If Randolph plays well in this round of series, Duncan and Parker will play slightly worse, which means they haven’t finished running in yet.

Randolph’s position is vague now, and he may not be a member of * * Vichy’s long-term plan. The Spurs coach may want to make the team temporarily become gdp+ Randolph, but it’s taken for granted that this is not how to spell the building blocks.
Two days is not enough to find and solve problems. The day will soon come to May 12. Today may be a day to make history. The first team in nba history: the 3-behind turnaround team may be born at Staples Arena today.
Old Deng Liwei said before the game, "I’m not worried at all. There’s nothing to worry about. It’s a game. We have to play our own strength and we still have home court advantage."
Ji Guoshi’s press conference before the game today was not as arrogant as everyone expected, and his face was too arrogant. His nostrils didn’t look in front of the dead fox game and he said, "The Spurs can lead us 3-0 and say that they are not idiots. We haven’t completed the miracle yet. What makes you think that I will be arrogant now? Maybe you think I’m an idiot, but I’m not an idiot either, so the question is, there must be an idiot among all the people present. Who can it be? "
The dead fox slapped his face. In fact, he wanted to say that "everyone in the place is stupid", but it would be vulgar to say that there are too many people, and now the meaning is similar.
After the Clippers came out, Ji Guo was ashamed to find that there were too many familiar guys on the sidelines. Today’s game received no less attention than the finals. Only two days later, many outdoor billboards and bus advertisements in Los Angeles were temporarily changed. Today’s game is enough to say the importance of this game.
To be honest, Ji Guo is now under a lot of pressure in his heart, but the thought of the opposite pressure makes his pressure lighter.
"Spurs players don’t know what their mentality is today, so we have to add fire to them later." Ji Guo felt that even he was so nervous, not to mention the Spurs side. Once they won the game, the Clippers would become a myth, and the Spurs would become a myth. I really feel sad for them.
Spurs players soon appeared in Ji Guo’s shame, and when they saw it, they all looked like they were going to the execution ground to die.
Ji Guo smiled shamefully. A villain is happy to see others unhappy, and he can feel that his tension is swept away and his state is instantly full.
"I’m sorry for your loss. Our coach said that you would get 10 million a year for the season." Ji Guoshi quickly said something that made Randolph more disgusting when he hugged him.
"Welcome to the nba!" Ji Guo was ashamed to face Ginobili with a more smiling face.
Spurs players want to take down the dead fox directly, but the price is too high, and this bastard may not be able to catch him if he runs away after pretending.
Charles Buckley said before the game, "The Los Angeles team has a similar feature, that is, in the aspect of’ arrogance’. Yesterday, the Clippers official website announced the ticket sales information of the Western Conference Finals, and the ticket sales activities were officially started today. I checked that the Clippers season ticket owners can buy tickets one hour before the game, and I really want to see what happens after they lose the game."
Kenny Smith shook his head. "If it were the Lakers, I think they would do the same. Tickets for this game have long been fired at the same price as last year’s finals. Everyone is waiting for the Clippers to work miracles here today?"
Chapter seven hundred and forty-five Miracles are waving.
The Clippers are still out of the starting lineup of Billups, Ray Allen, Iguodala, Ji Guoshi and O ‘Neal today.
The Spurs made some adjustments in the starting lineup. * * Vicky sent Tony Parker, George Hill, Travis, Zach Randolph and Tim Duncan today. This is a set of dual-control defensive arrays.
George Hill has played his own role in the season. The Spurs have been considering trading Parker to help him, but they have been suffering from no good trading plan.
Of course, Ji Guo feels ashamed that this is purely a small trick of the Spurs to disguise George Hill’s worth in disguise. * * Vicky won’t risk offending Duncan Chrysanthemum to trade his good friend.
After the game, the Clippers’ momentum at home was like a rainbow, national humiliation and Iguodala kept grabbing their opponents’ profits. They were very aggressive and pressed the defense to interfere with the Spurs’ rotation, although the gains were not so great.
* * Vicky’s foresight predicted that the Clippers would come. Today, he specially changed the dual point guard array and strengthened the strength of the bench array, killing two birds with one stone.
However, there will be gains and losses. This array is short of height. Although George Hill’s arm span is outstanding, it is still a bit reluctant to compete with Ray Allen’s experience. Billups and Ray Allen jointly played a 14-gold game.
At the key moment, Duncan repeatedly throws and punishes one person with 5 points to stabilize the morale, but the Clippers core is not to be outdone. Ji Guoshi retaliates with 4 points by breakthrough.
Fox’s brother didn’t steal the ball after the game. * * Vichy’s heart was dark and called it bad. It’s terrible if the dead fox doesn’t score points.
Today, the Spurs dare not defend against national humiliation, but then they can defend the active scoring champion one-on-one
This arduous Duncan said that even if he is ten years younger, he still has a lot of pressure, let alone now.
* * Vicky has already tried Zach Randolph to defend against Ji’s humiliation, but the former is not as good as Duncan’s dead fox. He wants to kill his heart with a rotten tofu. He feels that his roots and the other players are not in the same position. The rotten tofu would rather defend O’ Neill, who is a tonnage bigger than him, than deal with his younger brother, a tonnage lighter than him.
In the first few games of the Western Conference semi-finals, the Spurs’ defensive strategy of national humiliation was Duncan’s three-pointer defense. Randolph used both hands in the penalty area to deal with the younger brother who always liked to shrink eggs.
This tactic has achieved good results, but since Ji Guo’s humiliation broke through in the fourth game, he likes to raise his arm, which makes it difficult for Randolph to seduce him again.
This kind of European basketball has not been used often in recent two years, but it doesn’t mean that he won’t use this skill.
Besides, the Spurs’ defense will inevitably lead to an increase in the number of fouls committed by the basket player. Randolph didn’t play for many minutes in a game, so he couldn’t be restricted by this arrangement.
Duncan said to the younger brother of the fox who stopped shrinking eggs, I am not a positional player with him. Besides, how old are we?
It’s easy to be completely reimbursed after this season!
Ji Guo’s shame is not given to the stone Buddha’s face today. He knows that the importance of this game is not rooted in shooting outside, breaking through and breaking through again. Anyway, he knows that Duncan can’t stop him even if he puts two steps. They are really not a position player.
This way of playing will soon allow Duncan to parry the fox’s younger brother, Lee, and after scoring a breakthrough, * * Vicky can change his defensive tactics. It’s not so good for Travis to defend the national humiliation Duncan and defend the three-pointer Iguodala.
This dislocation is even more outrageous. * * Vicky is betting on him. Even if Duncan puts Iguodala two meters away, this guy can’t shoot a three-pointer.
Iguodala must shoot for James’ treatment.
As a result, basketball hit the basket outside the target as if it were an anti-aircraft gun!
Old Deng Liwei can’t calm down. He’s not going to let Iguodala continue to try to make a decisive change. McGrady has been doing well in this round, and he’s out of the team’s third place.