In fact, except for the goalkeeper Zeng Cheng, who failed to attract the interest of European clubs because of his special position, he entered the best team of this competition. Other midfielders Zhao Yijiao, Tiger balm Zhang Chenglin, main center Gao Lin, and left-back Hao also had team bids, but among them, a European club really made an offer to its team (the key is that one of the ten most difficult clubs is willing to pay). For the time being, Gao Jun, Feng Xiaoting, Yu Hai and Hao Junmin are also from the Eastern Team.

As the Toulon Cup is held in France, most of the quotations are from French clubs, among which nine French teams are the most sought after, and others are in contact and ready to transfer more or less. Among them, there are many French giants, among which French team Metz and several French team B even promise to guarantee the high court in the contract.
However, Gao Jun has always believed that the French League with rough football style is not suitable for young players whose physique is not well developed in China (Zhao Yi’s natural problem is that people can’t watch it). Naturally, he won’t risk his career prospects, and he refused directly without even looking at the conditions. Moreover, he also advised Yu Hai and Hao Junmin, two club teammates, to reject the invitation of the French club, while Feng Xiaoting had to stay in the country because the club paid a sky-high price to scare off European teams. Although Gao Jun knew that there were great loopholes in the national transfer system for studying abroad, he was not optimistic about inviting Feng Xiaoting.
The influence of Toulon Cup is not limited to France. Therefore, apart from French clubs, many other countries have expressed interest in the trio, most of which are Belgian Dutch clubs, but also invited by clubs from other countries. The most surprising thing for three of them is that the Bundesliga giant Bayern Munich has also extended an olive branch and specifically said that it is not for the youth team to recruit, but to sign up for the first team, although they do not guarantee that the trio can play the main force in Bayern’s giants, even just to play on the stage.
If Gao Jun is invited, then Gao Jun can understand that after 20 years more than his peers, his strength is really outstanding. The performance of Arsenal’s chief scout in the pre-World Games can attract the attention of manager Arsene Wenger, while Yu Hai Hao Junmin has performed well, but it is unscientific to enter the first team directly if he can’t impress the world’s top giants like Bayern!
"Is it for commercial purposes?" Gao Jun couldn’t help frowning at this thought. It would be more difficult if the main signing of the club wanted to get a chance, not the head coach.
"I don’t know if Mr. Heynckes wants to sign the three of us, which means Bayern Club? Or the head coach? " Because everyone will return to China soon after the Toulon Cup, Gao Jun asked directly when he didn’t want to surf.
"Of course it means the head coach." The employee of Bayern’s transfer department named Heinks replied without hesitation. "Our new head coach, Magat, is very optimistic about the future of your three young talents, especially when you are in the talented Bayern youth team, even if you are at the same age, there is no talent comparable to you."
"It turned out to be him. Please go home first. We will call you when we think about it." Gao Jun hesitated for a moment and made a direct marching order. As soon as Heinx left, he immediately said to the two men with a serious face. "The head coach of Bayern is from Magat, so this matter is easy to understand."
History Because Yang Chen Hao Junmin has played in Magat successively, China fans are still quite clear about his name as "Devil Coach", but most fans don’t know that Magat is also a super "master" like Wenger. However, Wenger only sends scouts to follow up and observe young talents for a long time, and fully confirms their potential before issuing an invitation. The idea of "emphasizing quality rather than weight" is different. Magat’s requirements are much lower, so he will consider buying after watching the game and feeling some bright spots.
History In the 16 years before Magat coached, he made a total of six young players make their debut in the Bundesliga, many of whom later made a name for themselves. Kuranyiram Gomez Holtby and so on, the youngest of whom was Schalke teenager Drachsler, who was 17 years old, 3 months and 25 days when he made his debut.
However, even so, Yu Hao’s current strength may not be able to attract Magat’s interest (not to mention Bayern, even if the Bundesliga tour team normally wants to become the main force of rotation, it will take two years less to work hard). Gao Jun thinks that it may be because Magat coached Bayern that he will definitely be interested in Yu Hai and Hao Junmin. The reason is very simple. Bayern is almost the most strictly managed professional club in the world. Although Magat is the head coach, he can’t spend money casually to buy people. In this case, Magat can choose to "Taobao" among those cheap players.
However, Magat used to give some opportunities to every calf he dug up. Gao Jun recognized that if three people went to Bayern, they should get some opportunities more or less. Although it is extremely difficult to take this opportunity, even if they can play a few games every season in Bayern, the value of exercise is quite great.
Chapter 39 Matters needing attention
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In addition, Magat’s physical training level can be said to be the first in the world (Note 1), and he is also very experienced in special technical training. Both of them are of great help to Yu Hai and Hao Junmin. They should train hard according to the requirements of Magat. In a year or two, their bodies and skills will definitely make great progress, especially now that their height has basically grown, they can gradually strengthen oxygen training.
And younger, At the same time, it is still a history of late development, and Yu Hai is far from the completion of development. His height has finally grown to 1 meter, but now Yu Hai’s height has reached 1.3 meters (because nutrition and training are better than history, Yu Hai’s development speed has been accelerated). Gao Jun is worried that his body can’t withstand Magat’s devil training, and at the same time, the flying wings on both sides will hit the strength of the Oriental team too hard, which is likely to ruin the hope of surpassing this year and affect the growth of many good seedlings of the Oriental team. Therefore, Gao Jun supports Hao Junmin to try Bayern, but resolutely
Moreover, Gao Jun, while supporting Hao Junmin to go to Bayern, also told him that although Magat is a good coach, he is also a famous "tyrant". If he is lazy in training and doesn’t try his best in the game, even if he is mistaken, Hao Junmin will be completely crushed to death on the bench. In those days, Yang Chen and Magat made bad friends because of poor German in Yang Chen and communication problems in Magat, which led to misunderstanding. If he is determined to go, Hao Junmin must be mentally prepared and step up his study of German from now on.
"In addition, Magat hates that players cheat him even if it is a white lie. When dealing with him, you must tell the truth. If you are injured and can’t participate in some training, you must not participate. Otherwise, you can’t finish the training. Instead, you may be mistaken for the injury you said as an excuse. Then your future is over. That’s how Yang Chen’s misunderstanding was generated, but it is necessary to practice your physical strength during the recovery period. On the one hand, you can exercise your limbs, waist and abdomen strength, and at the same time, you can give it to the bishop. Magat’s personality is likely to give you more opportunities to play. "I am afraid that Hao Junmin will not get along well with Magat after going to Bayern. Gao Jun seriously advised him.
Although Hao Junmin is supported to go abroad, considering that there will be a shortage of talents in China football in a few years, if Hao Junmin is really abolished by Magat, the loss will not be too great. Therefore, Gao Jun intends to suggest to the club to add some protective special clauses to the transfer agreement between the two parties.
In addition, although Xu is sure to be willing to sacrifice China football, the healthy development of the Oriental Club and Chong Football Base will definitely require the transfer. If Bayern doesn’t want a famous pawn to pay too much cash, it can also be solved by other means.
However, it is not a good idea to give it away for nothing. This will not only make the East Club snow and frost in the economic downturn, but also a delicious poisoned wine for China football. After setting such an example, Chinese clubs will be even more reluctant to engage in youth training. This cost is far greater than the benefits that one or two players may (note that it is possible) get from playing in the European League. Here, clubs can’t be financially healthier than them, and players go abroad with the sponsorship of big companies to make up for the club losses.
Although he supports Hao Junmin to try Bayern, Gao Jun can be sure that Hao Junmin will not be better on Bayern Day. Although his dribbling skills are among the best among his peers in Asia, he is also good at shooting (including long-range shooting) and setting the ball, but his narrow vision determines that he is suitable for playing on the wing (of course, if he is in the middle of a low-level national league, he can also play on the front waist), and his defensive ability is low, which makes him even unable to beat the edge avant-garde. The technical characteristics of Hao Junmin are not suitable for the tactics of "winger opposing foot"
Of course, what I said to Hao Junmin didn’t hurt his confidence. Gao Jun really wanted to wake up Hao Junmin’s attention. "Magat likes to let young players try new positions, so you are likely to change to full-back, but you must remember that offensive talent is your greatest advantage and only advantage. Even if you play full-back, you can be an offensive full-back. I have always thought that’ it is better to make up for shortcomings than strengthen strengths’, which is especially suitable for you."
Not surprisingly, Bayern’s offer was really not high. It was only 30,000 euros for Hao Junmin to make a transfer, and the annual salary was even 50,000 euros (Bayern didn’t spend money like other giants, but now the player’s income in 24 years is far from as high as it is now. Of course, the annual salary of 50,000 euros is almost the minimum annual salary for Bayern players in the 24/25 season). For Yu Haize, 50,000 euros and 60,000 euros were given to Gao Jun, but the price was relatively high, but it was only 2
Although the German price is extremely low, Xu instructed these children to accept it by calculation in the future, but Gao Jun’s remarks are also reasonable, so the Eastern team finally agreed to negotiate with Bayern on the transfer of Hao Junmin.
Note 1 This is a personal opinion, but in my memory, Magat’s coaching team has always had obvious physical advantages in the game, no matter who the opponent is, and Hao Junmin’s transformation into a devil muscle man in Schalke for more than a year is also a good example. Moreover, Magat’s physical training is also very awesome. Although the intensity is so great that every player who has stayed in his hand shudders to think of it, there are few cases in which he is injured because of too much training, or leads to the recurrence or deterioration of old injuries. It can be seen that Magat’s physical training may be inhuman but it is still very scientific.
Chapter 40 Ribery
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Moreover, just in case Gao Jun suggested that Xu Genbao also added a special "buy-back clause" in the negotiation: "If you play in official competitions (including the European War, the Bundesliga, the German Cup and the League Cup) for less than one minute in the first season after the transfer, the Oriental Club will buy it back at the selling price", because if you can’t play for one year, you will recover your competitive state. If it is longer, it will be completely abolished, especially for young players whose skills have not been fully consolidated.
Bayern actually claims that they are not the kind of clubs that rely on youth training to train small demons to sell money. If young players can’t kick out after entering the first team for a while, they often just cancel the contract. Now that this China club is willing to spend money to buy it back, it is naturally better.
However, after discovering that the Oriental Club attached great importance to Hao Junmin’s future, the Germans decisively killed the price again, and the total cash payment for the transfer was reduced to 10,000 euros (the repurchase price was therefore reduced). The former Gao Jun said that Xu Genbao had added a clause in the bargaining that "5% of the transfer will be owned by the Oriental Club if he is playing for Bayern Munich". If Hao Junmin can really kick out of the Oriental Club, he will not lose money. After all, no matter how his qualifications grow, he is unlikely to really play the main role in the top European giants such as Bayern, so he will have to move away
Another thing worth mentioning is that the football school where Hao Junmin worked before coming to Dongfang Team has been dissolved, so he can represent Shanghai in the 10th National Games in 2010. After learning that Hao Junmin is going to study abroad, the Shanghai Football Association specifically asked him to return to China to participate in the Games in 2010 to increase his chances of winning the championship.
The final signing of the agreement satisfied Bayern Club, Shanghai Football Association and Haojunmin people, while the Oriental Club may be profitable in the long run, but it only got a mere 10,000 euros in cash, but it lost the indispensable main force in positional warfare, and the right winger was suspected of losing a lot.
Fortunately, Gao Jun brought back a scar face when he went to Brittany, France, after the Toulon Cup. At this time, except Gao Jun, a traveler, no one in the world knew that this young man who had just been terminated by the French third-level league team would become the best winger in the world in the near future-he is the future "Allianz King" Franck Ribéry.
In fact, Gao Jun was very clear about Ribery’s disappointment before joining Metz, but when he was in China at that time, he couldn’t find a reason to say that Xu Genbao agreed to let him come to France, and there were many calves in the East team who needed to compete and exercise, so Gao Jun temporarily put aside Ribery’s idea of poaching.
On the one hand, he happened to be in France, and the reason is easy to find. On the other hand, Ribery has been told by his Brest football club that he will not renew his contract, but he has already owed the landlord two months’ rent. Besides, he has a wife to support, and he is crazy. Ribery has the idea of giving up football and concentrating on working on the construction site to earn money to support his family. There is no time like now to persuade him to play in China. Gao Jun will regret it for life if he doesn’t seize this opportunity.
Speaking of it, thanks to the contact of Arsenal Gao Jun, otherwise he wouldn’t have studied French. There are two French youth training coaches in Leili base. It took Gao Jun less than a year to make great progress in French. Although he is not proficient, his daily conversation and football terminology are no longer a problem. It is good to go to Arsenal to learn French in the future. After all, Wenger is a language genius, but his mother tongue communication feeling is definitely different from other languages. Unexpectedly, he first came to dig people.
In addition, Gao Jun has always been thoughtful and played a great role. Before leaving, he thought that Ribery was still carrying a lot of debts. He had to solve these obstacles before going to China. Therefore, he specially brought enough money to help Ribery pay off his debts and lend him money to travel to China (including air tickets and settling down in China, etc.). This "Scar Man" had to take his wife who had been married for more than a year to China.
Compared with Ribery’s achievements in the future, it is impossible to keep the salary in the East forever with limited financial resources. Gao Jun is not prepared to keep it in the East forever, cultivate it and sell it again, which is more in line with the orientation of the East Club. Even if China’s low football status affects Ribery’s worth, the financial situation of the East Club and the football base will be greatly improved. After all, it is still the first year of the Super League, and the team’s expenses are much smaller than later (the minimum annual expenditure of the 25-year Super League teams is only 10,000 RMB, which is unimaginable today).
With this in mind, Gao Jun cruelly reduced Ribery’s annual salary to 50,000 euros (if the Oriental Team succeeds in overtaking, it will increase to 10,000 euros in the coming year). However, because China’s prices are still relatively low in 24 years, it is several times higher than Ribery’s income when he was in France, so others are still satisfied. However, Gao Jun, the highest annual salary among Chinese players in the Eastern Team, is only 10,000 RMB. According to the general situation of China Club at this time, the salary of the Eastern Team is not low. After all, Ribery is
Note 1: But to be honest, Gao Jun himself now earns more than 100,000 yuan a year with salary and bonus. Naturally, there is not much cash on hand, so he has to borrow a lot from his teammates in the China Youth Team. Thanks to the fact that many people in the team have already played in the Super League and have money on hand, and they are going to stop by to shop in France this time, they have changed their foreign exchange before going abroad.
Chapter 41 Corgnet
Ribery’s biggest problem now is that he is too independent. He knows that a man with a ball is suddenly looking for an opportunity to shoot, and his playing habits are far more than this. It is easy for the other side to fully understand him. It was only after he arrived in Metz that Ribery got rid of these shortcomings in playing habits. Since then, his strength has suddenly advanced by leaps and bounds, and he has risen from worth to 250,000 euros in just half a year.
Although Ribery has no chance to go to the Metz team now, Gao Jun believes that he can help him get rid of this chronic disease. You know, when he took the club, he trained several foreign AIDS into his respective national teams, and most of them were 27 years old, but they had never been in the national team before. It is generally recognized that there is no potential to be tapped as a "mediocre player". It is very surprising that China football was elected to the national team just because of its performance in the China League. After all, football lacks influence in the world, and even if its strength is equivalent to that in China.
To take a step back, even if Ribery unfortunately can’t kick out his extremely low annual salary, the loss of the Oriental team is not too great for the world. Will there be a football superstar with high morale and China football? He doesn’t care so much about foreign football.
It is precisely because Ribery is cheap enough to raise the eyes of the army, which has been verified many times. Xu Genbao immediately agreed to sign it. "Although it is a little unique, the speed is really too fast, and the technology is good, and it is still young and has training potential." If later Ribery fans know that he came to China to play in the first place, he is still suspected of winning the main force. I don’t know if anyone will be angry.
In addition to Frank Ribery, Gao Jun also brought back another local calf from France. Although his fame is far less than Ribery in later generations, his current strength is still in him, and in Gao Jun’s view, his potential may not be inferior to Ribery. This young player’s name is Jay Corgnet.
Because Gao Jun was born in the grass roots and had been frustrated for a long time, he always liked those inspirational stories of football. One of them was a French star named Jay Corgnet, which impressed him deeply. So he wanted to find someone to see after coming to France this time, but it was quite troublesome to find Corgnet’s team now belonging to the French first division league. Fortunately, he claimed that he had played in that team in Toulon Cup. Netizens asked the staff of the French Football Association for the season registration information of that team, which made it difficult to find Corgnet people.