They saw that the young man retreated, scooped up soup and splashed water, and fought back with a sword in one go. It was even faster than Zhang Jingchao’s. The three-point posture was wonderful again. Although it was extremely fast, others saw it in their eyes, but they could not help but praise it in their hearts.

On that day, Taoist Master B and Lu Lianrong both wanted to be such an idiot, and they couldn’t hide things in their hearts. They were so small that the old-timers could practice such swordsmanship. If they were themselves, how high might it be?
However, Taoist Tiansong was very anxious. He said, "This Jing Chao is wielding a knife and a gun in Huashan. It’s not beautiful if he is seen by the old-timer with a clear wind." Everyone is one of our own. If you have something to say, you might as well say it slowly. "
When he slowly pulled out a sword and handed it over, Yu pressed the weapon in the hands of the two men against his arm, wondering how Zhang Jingchao had an old friendship and wanted to cut the long bone in Qi Yufeng’s hand into two parts.
Qi Yufeng’s bone in his hand is a white snake with thin ribs and fingers. It looks easy to break, but his long sword scoffs at the surface of the snake bone for a long time, but it keeps cutting.
Road flyover Tiansong couldn’t help thinking that this snake bone is really serious, and it’s really rare for this young man to have such strength.
When he saw the two men’s swords crisscross, he added this strength, but he didn’t move. He couldn’t help smiling. "I’m like a member of the Wuyue Sword Sect, and you will be as knowledgeable as a child."
That Zhang Jingchao was a little hesitant to come out of the sword, and then he regretted it immediately. When he saw the steps, he cold snorted and withdrew his sword.
Qi Yufeng heart way this person out of the sword I don’t know what it means, but I have to give him a sweet date first, and the kitchen is narrow. In case these people suddenly and violently hurt people at the same time, they can’t escape.
Immediately, he gave Taoist Tiansong a hand and said, "Thank you for your mediation. Today, Se is late, so go and tidy up the rest place for Taoist Tiansong."
Then he walked towards the door, and a dozen people saw him with this long snake bone, which was very strange and didn’t dare to stop him for a while.
Zhang Jingchao, who came to the door, suddenly sneered, "Xiao Mo doesn’t want to escape, does he?"
Qi Yufeng gave him a leer when he looked back. "Come here, I’ve seen you say that a few people go there, but you’re so aggressive, but I don’t want to say that you can win heaven and man with your martial arts skills." I want to kill you, but only one man and one sword. "
Zhang Jingchao couldn’t bear to be so excited by others. He immediately said, "Well, let’s compete again."
Zhao Sihai quickly stopped him. "Little Xia Feng, I wonder where my husband went? Please also let us know that we should be grateful. "
Qi Yufeng looked at Zhang Jingchao and hummed, "It’s really rare for us to have such a wonderful work in the five mountains."
Then he turned to look at Zhao Sihai and said, "Senior Zhao, I think you are handsome and generous. How can you wait for such people?"
Zhao Sihai also knew that Zhang Jingchao always had a bad temper and immediately smiled and didn’t answer.
Qi Yufeng added, "Your archduke Zuo Feiying was taken away by my master."
Zhao Sihai was immediately surprised and said, "The wind doyen … took him … to the place?"
Qi Yufeng said, "Look, my master doesn’t like his son very much. When he was in Yingshan, Zuo Fei in the morning, my master talked about it. My master couldn’t bear to lose the swordsmanship of Songshan Mountain, so he led him to learn the swordsmanship over the cliff."
Zhang Jingchao couldn’t help saying, "Didn’t you just say that your master killed people in the mountains?"
Qi Yufeng snorted, "What do you think if I lie to you?"
Zhang Jingchao held back his anger and said, "Where is Daping?"
Qi Yufeng cold hum "dead".
Zhang Jingchao asked anxiously, "Who killed it?"
Qi Yufeng said, "What’s the pity of him yelling and killing my master for disrespect?"
Zhao Si Hai was furious. "But that’s my brother Songshan!"
Qi Yufeng Yu started work, but look at several people in Mount Tai and Hengshan over there, but they still don’t care about themselves, but their hearts sank. I promised you so many benefits, and you still didn’t help me?
When he hummed, "Either he was killed by one of your own, what happened to our Huashan Sect?"
Zhao Si Hai Wen said one leng couldn’t help asking "what’s the matter? Who killed it? "
Qi Yufeng heart way this a lie and then a lie can be really difficult to make up immediately long breath lazy said "Zuo Feiying Zuo Gong".
Zhao Sihai wondered, "How could he kill his own brother?"
Qi Yufeng said silently, "How do I know that Fang Daiping was stabbed to death by Zuo Zhanggong’s sword after yelling at my master for a few times? He said that disrespect for my master by the Wuyue Sword Sect is disrespect for the Songshan Sect elders and deserves this punishment."
Zhang Jingchao grunted coldly, "Unless you made it up?"
Qi Yufeng frowned and said, "Do you believe it or not?"
A few people were silent for a while, and Zhao Sihai said, "That Zuo Fei Ying is a little tyrannical at ordinary times. At this time, it may not be impossible to do this to please the wind and clear air." What about my nephew’s body? "
Qi Yufeng sneered, "Be careful to find the body in Luonan Shangzhou."
This sentence is a Shaanxi proverb, but Zhang Jingchao heard that Huashan Mountain is famous for its steep sky. If you accidentally fall off a cliff, you will fall to pieces. Because the local people of Luonan Shangzhou at the foot of Huashan Mountain, that is, the southern foot of Qinling Mountain, heard that someone had fallen off the mountain and said, "I want to find the body of Luonan Shangzhou."
Immediately, he couldn’t help flying into a rage and said, "Well, you threw my nephew’s body on the cliff!"