Eastern war situation

4 New Jersey Nets vs Indian Pacers 1
4 Chicago Bulls vs Atlanta Hawks 1
2 new york Knicks vs Boston Celtics 3
Miami Heat vs Orlando Magic 2
On April 29th, the first round of the sixth match was the Thunder vs Grizzlies contest.
Thunder came to the away game, and sure enough, they couldn’t play again. They were once again struggling in Memphis, and the team’s two arrows were gone.
Coach Brooks also made some changes in this game. First of all, Durant tried a new position. He even assumed the role of point guard and shooting guard in the game. Durant was also very confident when he came out as a defender himself, but in the end, the effect was not good.
Durant’s main scoring method is the shooter, but in the Grizzlies’ home court, Durant’s sight is wildly missed every time.
From this point of view, Durant is really not as ashamed as Ji Guo. Fox can make threats by breaking through when he plays grizzly bears, but Durant managed to get to the basket successfully in high-intensity defense. In today’s game, he broke through several times and finally lost the ball when he was a grizzly bear player.
The second attack point of the Thunder team can also be said to be the second leader. After a crazy outbreak, Westbrook’s self-confidence seems to have expanded a little. Moreover, gossip has spread these days that he lost the Second World War. It is said that Westbrook has always believed that he is better than Durant, which may be the reason why his self-confidence often bursts.
It’s natural that people don’t pay too much attention to rumors. Just look at Westbrook’s aggressive play in the game. How eager he is to prove his ability by being present. Yes, he scored 2 points plus 2 assists and 5 rebounds in the game, but don’t forget that he also made 7 turnovers, with a surprisingly low shooting percentage of 6 of 22 shots.
For this game, you can completely ignore Westbrook’s performance in the half-court. He broke through and assisted him. He made a good performance in stopping the jump shot, but in fact, at the half-court, his head was hot, and he already showed signs. Although he hit 5 of 12 shots, although he was reasonable, he almost missed the ball in the face of Grizzlies, 3 people’s defense and punctuality, and one must be Westbrook’s contribution in the half-court, including 3 frontcourt rebounds.
Wei Shao shot 22 times and scored 6 goals, but at half time he shot 12 times and scored 5. I believe even the PE teacher can figure out how tragic Westbrook played at half time.
Thunder want to win this season, one of the two stars must play well, and then some people can come out from the bench. But today, one of the substitutes played well. Ibaka and Chandler became as indifferent as Durant Weissbruck as soon as they arrived away.
Grizzlies once again defended at home and learned a lesson. The two teams of Thunder will then have a tiebreak. This time, they will be replaced by Thunder to play at home. For the time being, the media is still more optimistic about Thunder. So far, neither team has lost at home.
Neither the Thunder nor the Grizzlies have won on the road. The Eastern Knicks finally won on the road today.
New york people finally turned the tables this time. They relied on Anthony’s 16 points in the last quarter to complete a big comeback. The superstar finally played once.
It is difficult for Gart and Pierce to play as superstars this season. Rondo is well organized but has no shooting ability. The Knicks chose to let Rondo shoot long-range shots on the defensive end today.
D ‘Antoni’s choice received a miraculous effect. Rondo made 6 of 17 shots in many games. At first glance, the hit rate did not seem too bad, but I am afraid he would not think so if he knew that Rondo’s 6 shots were all baskets and he didn’t hit a 12-foot shot in this game.
Miami Heat beat Magic Howard in the away game. Today, Spoelstra, who was double-teamed by Miami Heat, came up with a ready-made trap method, which limited Howard’s play.
In fact, the so-called trapped beast method is nothing special. Many teams have adopted tactics that are nothing more than strengthening the outside defense against Howard and controlling the route from the magic outside to the line ball.
Howard has been targeted by other teams for a long time. Naturally, it is necessary to strengthen the magic of the outside ball. If other players can spend money on the outside, this defense will be broken.
In this game, Spoelstra stopped the magic from stealing from the outside, which almost exhausted James and Wade. The Heat let these two out-of-the-box superstars spare no effort to move their defense and solve the outside position problem with their outstanding explosive power.
James played the game for 45 minutes, Wade and Bosh played for 44 minutes, and the Heat finally won because the three giants spared no effort in physical attack and defense, but in any case, the Heat eliminated the Magic and successfully entered the second round.
The situation in the west after the end of the first round of six games
4 Los Angeles Clippers vs Los Angeles Lakers
4 Dallas Mavericks vs Houston Rockets
Oklahoma Thunder vs Memphis Grizzlies 3
1 New Orleans Hornets vs San Antonio Spurs 4
Eastern war situation
4 New Jersey Nets vs Indian Pacers 1
4 Chicago Bulls vs Atlanta Hawks 1
3 new york Knicks vs Boston Celtics 3
Miami Heat vs Orlando Magic 2
On April 3, the seventh game of the first round of the playoffs was played. This time, there were four teams left in the league.
Oklahoma City people should not have thought that Game 7 would be held at home before the Thunder and Grizzlies fought for the tiebreaker. Thunder people have enough confidence in their home court.
Today, the Grizzlies are a bit swayed by considerations of gain and loss. In the first three away games, they all lost in France to control too many fouls. At the same time, their physical strength is also a big trouble. The main means for the Grizzlies to beat the Thunder at home is tough defense, but it is difficult to avoid fouls at home, and it will also consume a lot of physical strength. If they can’t do it quickly, they will be dragged to death.
In this game, Griffin and Pau Gasol tied their hands online. As a result, the performance of the timid Grizzlies was not as good as that of the previous three away games. They played overtime with the Thunder twice, but today, after the eggs shrank, the Grizzlies made the Thunder players crazy at home.
Grizzlies fouled faster than the first three games today. After half-time, Griffin and Gasol both made three fouls, and the Grizzlies also fell behind the Thunder by as much as two points.
The outbreak of Mayo at half-time surprised the Thunder, but when it comes to the backup strength, the Thunder seems to have more confidence.
In the third quarter, Harden, a big Hu, first scored four points with a strong sense of rhythm, and then scored six points from outside the three-point line through a long shot. Grizzlies players let Harden hide behind a double star and shoot easily. Hu’s efficient cut of one point in the third quarter ruined the only chance for the Grizzlies to turn over.
The Thunder entered the final quarter with a lead of nearly 2 points, and completely lost the suspense. With Durant hitting several shots in the fourth quarter, the Grizzlies could accept the fate of being eliminated.