"Ha-ha, young master is really a bargain." The mercenary vendor rubbed his hands with an ingratiating smile as soon as his eyes lit up. "This is a second-order Warcraft fire fox magic core. We have hurt many brothers in our team. In those magic core shops, you have to sell at least 500 gold coins. If you are a bargain-hunter, you will sell you 400 gold?"

Ai Luo’s expression was not moved by the seemingly sincere words of the mercenary stall owner. He pinched the latosolic red magic core and looked at it for a long time before casually saying, "Although the fire fox is a second-order Warcraft, it has a large number and extremely low attack power. It’s just a relatively fast speed. Even people who are new to jade can capture you. Does it seem a little expensive to sell it?"
Elo’s remarks are to tell the truth. Generally, the vast majority of second-order Warcraft are extremely fierce and fierce, even if they correspond to the strong human beings of the same level, it is difficult to defeat and arrest a Warcraft with equal strength. Just as Elo once met the wolf king who almost killed him and Hin, he barely entered the second-order threshold. This shows how powerful the real second-order Warcraft will be, but there are exceptions in everything. For example, this so-called fire fox is ranked second-order, but even many first-order Warcraft are inferior in terms of strength. It is because the energy contained in its body magic core is quite ordinary second-order Warcraft.
"eh? ….. "See this yourself or a sheep boy was a fairly expert that mercenary vendor to detain a lag a bit embarrassed wry smile way" three hundred and fifty can’t be less we also have to eat! "
Elo seemed to sigh hesitantly and be silent for a moment. Suddenly, the palm of his hand looked slightly uneasy at the mercenary vendor. He just grabbed the black jade piece from a pile of sundries and then shook it to the vendor. "Let’s have three hundred and forty."
"… good!" Eyes quickly caught that thing in the hands of Elo and swept it again. After discovering that there was nothing valuable in it, the mercenary vendor was slightly relieved and thoughtfully for a moment. After that, he finally gritted his teeth and promised to sell a fire fox magic nuclear energy to this price, which was already very valuable.
After the transaction was completed with one hand and one hand, Elo didn’t stay too long. He turned around and went back to the street where Qin Keer was located. He casually stuffed other sundries into his clothes, and the palm of his hand tightly held the mysterious black jade piece. Elo’s mouth could not help but raise a little radian. Obviously, he was quite excited to get the baby at almost no cost.
"Smelly little is quite thoughtful" seems to feel the young heart secretly pleased Ai Lao criticise also rang at this time.
Ai Luo smiled and didn’t say much. Although he finally lost most of the borrowed money, he didn’t feel bad because the value of what he got back was far more than hundreds of gold coins. If he showed his interest in the black jade piece in a subtle way, I’m afraid he would be killed by the fine mercenary. Now he is short of money. Obviously, he won’t be so stupid to be the sucker.
Chapter 40 Mucheng
"Teacher, what is this jade piece?" The finger hidden in the sleeve robe slowly rubbed the black jade piece with a cold, rough and rock-like touch, and immediately handed it back from the fingertips. Ai Luowei frowned slightly and then said in his heart that although he was aware of some abnormalities in this jade piece, he managed to find out the secret. If Ai Lao didn’t speak later, I’m afraid he would really lose his arm with this jade piece.
"I’ll tell you this when I get back. You need to know that it’s a good thing." Ai Lao chuckled but didn’t immediately give a positive answer. Instead, he sold a boy who seemed to want to deliberately hang his appetite.
Elonai turned their eyes, but also resisted curiosity and didn’t ask eagerly, otherwise it wouldn’t be just the old guy’s plan. Anyway, the jade piece is now in his hand and he doesn’t care at this moment.
This area is not far from the place where Qin Keer was before. Although the people coming and going at noon became more crowded and noisy, Elo quickly passed through many barriers and came back. From a distance, he saw the girl who was in front of a shop with an unhappy face and pursed her mouth, attracting several eyes around her like all the stars, and secretly watching the blue skirt. She hurriedly struggled to cross the crowd and quickly walked past.
"Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for a long time." Looking around, Qin Keer also quickly found out that the teenager who was approaching him was also taking two steps forward until the former finally broke through the wall and came to his face, but his face was full of bitterness and an irate complaint was made.
"I’m sorry it took me a little longer." Arlo also smiled apologetically at the girl. The tone was quite sincere. This time, I came out in the name of accompanying the girl to play, but the result was that I left people hanging aside for so long. It was really unreasonable
"I’ll spare you this time." Miss Qin Kerr is naturally not a loose-haired girl with a charming and opinionated temper. A face of sincere apologies, and the original face is also dissipated. It seems that it is too cheap to forgive so easily. This guy who has kept himself waiting for a long time is slightly erect and arch eyebrows, so he gave a bad warning.
"Don’t worry, absolutely not." The girl’s fierce gesture has made Elo feel faint and warm for a long time. The lip angle is also floating with a warm radian from the heart. She smiled and assured that a palm of her hand was also consciously raised at this time to rub the girl’s little head. Her arm was just halfway up before she remembered that this girl was not Hin, but a noble girl. Miss Qin Wangfu smiled gently and put her hand away.
"Ha ha, I didn’t expect to meet Miss Kerr here. What a coincidence!" Just as the two were about to continue shopping in a shop, a gentle male voice suddenly came from the front crowd. Both of them were walking in the direction of the sound, and they saw a man in a gorgeous brocade robe surrounded by many attendants, smiling and walking slowly to this side.
The man holding a folding fan looks handsome, but his face is morbidly pale, which is caused by too much sex. It gives a faint feeling of coldness, which greatly discounts his overall image. Although his face is covered with a seemingly warm smile, it is slightly feminine, and his brow is full of it. The unabashed publicity and pride suddenly make people have an impulse to stay at a respectful distance.
Behind the man, there are more than a dozen tall escort attendants, each of whom is also marked with a logo similar to that of Qin Wangfu’s escort. When the people around him see these attendants, they almost lie down in panic and let a passage bend slightly behind them and retreat far away. In a short time, the original impenetrable crowd turned out to be abruptly separated from a large area.
This humility stems from people’s deep awe of another overlord of Yancheng.
"It turned out to be Mu Chenggong" saw that the brocade robe male Qin Kerr was coming to him with a big smile on his face, but he frowned slightly and took two steps back without trace, just half a step behind Ai Luo, and his cheeks disappeared like a little girl’s joy, and his face was not salty or light.
The girl looks like a lively little witch suddenly turned into a calm and unfamiliar cold beauty. This almost extreme sudden change makes Elo look thoughtfully at the tiny radian on the corners of the mouth of the brocade robe man who keeps approaching.
"I haven’t seen Miss Kerr for a long time. Don’t be ill. I’ve always wanted to visit Nai. I didn’t expect to meet the so-called phase invitation here today. I wonder if Miss Kerr would like to come and visit together?" It seems that the man called Mu Cheng Brocade didn’t notice the coldness of the girl’s cheeks, but he still led people to come over. It seemed that he wanted to win the girl’s favor, and that Mu Cheng’s white face smile was also more and more rich, and his manners really gave a hint of light elegance. It was the elegant words that made people feel an impulse to laugh.
Talking brocade robe man’s eyes are also staring straight at the girl’s graceful figure, and his tongue seems to lick his lips as if he could, and he turned his back on Arlo’s eyes. His fiery eyes are also full of amazing drooling, but there is no such thing as the fear of his identity in other people’s eyes, which makes him have enough pride and resources to look straight at this dazzling girl like a pearl.
"I’m sorry, Master Mu Cheng, Chloe has been shopping for a day, but she is already a little tired and planning to go back to her home." Qin Chloe’s black eyebrows wrinkled and looked at the man who had no discretion, but she still pushed her luck. A pair of clear eyes finally passed a little obscure disgust. Her lively girl’s mind is hard to really feel bad about a person, but now it is because of this man who shows this extreme emotion. It is not difficult to imagine how much the girl hates this guy named Mu Cheng.
However, boredom is boredom. If it were another person, I’m afraid she would have left without looking back, but it’s not good for this Mu Chengqin Kerr to express her emotions directly. She is also quite clear about repeatedly suppressing and perfunctory each other because of their identity.
The third young master of Mu Chengmu Wangfu is not inferior to his own family power in any respect. Qin Chloe is also a little fearful. After all, although she is naive and lively at ordinary times, she is not a little girl who knows nothing. She will naturally know many things. As the saying goes, two tigers are in the same place. Although there has never been any big fight on the surface, Qin Chloe is afraid of one thousand. Cause some changes lead to the deterioration of the appearance of the two families, so we will always try our best to suppress our emotions and tolerate each other’s harassment. Although Mu Cheng is a straw bag who relies on his family’s life all day, there are really not many people in this inflammatory city who can provoke him with this identity alone.
The scene opposite the two sides of the team also attracted a lot of good people around to gather around here. Some people on both sides knew exactly what their identities were in the place. Although they didn’t dare to get too close, they all turned their eyes to the beautiful girl like blue water lotus. The ups and downs made some hot and dry atmosphere have a warming trend.
"Miss Kerr seems not to want to give me this face?" Folding fan in hand snapped up Mu Cheng’s eyes and suddenly his eyes narrowed slightly. He was not an idiot. Naturally, he also recognized the perfunctory meaning in the girl’s words. Seeing that this woman had touched herself in public, Wei Fu was always used to his face and became a little ugly. The tone was very faint and cold.
"Why should I give Mu Chenggong your face?" Seeing her repeated forbearance makes the other side even worse. Qin Keer’s face is also suddenly cold, and the words seem to have a tit-for-tat taste tone. The long-suppressed disgust is no longer concealed and revealed. Although she doesn’t want to cause trouble, she is not afraid of anything, and she has no reason to be afraid of the other side.
You!’ Two or three sentences with guns and sticks suddenly made the original harmonious atmosphere a little tense. Seeing Qin Keer mercilessly refuting his own face, Mu Cheng’s face flashed a bit and he was just about to get angry, but in the end he was crushed by himself. He also knew who the girl opposite was. This identity may be a powerful shock to others, but I’m afraid it doesn’t make much sense to the girl with a high status in Qin Wangfu.
"Ha ha, it’s disrespectful, please don’t mind Miss Kerr." The eyes around me made Mu Cheng’s face take a puff, and the complexion changed for a long time before he suppressed his anger. "There is no other meaning to invite Miss Kerr to stroll together, but since it’s not convenient for Miss Kerr, it’s not necessary to force this cold jade bracelet to be bought by people. Now it’s a little gift to send Miss Kerr to make amends."
After saying this, Mu Cheng made a snap of his fingers, and immediately an attendant came out and respectfully handed him a perfect blue bracelet. The former took the bracelet and came to this side again smiling.
"This guy ….." Qin Chloe frowning arch eyebrows obviously felt quite helpless about this dead-tie-up plastering, but the other party has lowered its posture. Even if it is a little uncomfortable in her heart, it is not good to send it again. It is difficult to get familiar with the figure around her, but suddenly a light smile stood in front of her. At this time, it is also clear that "Master Mu Cheng is kind and we appreciate that this bracelet is too expensive for us to take back."
Qin Chloe eyes some startled to look at what young figure obviously didn’t expect elo would suddenly take the initiative to help him stop the fly.
Chapter 49 Conflict
Light smile is also to make a lot of onlookers eyes gathered around to Eloquence, and then a series of low breakdown also gradually sounded in this inflammatory city. I’m afraid not many people dare to talk to Mucheng in this tone. Who is this little guy? Is it also a master of Qin Wangfu?
"How dare you talk to me!" The footsteps were blocked, and it was not easy to pile up smiling faces. It was almost instantaneous and gloomy, and even the tone became extremely cold. Previously, Qin Keer refused without mercy, which made him very angry. As a result, such a little-known person dared to talk to him like this! Forget the former. After all, Miss Qin Wangfu is quite herself in terms of status. Even if she is embarrassed, it is nothing to lose face. However, now a humble slave of Qin Wangfu dares to treat him like this, which simply makes him angry on the spot.
"Please talk to Master Mu Cheng with some respect. Master Mu Wangfu should not be so ill-bred." Errol’s face still has a faint smile like a spring breeze, but his dark eyes have a cold mans condensation.
"wow!" The light words make people around you stare at this strange handsome boy with a strange face and surprise. Some astute people are also laughing gloomily when they see Mu Cheng’s gradually blushing face. It seems that there is a lot to see today.
"Elogo, let’s go." Qin Chloe finally came to my mind and took a glance at Mu Cheng, whose face was black, and then pulled his sleeve low. Although Elo’s two soft and sarcastic words made her feel quite comfortable, she also knew that the former was just to save her breath, but I’m afraid that Mu Cheng would really go wild if she went so stiff again.
"Ha ha, it seems that the young master is still too kind to people at ordinary times!" A cold smile slowly emerged from the mouth of Mu Cheng like a creepy evil wind. The tone was not as furious as expected, but it was mixed with a touch of anger. Everyone could detect the darkness. The eyes stared at Ai Luo like a poisonous snake for a moment, and then the corners of his mouth suddenly drew a trace of contempt. "Master, I will tell you now that you are such a lowly person!"
After saying his word, a sharp sword suddenly pulled out from the waist, and a morbid and fierce wrist flashed in Mu Cheng’s eyes. A dazzling silver cold light suddenly shot out from the body of the sword, and then his body rushed to the tip of the sword with a slight break in the wind, violently stabbing at Ai Luo to do harm, and the sword crossed the sen cold and sharp arc in the middle. It turned out that there was no mercy. If an ordinary person was stabbed, I am afraid he would be killed immediately.
"MuCheng! What are you doing? !” Mu Cheng’s sudden attack on this milli-symptom obviously surprised everyone. When the road exclaimed, it sounded one after another. Qin Keer even changed his face and wanted to stop it, only to find that it was already a complete stop, but it was not a pretty face.
"hey!" Looking at the sudden sword stab to her face, she didn’t show a trace of panic and fear. Instead, she passed a little disdain and mockery in her eyes. The sharp tip of the sword was constantly magnified in front of her eyes. However, her right arm was stretched out in the front of her foot, and her slender right palm turned into a knife-shaped hand. Soon, her body suddenly rushed forward like a big bird, and in many exclamations around her, her palm turned to the handle, which was a sword made of pure iron and she was hard to regret!
"Looking for death!" Seeing Elo dare to touch him hard with his bare hands, a sneer suddenly flashed in Mu Cheng’s eyes, as if he had already seen the bloody scene in front of him. His weapon was specially built and matched with his body. Even the peak of forging body wouldn’t dare to be so hard-wired to this bitch who dared to speak ill of himself, except to die. He couldn’t think of any results.
However, Mu Cheng’s grimace of a grin just emerged, but it immediately stiffened. It was almost impossible to resist the earth force from the other end of the sword, which made him detain his face and changed greatly.
"Double attack!"
"pa!" Stripes of earthworm-like veins stood out from the arm, hidden in the firm muscles. All the powerful forces surged in the right palm, and the strength wrapped the whole right hand and changed in the blink of an eye. A sharp blade was swept in an unusually crisp shape, and the gold iron suddenly spread from the collision point of the sword blade, and immediately a harsh and loud split made all human eyes’ pupils shrink.
When most people didn’t react, the two men fought like a flash of flint, and it was already a touch-and-go. Elo turned back a circle with the agile thrust body, and then fell back to the original position steadily, changing the illusory blade, and the right palm of his hand was restored to its original state. However, Mu Cheng, who took the initiative to attack, suddenly shivered, and immediately stumbled back several steps after everyone stared at the pale and stuffy hum. If it weren’t for the attendants behind him, I’m afraid it would have been awkwardly falling upside down and even looking at the handle in his hand.
"Huh?" Looking at this almost one-sided situation, all the onlookers couldn’t help but look at the unscathed Elo with a surprised face. Obviously, this scene is somewhat unexpected. Although Mu Cheng often fights with his identity in the inflammatory city, Hu Fei’s name is not very good, but if he doesn’t have the strength, I’m afraid no one will believe that the sword just now is not acceptable to ordinary people, but he is so vulnerable in front of the unidentified teenager.
"Nine layers of forging body condition" twisted slightly, with a slight sense of shock and numbness. Elo looked at the other side. It seems that he hasn’t recovered yet, but there was a hint of disdain and sarcasm in Mu Cheng’s eyes. Through previous meetings, he could also roughly judge the strength of the other side. Although the surface level of Mu Cheng seems to be higher than that of him, the breath and strength are somewhat vain. It doesn’t look like relying on hard practice, but relying on external forces to accumulate to this point. I’m afraid that the weak fighting capacity of the ordinary forging body layer will not be too good. If it weren’t for the long sword
"Elogo!" Qin Chloe is also hurriedly blunt come over qiao face some focal color to grabbed the arrow arm after found that the latter is not damaged is full of eager qiao face this just slightly YiHuan beautiful eyes first angrily swept the eye in the distance that holding broken arrow, Mu Cheng’s face was unusually ugly, and then she moved to Ai Luo’s eyes again. She couldn’t help but flash a little amazing color, but she also knew something about that Mu Cheng’s strength. Although she was a nine-story forged body with a lot of water, she wanted to beat it back. I’m afraid the whole young generation of Qin Wangfu couldn’t find a score of ten, and even she could hardly ask herself. Before hearing the news that Ai Luo defeated Cheng Jia Cheng Hui, she was still deliberately exaggerated, but now seeing this scene made her doubts completely disappear.
"Kill him for me!" Breathe heavily for a few mouthfuls and finally calm down the body churning qi and blood. Mu Cheng’s complexion is suspicious and gloomy at the moment, and strange eyes are coming from around him, making his teeth rattle and full of hatred, almost roaring. Many attendants behind him are also drawing weapons after hearing the main roar, and they want to rush toward Elo with a fierce face.
"Mu Cheng, don’t go too far. This is my Qin Wangfu site!" Seeing this, Qin Keer’s pretty face is also covered with a layer of cold and frost. With a wave of his hand, the guards of Qin Wangfu are also embracing each other and all the attendants will be turned over.
But soon after the girl’s cold drink, the crowd around her suddenly burst into a violent commotion, and then two teams of people came out from the outside, murderously surrounding her face with black and blue, and observing the special signs she was wearing. These two teams of people were also from Qin Wangfu.
There is tension around, and with the confrontation between the two sides, there is almost a gradual solidification trend. The crowd around is still very noisy, and it is also in this atmosphere that the oppression is strange and quiet. What’s more, some cowards have already quietly squeezed out of the crowd and escaped.
"Qin Keer, what do you mean? Are you still going to accuse me of being a slave?" Seeing his attendants was forced back by the guards of the Qin palace, and Mu Cheng’s face twitched violently.
"What an overbearing Muwangfu!" Qin Keer, however, completely regarded Mu Cheng’s cruel and ruddy lip angle as a hint of undisguised ridicule and sneer. "Today, everyone can see that it was you, Mu Chenggong, who pestered and provoked first, and then did not ask, don’t ask, don’t indiscriminately shoot at us in the territory of Qin Wangfu. Is it impossible to be a clay pinch when I am Qin Wangfu?"
Sharp and sharp words didn’t hide the fact that the girl’s words spread quickly in all directions. The age of the girl’s words was quite inconsistent. The resolute determination made many people, even Elo, look slightly surprised. Who would have thought that this girl with a pure and lovely appearance like a weak deer would have such a sharp side?
Facing the gaze around Qin Keer’s pretty face, it seems quite calm, with sharp light and big eyes staring at the opposite Mu Cheng without weakness. Obviously, there is no compromise and concession. She doesn’t want to make trouble, but it doesn’t mean that she will be afraid. Now that she has torn her face, she is too lazy to endure nausea and pretend to say pleasantries. Others may be afraid because of that Mu Cheng’s identity, but there is no deterrent for her.
"You …" Mu Cheng’s canthus twitching girl spit out almost every crisp word, which made his eyelids twitch. However, when he saw the girl’s eyes full of cold color, although his heart was extremely furious, it was surprisingly not immediately sent out and was occupied by anger, which also restored a little sense. He could be wanton and rely on himself in the inflammatory city, but he could face the identity and origin of the young girl who was not weaker than himself. If he really made a big deal at this time, he would still suffer.
"Good master remember today! If you have the opportunity to settle down in the future! " His face changed rapidly for a long time. Mu Cheng finally took a deep breath and barely suppressed his impulse. His eyes were as dark as a poison vector. He cut it hard and finally kept a calm expression. Elo gave a scene at a glance. Finally, when everyone was watching with a full face of anger and a group of minions turned around and left the crowd, I didn’t know which direction to send out a series of hisses, which made the former face livid.
Chapter 50 Xuandun from the fire