The road to realize your dream is now in front of you, and the boy’s tender heart can’t help but have a boiling passion.

"Don’t just watch uncle take you in. Later, there won’t even be room for your feet." Uncle Ken’s forehead was covered with a little fine sweat at this time, not sunburned, but hot. He walked with two children for such a long time that he could squeeze people into patties. Lu Rao is good at strength and not easy to live. Now, seeing the crowds crowded at the gate like crazy, these guys are all brain-damaged.
Almost carrying an impenetrable pile of people ran over all the way, trying one adult and two little people to finally squeeze into the door in full sweat.
The entrance is one-sided, positive and huge, just like a Little Square hall. The wall inside is also a Pian Yu white decoration without any noise, but it won’t make people feel a little boring or uncomfortable. The crowd in the hall is still dense, but it is not unbearable and sultry as expected. Instead, there are strands of almost white airflow around it, which isolates the outside world from heat and heat. When you look up, you can find that the square ceiling is quite miraculous, with four fist-sized blue hockey balls hanging slowly like pure transparent blue crystals, and the cold breath of the hall is constantly floating out from this side.
In addition, there is not much decoration in the hall, which is quite spacious. Only in the innermost part of the hall, there are more than 20 black stone tablets with similar columns arranged at equal distances, and in front of each stone tablet, there is a crooked line that almost breaks through the wall. Long queues constantly emerge from those heavy stone tablets with crisp light songs, and soon after the light songs ring, the black stone tablets will slowly emerge with white numbers, which will cause people to burst into waves, big or small noises with each number.
Although the number of people in the street hall is a little less than that outside, it still reaches a terrible level. There are shirtless mercenary men, well-dressed aristocrats and even some stout women who are dirty, but their faces are vaguely exposed. Every adult is holding a child of the same age, Ai Luo and Xin Er. People with different status are mixed together like a pot of hodgepodge at the moment, which is almost impossible to see anywhere else, but it is very common here.
Strength or super potential are the only two things that can make the ancient Holy Spirit College value. If there are neither, even if you are a big man, you won’t be able to face up to your identity. This thing may be deterred elsewhere, but it is worthless to put it here.
Even in the whole magic spirit continent, the same is true. The strong statue is the law of this continent. The identity background class is largely a simple subsidiary of strength.
"Hum, if it isn’t Arlo, why do you even want to go to the Holy Spirit College?" Suddenly, amid the buzzing noise around, there was a harsh sound that was familiar to Elo.
"Darby" almost habitually held his fist and tried to punch him. Elo squinted at the fat pig, but he didn’t lose any weight. It’s not surprising that this pig daddy is the richest and most powerful landlord in Aize Village. It’s also because of this dad that a group of minions always follow his ass like slaves. This guy usually boasted that he was going to the Holy Spirit College. It seems that he wanted to attract Xiner’s attention, but he still ignored Xiner and probably felt that he was chatting before he shut up bitterly.
The eyes looked strangely at the two latter, who wrapped a mass of meat in a gorgeous robe, and immediately shook their heads and sighed, "It seems that even the first two-legged pigs are qualified to test. It seems that this Holy Spirit College is not as strict as that."
"Puffy!" Behind her, the girl tried to suppress snickering.
"Elo’s small talk is easy to offend people, because you are young and not sensible, and your mother’s face. I won’t dispute with you this time, but if I hear this again, I will have to educate your mother about how to respect people." Xiaopang’s face is like a pig’s liver, and he just wanted to swear with anger, but suddenly he stretched out his big hand with a gold ring and pressed it on his head. Then a middle-aged man with the same well-dressed nose like an eagle hook slowly came from behind. The man’s chubby appearance is two points similar, but his figure is not bloated, and even some are abnormal
"You’d better educate your mouth full of shit before you say such a thing to me!" When I heard this equally hateful guy pull up his mother’s little face for no reason, it suddenly turned cold. Listening to the gossip that slandered her mother since childhood made her a flake. Except the closest person, he was not allowed to say that her mother was right or wrong, especially in this tone.
Chapter 10 Soul Force Test
Darby’s father’s face was suddenly gloomy. What reputation does he have after being scolded by a little boy pointing at his nose like this? Just about to speak out and prepare to teach this target a lesson, a sharp look suddenly shot across from the child, but it made him feel ill. Looking around with a cold sight, he found that it was the blacksmith Kensi in the village who was standing by with his arms in the tower. He read a little bit of murder in the cold eyes.
"Do you roll yourself or do you always help you roll?" Ken looked down at the man who was half a head lower than him, moving his body in front of Elo, narrowing his eyes slightly, and a faint breath fluctuated to directly lock the opposite face. It was like driving away a barking mangy dog without any courtesy in the man’s speech.
Rough and slightly with a hint of sarcasm, it also attracted a lot of attention around. Except for a few people who looked at Ken with some surprise and concentration, most of them turned to behind Elo and attracted many wows.
"Very good! I’m really clumsy. "The eyes coming from around made Darby’s father’s lips twitch, and his eyes drooped with a little anger. But even if he was angry again, he didn’t dare to really start work. Although he had a forging body and five floors of light, it was not bad compared with these onlookers, but he could see from the breath that the strength of this damn blacksmith was still far away from him! It’s almost a realm that he can’t even see. If it really fights, I’m afraid bring disgrace to oneself has no roots except more humiliation
"Go!" Bite my teeth and swallow a mouthful of fire. Darby’s father finally walked to the gate with a metal gray face and a small fat. Darby was a little arrogant and looked at being insulted like that, but he didn’t even dare to let go of his father. Although his heart was extremely suffocating, he didn’t dare to make any more noise when he saw his ugly face.
Ken looked at the despondent figure and disdainfully left the pie mouth to forge five floors. This strength is enough to fight blood-addicted wolves, and I really dare to show it off.
"Arlo, don’t be proud! The young master has four spiritual talents and has passed the test of the Holy Spirit College. Today, someone will protect you and wait for the young master to become a strong one to see who can protect you! " Looking back, I saw Arlo’s little face full of ridicule, and the anger in Xiao Pang’s eyes almost jumped out, tearing fat and yelling angrily.
Smell speech pour a lot of people will be slightly surprised eyes cast in the past, Errol is also picked eyebrows took a glance is being dragged away by his father, but still a face of hideous mercilessly staring at his chubby heart smile ignore this head some feel bloated pig four segments? It seems to be the lowest value of the test standard. Is it great?
"Uncle Kens, let’s go and test it, too." Elo couldn’t help but feel anxious and anxious. Those tensions and anxieties were relieved by Xiao Pang’s words. Even those people and pigs can pass the test. Can he still pass?
"Are you impatient?" Lengli faded away, and Uncle Ken’s face changed into a gentle expression again. The line of sight swept to a sea of people and looked at a dark place on the left, which seemed to be forgotten. Immediately, he pulled up two little guys and said, "There are too many people here. Why don’t we go to the second floor to do a soul force test first? Although … it may not be a chance, but it won’t hurt to try."
"What do you mean, it’s not a good chance? Uncle Kenneth doesn’t even believe me!" Arlo suddenly pursed his mouth with displeasure. He had just been stimulated by chubby words, and now even his closest uncle Ken has come to throw cold water on himself.
"It doesn’t mean that you don’t know the difficulty of practicing magic …" Ken didn’t expect a word to provoke this self-respecting little guy to smile so much. "Forget it, let’s do a psychic test first …"
"Hum, I want to see how hard it can be!" Before Ken finished, Elo snorted, but it was a hand of Uncle Ken and ran directly to the only stairs.
"Smelly little always so bold" Ken slightly one leng soon good nai with hin son to go.
The order of stairs is not too many, but each level is made very high and narrow. Elo can also tread carefully step by step. When turning to the corner of stairs, the noise and sound in the hall on that side seem to be suddenly isolated by something, which is generally a kind of comfort and tranquility. This is almost a sudden change from noisy to quiet, which makes people slightly uncomfortable.
Hard to push the last step, the scene in front of me made Arlo’s mouth open again.
The second floor is also a hall with an area no less than that of the first floor, but there is no flood of people here, and there is no such thing as dizziness and noise. The walls around the hall are no longer a single piece of jade white, but are decorated with many dense and colorful dark lines. Several exquisite magic lights are hung on the ceiling carved with strange threads, flashing with different luster like elves, and dancing around the central magic lights. The scenery is more beautiful than that. Colorful rainbows are even more beautiful, which makes people feel like they are in a dream. The magic lights are square and upright. There are four dark stone pillars that need two people to hug each other. There is no such black stone tablet as that seen in the first floor hall. Only in the center of the stone pillar is a crystal ball that is evenly divided into nine petals, and an old man with white beard and a robe painted like a wall sits motionless with his eyes tight.
There are almost few people in the soul force test hall, and it’s probably not 100% by rough visual inspection. But here, people are all dressed in expensive gorgeous robes, and many people even wear expensive magic nuclear rings. But even these people who are obviously not low in status maintain their greatest humility here, and they look at the old man in the middle of the stone pillar with awe and respect. No one dares to enter the stone pillar, even if they occasionally whisper, they deliberately try to keep their voices down as low as possible, as if they were afraid that they would disturb this piece as solemn as a god.
Ken climbed the hall with Hin-erh on the first floor. It was the first time that he saw such a magical dream scene. The latter, like Errol, couldn’t help but open his mouth and eyes with little stars, but Ken looked around at random and finally fixed his eyes on the white-bearded old man in the middle.
"I’m sorry, sir. This is the soul force testing office of the Holy Spirit College. Every tester has to pay two gold coins for the test first." Ken just pulled it and got carried away with excitement, and suddenly he rushed in next to Arlo. Suddenly, a young lady in a dress came slowly, and her appearance was pretty. There was a hint of itchy charm, a professional smile on her white and delicate cheeks, but there seemed to be some discomfort hidden in that slightly stiff smile.
Ordinary psychic talent test also needs a certain amount, but it also needs about one silver coin. However, this psychic test actually needs two gold coins, which is 200 times that of the former! Two gold coins are nothing to some aristocrats or rich people, but they are a lot of money to ordinary people. Obviously, this young lady took this as a knowing and curious hillbilly who came from a small village to join in the fun in the city. She didn’t know that she would meet hundreds of people a day and could talk so kindly. She already felt that she had a good temper.
The reason why this test is so different is also the rules formulated by the Holy Spirit College. This seemingly unfair rule is caused by the difference of spiritual magic. Cultivating spiritual magic is two profound but completely different roads. Although it is difficult to compare the two cultivation methods, the number of magicians is far less than that of spiritual practitioners throughout the history of the magical continent. In the final analysis, it is because practicing magic has to meet some congenital conditions compared with spiritual cultivation.
First of all, the soul strength must reach a certain level, which is almost determined by nature. Soul strength is the source of sorcerer’s strength, and it also determines the strength of sorcerer to a great extent. Although spiritual practitioners can also temper their soul strength after reaching a certain level, they are still dwarfed by wizards who are not majoring in the same realm.
The second is that the soul needs to have innate attributes. Although the soul is naturally strong, there are not many people, but the number of people based on the huge population base of the magic spirit mainland is still considerable, but most of them are still magicians. The reason is that there is no specific soul attribute. Most people’s innate soul attributes are a mess. There is no feature of chaos, even if the intensity is enough, it still senses the magical elements of heaven and earth. Only some of them change in a very low probability or are inherited by blood can they have independent and specific attributes. In other words, they have the qualification to practice magic, such as wind attribute, wind attribute, water attribute and water attribute. Therefore, in the field of magic, such special soul attributes are also called magic keys. Only with this key can it be possible to open the magic hall that several people are eager for.
It is precisely because of these two methods that the innate conditions are changed by external forces that wizards are scarce, but it also creates the lofty status of wizards. If people have to choose between being a spiritual practitioner or a wizard, I am afraid that most people will choose the latter. Even in the war of the demon spirit continent, there is an unwritten rule that once a party dispatches a wizard corps, it usually represents a signal to the enemy-never die!
Because wizards are precious and rare, most people want to be a member of this noble profession. Therefore, in the first few entrance tests of Holy Spirit College, the soul force test hall was always crowded, but the soul force test hall became popular. This not only slowed down the progress of enrollment, but also caused many people to make up for it. In order to solve this problem, Holy Spirit College just made a big increase in the test and removed the distractions. Although this measure has some disadvantages, it is still an effective means.
Ken glanced at it and showed that some dogs were looking at people. Miss Wang reached into her dusty clothes and casually took out a handful. She threw four bright gold coins to Miss Wang, whose face changed, and then took two little guys looking in all directions and headed for the old man sitting cross-legged.
Chapter 11 Difficult Test
There was a quiet atmosphere in the hall. Everyone stood quietly in twos and threes and seemed to be waiting for something, but no one dared to show a little bit of impatience. When the eyes noticed that the big man was dark and shabby with two children, he was slightly surprised, but at the same time he also showed a little disdain. Most people who could enter here were prominent and influential people in Yancheng. Maybe the standard of the Holy Spirit College has been lowered again, and even the civilians who are obviously trying to fill in.
My heart thinks like this, but naturally it is impossible for someone to degrade himself and provoke the poor man, especially on this occasion. However, when people talk in a low voice, they are dismayed to find that the careless man who doesn’t know the etiquette has strided straight to wait for a while and walked over to the magic tutor of the Holy Spirit College. In an instant, his huge foot stepped into the area surrounded by the four crystal pillars.
"What a fool!" Seeing this scene, the onlookers finally couldn’t help but sneer at it in a low voice. However, just as their eyes were watching the play, they seemed to be preparing to see the stupid big fellow being slapped by the old man and rolling around. When they laughed from the big fellow’s mouth, they made their whole brains stiff. "The sacred old man didn’t expect it to be you, the old guy, to be the tester."
Old man? All the people turned to the old man who opened his eyes slowly with horror.