A hundred kilometers away from the island, several small kayaks are slowly moving forward, wearing life jackets. Allen and Chen escaped together. The researchers are all in these kayaks. Allen quietly looks at the sea. He doesn’t know what the sky will be like. What will happen in the future?

The first volume The first chapter The beginning of the world
The scorching sun along the coast of China scorches the earth. The tall urban buildings not only do not bring shade to the ground, but reflect sunlight to keep warming the surrounding area. Although the city is now saying that it is carrying out old city reconstruction and ecological construction according to environmental protection requirements, the eco-city has not brought any coolness to the summer city. He will never be cool in this hot place.
In a residential area in Hang Cheng, there is a standard room with one room, three bedrooms and one living room. However, there are several high-profile brains in the whole hall, and a person with a 3D helmet sits in front of each brain. Their mouths keep making noises. The whole hall gives people the feeling that it is very noisy and close to the kitchen. A little girl with glasses is chewing gum and constantly browsing the web. Her ears are wearing new soundproof headphones. From her appearance, we can see that she is not disturbed by the noise in the hall.
"elder brother! There is a new order, and the other party needs 5 gold coins and has already paid it! " The girl who is chewing gum through the microphone is talking to someone in the hall.
"Ok, send your warehouse number directly to him, remember to check the account receipt first." A man in the hall responded directly through the microphone of his helmet without looking up, and then sank into a noisy environment and kept spitting out from his mouth such as "Give me the blame! Small four, you NND, pay attention to hatred for ice and snow magic. Damn it, be careful, O, be careful! From all indications, this should be a unique game workshop in China, that is to say, Zhongdajin Company, of course, has a good working environment from the environment. Although the number is small, it is not bad to get a three-bedroom and one-bedroom workplace in Hang Cheng, a place with high housing prices.
After a long time, I was called a girl and told my brother to take off his helmet and switch the game to the front brain screen. It can be seen that his hair has not been trimmed for a long time, but it is still less to take care of it. I often clean it. "The second child calculates the profit of this battle and then sells everything that can be sold. NND, this garbage boss, made me run out of advanced magic scrolls. If I can’t earn the money back from it, I will be in deficit again this month."
"Know the boss column to count the gold coins. Don’t hide them. Take out the gold coins in your pocket and let me check them for repair. It’s enough for you to hand over your hidden gold coins. Isn’t it enough for you to take public funds to soak your sister again this month? Do you still want to meet a dinosaur! "
"Well, you slowly count that I’m going out to get a haircut. NND hasn’t had a haircut for almost half a year. Will you go?" He patted a companion who looks very strong, and it can be seen that this column is even less clean. It can be seen from the fluffy hair and stubble that they are rarely taken care of.
"Okay, wait till I give the money to the second child!"
"What is the second child called Fei Ge!" The man called the second child looks very unhappy.
"What flying brother is not a big day for me!" Being called a big column is very different from saying "a big day is also big!" You are still younger than me. Give me the money quickly! "
"Small what? Why don’t we compare who is smaller!" Column said while revealing a very lewd smile.
"Good column stop playing and go! It’ s late, the barber shop is going to the door! " The man named Boss is impatient and keeps urging his companions to go.
"All right, Malay!" Said the column got up from his seat and followed the water elder brother and went out.
Our protagonist’s real name is Chen Kai, whose parents are alive but not on the ground. Of course, he belongs to the lucky class. Nearly 5% of the children who return to the ground live ill and die because of the bad ground environment, which is much higher than the natural death rate.
What is lunar migration? It is derived from the plan of preserving human species led by a scientist in 27 years. After the dawn of the first lunar base was established in the mid-21st century, some anthropologists thought that some people with excellent genetic conditions should be selected and sent to the lunar base, so that even if the earth encounters irresistible natural disasters, people on the moon can continue the life of the whole human race. However, those scholars obviously underestimated the impact on science. What kind of plan will be destroyed by the earth soon? Planning to make a spaceship to escape to the moon, what prevents the government from coming forward to refute rumors, and the whole kind of plan has also changed. The plan of lunar migration has changed from selecting genetically excellent people to young people with physical and mental health, and these young people are generally talents with higher academic qualifications or high professional skills. Therefore, many people call lunar migrants skilled migrants. Chen Kai’s parents are one of these skilled migrants. When Chen Kai was born, it was the product of young people being influenced by strange theories. In the early days of lunar migration, the government considered the medical conditions and skills of the moon. Environmental factors and so on affect the principle of prohibiting childbearing. Officials of all countries agree that although privately, some people do not care about this restriction, and management is relatively loose, which is not conducive to forced abortion
At that time, young people who immigrated to the moon were born with a newype trend. Some young people were influenced by film and television dramas. Couples hoped that they could produce a new generation of cosmic human beings with high perception and telepathy. Under the influence of this trend of thought, the first baby boom was attracted in the second year of lunar migration. In that year, the birth rate of infants and young children reached 2%. The concept was that one in ten people who immigrated was married and gave birth, and this baby boom has been going on. Continuing to make the official have to stop the immigration plan urgently, because the number of people who have emigrated for one month has not yet been born, and if the immigration is increased, the burden on the lunar base will be unbearable.
However, it is obvious that the so-called newpye project ended in failure after repeated efforts by all couples, because all the born babies, including the immature and the long-term babies, did not show their advantages over ordinary people, and most of them either died or were seriously ill after being born or returned to the ground because of adapting to the cosmic environment or the ground environment.
Chen Kai is the lucky one among the newborns. Although his birth purpose is a bit ridiculous, Chen Kai’s parents quickly accepted their children and raised them carefully after the re-examination. Later, Chen Kai had a younger sister who chewed gum with headphones. The two brothers and sisters grew up on the moon until they returned to Earth at the age of 12. However, because they have been born in a low-weight environment for a long time, many children on the moon show a more fragile side than people on the ground, that is, bone mineral density. Although children on the moon have to keep healthy for 2 hours every day, this exercise will be discounted due to gravity.
Therefore, the two brothers and sisters spent two years alone in the center of the moon on the ground to recover, and they didn’t follow their parents back to their grandparents’ home until they were 14 years old, that is, Hangzhou, which is located by the West Lake.
Chen Kai didn’t find a job after graduating from college. Like most young people now, he is also faced with the situation in adventureland. Since 27 years, the birth tide in China has caused the population of China to drop from 900 million at the beginning of 27 years to 100 million to 200 million. This figure is far beyond the original experts and scholars who canceled family planning and encouraged rich childbearing. It is estimated that it is a miracle to have a second child because they calculated the education level and national quality level in China, but the reality is that there is no policy pressure. China has maintained a high-speed negative population growth for nearly 30 years, which was replaced by a positive growth of as high as 3% in one year. As a result, looking for a job at the end of the 21st century has once again become a burden on the younger generation. At this time, it is not only a descendant of cosmic immigrants, but also a capable country in the face of a strong tide of job hunting. The country will not take special care of you because you are a descendant of lunar immigrants, unless you really show that you are beyond ordinary people. Of course, Chen Kai does not, and even if he does, he will not show it. He does not want to be caught in the institute and stripped
But fortunately, Chen Kai’s parents work in the moon, so that they can earn enough money to prevent their two children from starving on the ground and emigrating to the moon. Now, the official policy is that there is no fixed position on the moon, and immigrants are not allowed to be born on the moon. After the child reaches the age of 12, he must return to the earth to live with his parents or follow his elderly guardian, and the country will bear certain upbringing and study. Therefore, Chen Kai and his sister can find jobs on the ground, but after half a year of haste, the two brothers and sisters announced that their employment failed. The final result of becoming a member of the unemployed army is that Chen Kai took his parents’ money and several good friends who could not find a job after graduation to form a game workshop, and earned money by helping people to sell games.
Fortunately, Chen Kai and his friends are not bad people. After experiencing all kinds of bad problems in the early days, they finally went to a regular five-person monthly income. Although they can’t reach the ranks of white-collar workers, they can still earn three or four thousand yuan a month.
Chen Kai and Zhu went to the side restaurant to take the originally scheduled food back to the room after handling his hair. I don’t expect five otaku who can play games to cook something made by Chen Kai’s sister Rola Chen. I dare to eat it only if I have a silly column, and I will never touch Rola Chen again after eating it.
After setting the meal, a group of people gathered around the dining table to eat. At this time, Rola Chen, the sister of Ll, suddenly said to Ll, "Brother! Just now, a game company invited you to participate in their game test! "
"Oh, which game company is it?" Chen Kai asked after a meal, but his chopsticks didn’t stop and he took a sparerib from the dish.
I don’t know! This game company has never heard of the information found on the Internet. Brother Fei searched for a long time and found a little company introduction, but the game information was nothing and there was no official website. "Rola Chen quickly snatched the ribs from his brother’s bowl and stuffed them into his bowl.
"Second child, you really didn’t find any information!" Ll looked at the ribs missing from the bowl, but some nai continued to grab food from the dish.
"No, but from the invitation letter, there is nothing wrong. Your account has activated that game program, but it seems unlikely that you will try it now because the other party needs to pay for the game equipment." It is said that the second man pushed his glasses.
"What’s the point of paying for game equipment? It won’t be fraud!" Ll some surprise.
"I don’t think so. I asked my friends in Raytheon, and their boss, Lei Di, also received an invitation letter and paid for the equipment. It is said that the game should be very promising when Raytheon friends come to the news."
"Are you? Let’s try it first. Recently, the money in the magic sword is getting worse and worse. It is estimated that there will be no profit if you go there again. If you don’t find a better new game, you guys will lose your job and go to eat instant noodles. Xiaoyi will eat it quickly and pay the deposit. I hope the news of Lei Di is accurate enough, and then you won’t want to buy good things from me. "
"Good brother Ma finished eating!" With that, Rola Chen quickly ate the last piece of ribs and got up. "The last one finished eating and washing dishes!" As soon as she spoke, ll was left at the whole table.
"Depend! Why are you bastards washing dishes again! " Ll was very depressed and looked at a table of leftovers.
A few days later, Chen Kai received a box with a very delicate package. He felt very depressed when he looked at it, because it was very similar to the 3D helmet that is being made now, but it is more beautiful.
"Xiaoyi, did you write the wrong order? This looks like the latest 3D helmet!" Chen Kai is very depressed with his helmet. Although the whole helmet is slightly different in appearance, there is not much difference between the whole helmet and himself.
"That’s right! This is the confirmation of the other party’s order. Look at the company logo here! " Rola Chen said with great certainty and showed him the trademark of Box Company.
"NND hope not. Let’s try it first!" Chen Kai was depressed and connected his helmet to his own brain. This brain is the only one with a game console. It’s not that he doesn’t want to install other brains. Every time he copies it to other brains, it’s garbled, which makes Xu Fei, the second child who has always believed that he has good computer skills, very depressed.
"The external device is connected, the game code is activated, and the game test is still activated. Countdown to 1, 9 … 2, 1 is completed, the nerve connection test is completed, and the mental strength test is completed. The mental strength of 25 is a strong mental state, allowing access to the test system and the input of the test number of the messenger."
Chen Kaigang recovered from the sudden dizziness after wearing a helmet and found himself in a strange state. He turned around and found that his body could turn and bend his head, and he could see a strange star around his feet. He found that he could also pull the warp star at will, and the distance could be even closer to the sun to see the spectacular scene of prominence ejection. However, Mata pulled his eyes back to the front and displayed the picture. The picture is very simple. One is the test number, the other is the password, and the other is two buttons to enter and exit the system.
However, Chen Kai found that he couldn’t input because he didn’t have a keyboard, but when his fingers touched the selection box, he jumped out of two options directly. Chen Kai habitually chose to manually input the selection box, and the horse flashed a virtual keyboard. After quickly inputting the password for his test account, Chen Kai was glad that he had a good memory and the activation code could be remembered for so long.
But soon he was stunned by the picture in front of him. The original star suddenly turned into a piece of Yuan Ye. He found himself in the middle of this piece of Yuan Ye. Just when he was strange, a desolate horn suddenly came from a distance. "Woo ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~" Soon he felt that the whole earth was slowly shaking.
"fuck! I am not dreaming! " In Chen Kai’s field of vision, there are overwhelming soldiers whose shining armor reflects the sun’s rays, which makes his eyes uncomfortable. When he wants to block the dazzling sunshine with his hands, the horn sounds behind him, but the sound is more harsh, like a death cry.
When he turned around, he saw a more overwhelming black torrent, and even the sky was filled with those flying in the sky with weapons. They seemed to be small demons in western mythology. Although they were seen in many magic games and they were abused as dishes every time, now when he saw the overwhelming small demons, he suddenly found that it was very scary when the number of monsters reached a certain level, but he was now wondering how to get from this place because Chen Kai found himself in the middle of the battlefield more and more.
When he was still thinking about it, the two sides had already contacted Chen Kai, and suddenly he was surrounded by several soldiers and demons and monsters, but he found that neither side saw him, and he himself would not be hurt because the soldier’s weapon could easily penetrate his body and attack the opposite demon, and the devil’s condensed flame or spell could easily penetrate his body and attack the soldiers behind him.
He also saw that several figures appeared to be raised behind human beings, and then Chen Kai heard that there seemed to be a whisper in the air and the sky was slowly turning red, and the demon side seemed to be attacked by some stimuli and became more crazy. Chen Kai could even see the change from the demon’s eyes, which were originally bloody, and now they were even more terrible red. Some demons left their opponents and rushed to the human side to float in the figure, but when they approached those figures, they wore a pike like a sugar gourd. It quickly fell to the ground and quickly became inserted in the ground. The position was just in front of Chen Kai. Chen Kai could clearly see the painful expressions of those demons, and then the human camp divided from the front of the pike
Chen Kaike saw that a huge figure was running through the back of the camp, and soon the other side came to him. Chen Kaike clearly saw what the other side was. It was a dragon, one of which was described in all magic games as a western dragon and a ground dragon, but this dragon was more real. Its scales were not displayed by a map in those games in the past, but shone like crystals. Chen Kaike clearly saw that the scales of the ground dragon were showing strange characters and its huge body was running quickly from Chen Kaibian. The knight who rode on its back grabbed the pike stuck in the ground and charged at the demon camp. Behind him was a group of glittering knights, whose bodies constantly emerged with words and light full of sacred breath.
Chen Kai saw that the demon camp was quickly penetrated by the Dragon Knight, but a figure suddenly appeared in front. The huge figure and the same huge wings indicate that the other party should be a leader role! Like a shadow, Chen Kaike saw a golden light in front of the dragon knight carrying a lance, and the demon opposite waved a huge axe. The two sides quickly approached like a shadow, and then a strong light flashed through Chen Kai’s consciousness and closed his eyes. When he opened his eyes, he found that the picture in front changed into a character landing interface. There was a character in front of Chen Kai, and the character was himself with the word Chen Kai on his head.
The first volume, the second chapter, the initial measurement
Chen Kai found it very strange that when he approached the character login interface, a unified sign appeared, "Please choose to establish the character name. Please pay attention to the naming standard. Friendship shows that a bad name in the Eya world will make you despised by the aborigines."
Chen Kai, a senior professional player, knows that game makers will never show any meaning. That is to say, in this game, players need to be very careful when choosing names to verify their ideas. Chen Kai entered the name of the game in the past and carefully pressed OK.
"Note that the player’s naming is not standardized. The naming will reduce your first impression by 5%. Please choose carefully and enter the countdown now. If you are sure, please press the confirm button and need to modify it. After the countdown is over, the default player will be named 1, 9 … If the player cancels the naming, please re-enter a new name." It was a close call, but fortunately, the hands and feet were quick, and even the name was trapped. If you are in a hurry, just press OK! 5% impression reduction may be related to other things!
After thinking for a while, Chen Kai entered his name. According to the magic game habit, he reversed his name, but when he entered it, Chen Kai added other words. Finally, his name became Keith St. Stuart, and then he chose to make sure that this time he didn’t show any concern. He chose carefully and showed that he didn’t enter a constant code. Is this what makes him in the game? Previously, he filled in his game name for NPC Chen Kai’s doubts. Soon, he showed that both names were named successfully, so that he could choose and adjust his role.
At this time, the name on the top of the character in front of Chen Kai became a bracket behind Keith St. Stuart. When Chen Kai touched the character, Chen Kai got the indication again to select the character successfully and directly entered the game. Modify the character image Chen Kai decisively chose to modify the character image. He didn’t want to appear in the game himself, so he didn’t want to be the second Milky Way in case the underworld in those games found out that he would become a problem.
Who is Yu Xinghe in the game world is a myth and a tragedy. Ten years ago, in a large-scale game, Xinghe belonged to the top five players in the advanced player system, but as a result, he was found out his true identity because he offended a triad leader. Since then, Xinghe has never appeared in that game. This person did not know where Xinghe would die unless his friend was active and let the police intervene in the investigation. But when he was rescued from the dark room, his two fingers were abolished, even holding a cup was a problem, so let all gamers marvel at the role of Galaxy.
Therefore, Chen Kai, a professional online game player, has always kept a low profile and made a fortune in the game. Unless he is a familiar guest and a partner, he rarely knows their identity. At present, there is also a Raytheon guild, and Lei Di, the president of Raytheon Guild, is a senior at Chen Kai University and his guide. Therefore, it is still credible in this respect, and his family is big and his father has entered the Forbes list with three companies before graduation. Naturally, he can’t look down on Chen Kai.
Chen Kai carefully adjusted and corrected his role, which was relatively intimate. Two schemes were given: one was automatic adjustment ~2% fluctuation, and the other was manual adjustment. Considering the actual situation, Chen Kai decided to manually adjust and secretly recorded the adjustment steps when he took the beta. Soon Chen Kai’s role changed from a young guy to a strong one. It is estimated that even if Chen Kai’s parents came back from the moon, they would not see that Chen Kai’s role was associated with Chen Kairen.
After the selection, Chen Kai was ready to enter the game. When his eyes turned black again, he knew that he had logged into the game, but he didn’t believe that he saw and felt it because it was too real. What do you mean, because Chen Kai appeared in a stable, and the smell in the stable was so good? I don’t think anyone wanted to try it, especially in the middle ages. The smell of the stable reminded Chen Kai that those smelly socks that had not been washed for five months were no worse than those smelly socks.
So ll quickly covering her mouth ran a long way from the stable before he stopped by the side of the road to catch my breath. "MD is this a game? How so smelly! " Chen Kai kept panting on the roadside wall, but soon his face changed because he felt that the wall was too real, and the cold texture was like real stone, so he shook his fist and hit the wall to hear "Ah!" Chen Kai kept jumping there holding his hand. He took a look at his hand and found that his whole hand was red, but he finally determined that he was injured in the game because he heard the attack on the wall. Then he changed to see that his HP bar had fifty points of blood in total.
"It’s too real to rely on MD. If I don’t show this, I’ll cross it myself." Thought of this, Chen Kai immediately stopped to quit the game, but he didn’t find the exit login button for a long time, but soon he found the exit method, and he had to silently quit the login for three consecutive times before he could quit.
When his eyes turned black again, he had returned to the role login interface and then chose to quit the game again. It turned black again. He returned to the state of wearing a helmet and quickly took off his helmet. Chen Kaima shouted at Xu Fei, "Do you want to bargain quickly if you sell all the valuable things in the magic sword?" I’ll be miserable if the horse is cleaned up late. "
"elder brother! Stop yelling, Brother Fei, they are already clearing the warehouse. Just one minute ago, Raytheon Steamed Bread sent a message to inform you that the horse was cleaned up. Brother Fei believed him when he looked serious. I don’t know if it is true! How’s that new game? Is it fun? By the way, Brother Shantou informed you that if you enter the test, you should go to the East Gate to find Raytheon and say that there is a device for the test? " Chen Kai’s sister, Chen Yizheng, sat next to Chen Kai and watched Xu Fei. They kept taking things out of the warehouse for consignment, and then hung the market price of the gold coin recycling department below the market price on the network. Then Rola Chen kept inquiring about the online payment situation and took a calculator to calculate the loss situation.
"Oh, so that’s it! I’ll give you a message later. Thank you, Shantou, and invite him to dinner … According to the current situation, it is estimated that the magic sword horse will decline if the game is beta! If the game is not too bad, it is estimated that many players will want to enter this new game! " Ll see Xu Fei they are all trying to clearance Ma relieved.
"Well, I’ll go back to the game. Watch carefully and let Xu Fei pay attention to it as soon as the price is right! How much money can you earn back? If you can sell the account, sell it together! " Say that finish ll again with a helmet black at the moment into the game login interface.