At night, Lin hugged a tender model from England and entered her unmonitored bedroom. She let the tender model go to see herself and hid in the bedroom toilet. She entered the tenth floor from the nineteenth floor according to her motivation.

Everything on the tenth floor is exactly the same as that on the nineteenth floor, and there is almost no difference.
Today, during the day, the blonde was lying in the bedroom. Lin smiled and walked over. He clenched his fist and hit the blonde’s arm.
Cut and rub one!
Anesthesia and coma, blond white man frowned, but didn’t wake up.
Lin looked at a mobile phone and a personal message appeared. As soon as he looked at it, he called someone to come over and take the blonde white secret away.
Half a year has passed
Lin will get himself out of the net and there will be mobile phone information immediately after the net is closed.
"What happened to the ball information wealth network?"
"Does the god of information say that you have finished this time?"
"The ball information won’t … but it seems that it is possible."
"The ball information is bad … then we are all going to be eliminated."
Xu Jiulin didn’t speak or send any information.
"The ball information seems to be so right."
"The ball information him …"
"Ball information * * God of Wealth eliminated five this year, which leaves five … Damn God of Wealth, I can’t finish it, and you don’t want to stay in this training ground!"
"Stop calling the God of Wealth and hide. Where can you find him? He must have passed away. I don’t know where to go."
There was another silence.
"It seems that there are only four of us left in the ball information."
"Ball information, everyone enjoys the last six months."
"I wonder why the ball information is like this!"
"I probably guessed the ball information. The former God of Wealth said to send some fake players to test it … in fact, he dug a pit, and he won by playing with his own people first to let us know his strength. After we know his strength, we will send some people who are inferior to him to challenge and determine the true degree of the situation. In fact, we can see that many battles are fake real players. If they challenge him, they will not fight, but they will conspire to deal with him. Otherwise, all of us can deal with him."
This player is very clever in guessing, and he is very accurate in finding several martial arts veterans by himself. He paid a lot of money to invite Lin’ actors’ to beat Lin’s thugs, and all of them were filtered out by these martial arts veterans.
"I have always wondered why there is no master in the ball information!"
"We haven’t met God of Wealth with each other, which is beneficial to this point … otherwise, how could we be cheated by him?"
"I can stay here until now, but my comrade-in-arms sacrificed themselves for it … and I fucked it."
"Me too!"
"Ball information? God of Wealth bastard, don’t let me meet him outside!"
"The information of the ball was deceived by the appearance of the God of Wealth!"
Lin’s appearance is scarred, and you will know that he is a malicious person who is blind with one eye and half an ear, and his body and limbs are covered with scars. Even his neck has several stab wounds … The original forest has made the image of intrigue in their hearts imperceptibly changed after a period of this appearance, and his vigilance was relaxed unconsciously.
"Ball information mom must find him and kill him!"
"The ball information is right. I’m going to find him, too. His face is too easy to recognize!"
Yes, Lin’s face is so easy to recognize now. Don’t know it’s him without looking at the other ear.
May 1, 2002, Labor Day
Now Liu Yi, a big shot in Beijing, appears at the door of an antique teahouse.
Liu Yi walked into the teahouse, where a female college student of work-study music played a plum blossom Sannong on the guqin, which was very tasty.
Looking around, there is no box in this teahouse, and there are not many people. There are several tables, and several middle-aged and elderly people are listening to ancient tea with their eyes closed. One of them is that there is a person sitting at the table and a fat man is waving to Liu Yi.
Liu Yi leng don’t know this tall and fat, but still walked past.
After getting close, Liu Yi looked carefully and suddenly opened his eyes and grew up. "You are … Marco Lin!"
That’s right!
This big fat is Marco Lin who has gained weight and now weighs nearly 3 kilograms of Marco Lin.
"It’s me! Sit down! " Lin laughed and trembled with fat.
In recent years, Lin and Liu Yi have always been encrypted messages or confidential words, and they have never met each other. Liu Yi did not expect that Lin, who was once handsome, tall and handsome, would become like this. If it weren’t for Lin’s face, it still vaguely has the original appearance and sound, and Liu Yi is not sure that there is no difference between the original and the original.
"How did you become like this?" Liu Yi sat down to Lin and poured him a cup of tea, but he didn’t move. Now he’s not in the mood to drink tea and stare at Lin Meng. Suddenly his face changed. "Your left eye …"
Chapter seventy Wait for the result!
"Your left eye …"
"Being dug out!" Lin said with a smile, "Now both ears are fake."
Liu Yi frowned when he heard this. "Who did it?"
"I avenged myself!" That being said, the man who made Lin look miserable was interrupted by Lin. It was not an ordinary interruption, but completely broken, just like Yang Guo.
Lin asked, "By the way, how about the research on those mobile phones?"
Every time Lin eliminated other players and got a unified mobile phone, Liu Yiren would pick it up, and there would be a lot.
"The result is that there is a very small component surface in the mobile phone made of a special material, and that material is not on the earth … but it’s not a loss to develop a lot of technologies," Liu Yi said. "Fortunately, you gave me news that the United States also got this mobile phone. Otherwise, if the Americans go to patent those technologies first, we will lose a lot …"
Lin’s eyes are a little hesitant while listening to tea.
Liu Yi experience in recent years is not false to see out and asked "what can I do for you? Say that I can solve it and I will help you solve it! "
Lin reached out and took out a map from his pocket!
When the map of Sichuan is marked with the accurate range of Wenchuan earthquake
"What is this?" Liu yi asked
"Earthquake time and scope!" Lin replied, "Magnitude earthquake!"
Liu Yi smell speech frightened … Others may not believe what Lin said, and Liu Yi may also have doubts, but believing is far greater than suspecting that he has not seen Lin make a wrong judgment so far.
However, such a precise judgment is the first time, not only accurate to the minute, but also accurate location range.
"…" Liu Yi was silent for a while before he looked up at Lin and said, "I always suspected that you are from the future like those future people. It seems so!"
"You know!"
Lin faint expression that he is not very surprised, after all, there are many future players attached to the governments of various countries in China, and there are thousands of future players attached to the Chinese government, which is normal.
It is normal for Liu Yi’s family and his performance in recent years to be exposed to some secrets
"hmm!" Liu Yi stared at Lin with a frown and said, "Other future people don’t know much about the history of this era. For them, what is the history too far away years ago? You will be so clear … no, it’s not very clear, but other future people know too much compared with you. Are you studying the history of the earth in the future?"
"I don’t study the history of online games, but the history of online games originated from the fact that I still have some impressions of some important events in this era, and I can occasionally think of some things," Lin said faintly. "A butterfly in a tropical rain forest in the Amazon River basin occasionally flaps its wings, which may cause a tornado in Texas in the United States two weeks later. What’s worse, we people don’t just flap our wings, because history has changed dramatically …"
"Yes!" Liu Yishen said with emotion, "Even we have learned about the future social system. Unlike other countries, our country does not attach great importance to the concept of system. Many officials believe that advanced systems are the foundation of social development … but we need to take it step by step when changes are always needed!"