine.
"What’s the situation now?" Because there is no one else around to communicate with, Chen Kai can once again hold his body strong and talk to Arnault to understand the situation.
"Not so good! After you fainted, those dwarves helped me and you retreat! Everyone retreated to the back wall, and then the dwarves hit those bones with things that would smoke and fly around, which finally stopped the other side from attacking! " Arnault’s voice is very low, which seems to be to make Llewellyn hear him leaning his head to Llewellyn.
"Oh!" Chen Kai was a little relieved to hear that the fence was still in the hands of the dwarves, but just after he had breathed a sigh of relief, a terrible pain came to his mind. At this time, Chen Kaicai thought that he should check his own state. I didn’t know it. When I checked, he found that his bones were almost broken, not to mention that his ribs were almost broken, and his arms and bones were almost broken. Except for his head and spine, almost all the busts were covered with bone fractures and dirty injuries. In reality, it was almost a healing stone that saved the injury. Don’t wake up, it’s estimated that the oxygen tube in Chen Kai’s nose will be pulled out, so it’s a dead horse. Fortunately, in the game, Chen Kai’s nose is not covered with ointment. Chen Kai’s only feeling is terrible pain, which makes people collapse and itch. Hanging Chen Kai’s life and treating him, Rola Chen almost ran out of the recovery ointment in Chen Kai’s backpack, but these ointments can only restore bone damage and dirty damage, and can only be treated when the medicine from Berkner Town arrives.
Now Chen Kai can hardly move, because if he moves, maybe some bones will break again after healing, and at the same time, it will appear again if he can’t stop bleeding. Maybe he can’t talk loudly, and his ribs will break again or cough up the injured lungs. Of course, it is estimated that coughing up may not be very big. After all, although Chen Kai’s organs have problems, it is not enough to spit them out after a few words.
When Chen Kai was seriously injured and rested, Thuram reinforced the damaged wall in the wall. Now the wall is not the same as it was a few hours ago. The thickness of the wall has reached nearly four meters, and the dwarves are blocking the path of the undead. The dwarves have poured molten lead water into the gap of the wall to prevent the bell hammer from pulling the wall rocks. However, lead water can’t stop Latamius’ terror spell. If the other party is not afraid of being bombed by dwarf rockets, it is estimated that the dwarf’s spell of building a wall has been completely destroyed by now.
Latamius wanted to pursue when the dwarves retreated, but at that moment, 45 rockets flew towards Latamius. The trajectory of these missiles was not straight, but when the player’s caster āo struck Latamius in an arc. Although the Bones Demon detonated more than 20 spells, nearly 20 of them still hit him. This situation made Latamius very afraid to get too close to the wall behind him. Of course, the main reason was that he was not physically. After the recovery, although more than 20 rockets were finally blocked by his spell barrier, the horror scene of continuous bombing by rockets still left a trace of Y and N shadow for the bones demon.
However, Latamius’s retreat has given the dwarves little breathing space. They are not worried that the fence will be destroyed by the spell attack on the other side. But although the Bones demon retreated a little, it doesn’t mean that he can’t attack the fence. But now he is clinging to the rear of the undead army and slowly preparing spells in Mibi’s undead protection. Although the attack range of Latamius, a holy order necromancer, is very far, the more powerful the spell, the greater the magic consumption. Although the Bones demon has a pizza. This humanoid pool is constantly replenished and consumed, but once some high-level spells are cast, his situation is still a little too much. Now the only thing that the Bones Devil does is to make the undead shock wave bombard for a long distance, and each attack distance is as high as 300 meters or 400 meters.
The shock wave of grey Se directly blasted off the wall, which can blast out a depression more than one and a half meters deep in the thick wall. However, the strength of the dwarf earth element * * division was quickly wiped out. In fact, Latamius did not appear in front of the wall. In addition to the fear of dwarf rockets, another reason was that the dwarf caster threatened the three dwarf * * divisions, although they may not be able to kill the white bone demon, but it was enough to suppress the undead demon. If these dwarf * * divisions could arrive earlier, perhaps the dwarves could firmly hold the wall in the street and occupy more advantages.
However, these three Dwarf * * divisions are actually weak and weak, Se. Their injuries seem to be almost non-existent, but in fact, when Edmunds invaded lava city, the Dwarf * * divisions paid a very high price because most of the dwarf spellcasters were suppressed by the other side, and their roots didn’t produce much. On the contrary, because of being suppressed by Edmunds, these * * divisions’ J: ng gods suffered great damage, and now they can show such majestic magic to deter Latamius. It is very good to make a counterattack, and it is almost impossible to keep the current situation intact.
In this case, the dwarves firmly held the fence and blocked the undead troops who tried to attack the fence. As time went on, Latamius made less and less spells attack the wall, and even the number of undead who attacked the fence was greatly reduced. Even those clock hammers and dwarf death knights did not appear again. Everything seemed to be calm.
One minute later, the undead didn’t show up. Two minutes later, the undead didn’t show up. Three minutes later, four minutes later, but ten minutes later, the dwarves, including Thuram, had a particularly nervous feeling. They didn’t know what undead didn’t show up, but what everyone wanted most was that the undead had left, but no one wanted to climb the fence to investigate the darkness in the street. At the same time, there was no light in the street, and silence was frightening. In this case, even the dwarves dared not enter the street, so they could continue to wait.
After waiting for nearly an hour, the dwarves were afraid to confirm that maybe the undead temporarily retreated and stopped attacking several players, and they soon got one, that is, climbing the wall into the street for investigation. This is a reward that is close to dying, and the natural level is very high, and even if it fails, there will be 200 gold coins to compensate. If the undead trace is found, the reward will be as high as 2,000 and it will be per person.
When the first player quivers and steps on the wall rock, burning the torch in his hand can’t bring him a trace of warmth. There are scattered scattered bones around him, and there is a trace of gray and white. Se undead forces float in the middle to form a wisp of green Se wildfire or brush these players’ bodies to take them away, leaving little heat. Almost every time the Y and N wind sweeps these players, they will wave the fire and sway it several times, almost shaking the torch out.
When moving slowly, especially when the fence was damaged by the hammer, several players almost didn’t roll from the three-meter-high fence. Finally, when they landed, they stumbled and finally set foot on the ground. These players didn’t come to breathe a sigh of relief. One player stepped on his foot and then fell directly into a dog’s hand. The torch was thrown out and fell to the distance.
"mom! You be careful! " Wang Tao swore and picked up the player who fell to the ground, but at this time there was a click behind him. When he turned his head, he found that his teammate’s teeth were fighting behind him, and he raised his finger and pointed it at Wang Tao’s back. Wang Tao didn’t know that there was a problem behind him, so he consciously pulled out his weapon and pointed it at his back